Guest stories

Sonia's first

By t

It was a warm summer day when Sonia decided to go out side and do some gardening. She had a nice house, in the country, with ½ acre of land lives close to the river and streams near a campsite. Seeing it was so hot outside she was in short white shorts with polkadots and a bikini halter top white . She would bend over picking up the weeds and stopping once a while for a drink of her Corna with lime. As the sweat would run off her body she would relax. At the sound of a car pulling in the drive way it was a nice black jag. Out of that car stepped out the most handsome man you could ever imagine. He seemed to be of Arabic desent. He had black hair blue green eyes. Sonia got up and and mumbled "May I help you Sir.". He took her hand and replied "Yes". I am looking for the river dear." Sonia told him that it was about one mile down. She could not quite seem to think he asked her if he could park the car in the yard sure she giggled and offered him a beer he stayed and sat on the step talking to her. He was a college student and he is 24 and told him she is 23. Every time he would talk to her he would brush against her making goose bumps on Sonia's arms. In her mind she would say stop it now you are married remember. Mohey takes her hand before she can think and pulls her close to him and kisses her long and deep and whispers this is what you want. Sonia shakes her head yes he then says wait here. Goes to his car brings out a bag holds it in one hand and takes hers to with the other and then there is a tree he leans her up against it and kisses her more making her moan and groan. Feeling her breasts he takes out this long silver heavy chain. And ties her. To her dismay she does not want him to stop for then he kisses her and tells her to be quiet I know this is what you want he then grabs her breasts some more and bites threw her white top god she melts in her panties as he does this. He then blindfolds me and takes some toys out of his bag and puts a vibe on her pussy god she moans loudly and he says you like this don't you little one. Moans and mumbles yes. It has a long wire that he controls and make me so wet he then takes out his cock and asks her to suck it now. So amazing at the size of it so long and hard and wet it is I greedily take it in my mouth and lick and suck the way I can seeing I am still tied to the tree. As I am sucking he grabs my clit rubs it with the toy their and I squirm and breath heavy still sucking as I see the pre cum drip out of it. He tells me spit on it slut make it wet so you can make me cum. Just in a hazy dream like state I do as asked. More sucking and kinda gagging he is so big but alas he cum. Sighing because I do not want it to stop. He un chains me the vibe still on my clit and takes out a blanket and puts it on the grass he then shows me spreader bars and floggers and cuffs and asks me what I would like to try. I point at the spreader bars for my leg I liked the way I felt tied to the tree and I choose this hood he had. He put my leggs to the bar and hood over my face I could not see a thing I could only smell leather and the smell of my sweat that was running inside it seeing it was so hot out. Mean while wondering if he was still there I still had the vibe on my clit low enough but not high enough to cum. Yet. He then started to spank my bottom asking me to take it like a good little whore slut. God that made me cum more this was so amazing I have never felt anything like it. How boring sex would be now smiles to herself with husband. She would feel the sting of something soft velvet kinda like to her ass as it was tingeling so and with each stroke he would then put the vibe higher and higher drooling inside the hood she would feel the sweat and drool over her face. God how she loved this the rope hitting her ass and then him turning it up more and more each time she would then start to squirt he would tell her Cum slut now she would and he would put his fingers on her clit to feel it squirt. He then took the hood off and kissed her hard thanking her for being a good girl. She breathed deep and liked the air again seeing it was stuffy in the hood. He then took out a gagg and put it on her mouth telling her she was then totally could not yell at all. Just drool would come out. He then took off her top exposing her naked breasts. He took out some weight things they really shined in the sun. She looked not saying a word. He attached each one on her erect nipples she had never seen her nipples stay so erect for so long. Ohhhhh she moaned in her gagg as they were attached and he would pull on them making them standing out more. Good girl he would say hush now little one I know what you need looking down at his thick cock with lust in her eyes he would take off her shorts and slide it quick into her in and out she could feel each thrust right up to her ass. God it felt so full her pussy moaning. He then took it out of her wet hole and inserted it into her ass god it hurt the first little minute. But then so tight and full and so tight. Moaning with lust. He cum's right in her anus god that felt so hot she had to take her fingers and pick some of it up and put it on the side of her tongue even though thegag was still there. Finally he ungagged her and kissed her long and hard started to pack up his toys and she would look at him speechless wondering why he was leaving her so early. He looked at her and whispered meet me in the garden tomorrow same time little one I'll be hear. Well off he went in his car she just sat there kinda dazed like wondering if this was all real or just a dream or would he really be hear tomorrow she wondered. Feeling her pussy still wet from him and could smell him on her and her sent as well. She would look at her nipples with little markings on them that let her know it was not a dream but he would be hear again tomorrow. She could hardly wait for her next incounter with her Arabic man Mohey. He was so much younger then her she thought but he was wise beyond his years. She continued her work in the garden and waited for tomorrow to arrive.