Guest stories

Stark Naked And Don't Move

By Eric

Stark naked and doní t move


Stark naked as a display’ s fruit to offer up

Waiting the supreme sacrifice

Silent and only have to pawn myself

An obedience and my body have no strength left


Don’ t move and hopening my punishment

As a common puppet I am chain up

By the slave word that come with my fornication

You are looking me with a persecutor look


Stark naked as a small fish’ s swimming

Waiting the chalice’ s glass

Silent and have all the passion with

An obedience and my gestural have no trespasse


Don’ t move seems to be an impulse

As the wiph is burning my skin, training

By your hands to give me your benediction

You are laughing me with my pain, you insult me of prostitute


Stark naked and looking until come the storm

Waiting and looking your bottom

Silent as an sidelines

Obedient, you are holding me by the tip of my dog leash


Don’ t move and receive my correction

As the joy to serve you, coming

But your power on my spirit and my sex drives

You are positive like this sheath


Stark naked as a small worm and in my cage

Waiting a news session

Silent, you are leaving same a Antiq magus

Obedient, I am your dog and you are my Mistress.


Eric (Hong Kong).