Guest stories

Steak For Dinner

By Toran's soft

She stood there quietly, hands folded behind her back, head down and watched from beneath her lowered eyes as her Master came home from work. She remained still, in the position he had instructed her to greet him with, as he put the key in the door. Opening it slowly, he sighed softly as he came saw her there, ever mindful of his teachings. There was his one, waiting for him, standing quietly naked but for a soft robe of cream silk that barely hid her gifts from curious eyes. He moved towards her, patted her gently on the behind (as always) and kissed her lightly on the cheek. As he moved away she raised her head slightly and cocked it to one side, confused by his somewhat cold, if not less than enthusiastic greeting. And, wondered what troubled him.

She waited for a moment or two, soundlessly, waiting for him to give her leave to follow him. He did not. He moved off absentmindedly and she again wondered at this new silence. She reached out, closed and locked the door silently, turning to follow him. Quietly she moved gracefully after him on bare feet not making a sound as she stepped behind him through the house and on into the bedroom.

Once there, he lifted his hands to remove his tie, she quickly moved around to face him and began to help him undress. He seemed to finally notice her then, he pushed her gently away and looked her over once then sighed again, and continued to undress himself.

"Is something wrong, Sir?" she asked quietly, and wondered what she had done that may have displeased him. He replied calmly, "My dear little one, you have done nothing wrong." "Oh" she replied, "then...." He stopped her voice with a raised hand. "It seems of late that while you still please me greatly, that some of the 'excitement' of coming home to be served by you has gone."

"Not that I don't love you." he spoke again. "Not that I doubt your submission or your love for me." he continued. "And, certainly not that I don't enjoy our play, our sex, our scenes, our time...." his voice trailed off. She sucked in her breath, tears stinging her eyes and threatened to flow, and feared what would come next. As she waited thoughts of what was to come tumbled through her head.

He turned and sat on the bed and pulled her onto his lap, realizing his words were quite likely coming as a surprise and causing her pain. "Well, coming home and knowing that you'll have everything ready and waiting has become 'ordinary'. Coming home is predictable." He took her chin into his hand and raised her face to try and read those soft eyes of hers "Do you understand, my love?"

She trembled in his lap, her bottom lip quivering as she tried to quell the tears that threatened to fall. Then she sighed and nodded for she knew what he meant and she knew he was right. It was becoming routine. Dinner at six in the dinning room Mondays through Thursdays. Fridays were pizza in bed. Saturdays spent cleaning then time spent reflecting, followed by cooking for a group of his "dom" friends, while she served and the submissives sat quietly at another table and chatted. And so on. Same thing, week in and week out.

"One day" he began again "I would love to come home to find the house is a mess!" He chuckled to himself. "Just think of the excitement a little punishment would add." She nodded her agreement and offered him a soft smile. "Yes Sir, I can see what you mean. But I really am not sure what to do. How to change things." "Oh my, my love it is not your fault. I do not blame you for this, nor do I expect you to change things."

"No" he shook his head, "you've done all that I ask of you." He pulled her close and kissed her tenderly, dropping his head to bite one of her sassy nipples. "I guess what I am saying is that once, one time, I would like steak for dinner instead of meatloaf." Lifting her from his lap as he spoke he looked down at her sweet face. He loved it when she looked up at him and he smiled again. "Come now" he wiped away a stray tear that had spilled onto her cheek, "let's have dinner and let us talk of our day."

All the next day, and the next and the day after that she thought and pondered on what had happened. What her "Sir" had said. "Steak for dinner....hmmmm" she smiled to herself as an idea began to take shape. "If it's steak he wants then it's steak he shall have." She said out loud to no one in particular as she was alone at home. "On me!" she giggled happily as she went out to buy the precious steak.

She did not watch for him this evening, she did not wait by the door; she knew exactly what time he'd be home. She heard that comforting click of the key turning the lock and smiled to herself as she hummed a favourite tune. Much to his surprise when he opened the door she was not there. He closed and locked the door behind him and began to make his way through the house. Why wasn't she waiting for him, he wondered, as he looked for her.

"Damn" he exclaimed, "where is that girl!" His temper began to flare as he could not find her anywhere in the house. He called out her name but she did not reply. His temper gave way to worry, and then back to anger as he worried about her. He looked through the glass doors that led to the their Japanese garden and didn't see anything there. As he turned his head something caught his eye, a quick flash of colour or slight movement and he refocused his gaze.

"Oh my lord" he exhaled. There she was, lying in his lounging chair in the garden. She was sunbathing in the nude - in the backyard! And the damn gate was open! So that the eyes of all the passers-by could feast on his treasure's beauty! Pulling open the doors he commanded her, in a not so gentle voice "Get the hell into this house immediately!"

She lifted her head and tried to hide her smile, but only hesitated for an instant then sprang to her feet and into the house to stand before him. Her head was bowed so he could not see the twinkle in her eyes, but he caught the lingering smile on her lips, which only added to his anger at her behaviour.

"What are you doing?" he demanded, "Have I not told you NEVER not EVER to go outside nude like that!" She didn't speak. "Don't you remember me telling you that only I will decide with whom to share you!", She remained silent. "Sunbathing in the nude is one thing - but deliberately leaving the gate open is another", he continued to berate her. "For this, my wicked one, you will be punished."

With that he quickly spun her around and bent her over the dining room table, removed the belt from his pants and gave her three, no five lashes on that pretty little round behind of hers, before he released her and moved off. As he walked away he said calmly, "Now, go fix dinner and be quick about it."

"yes, Sir" she meekly replied to his retreating back and set off humming to herself, leaving him wondering what in hell had gotten into his girl. "I'll take it in the den" he called after her "alone."

He sat in his chair, in the den, reading his newspaper. His stomach began to growl and remind him that he was hungry. He looked at his watch, "What is she doing now?" he wondered, it had been almost two hours since that little scene in the dining room. He called out, "Where are you? And, what's taking so long?" He waited for his submissive to appear, to be served; he waited a full five minutes longer for his dinner. No reply.

"What is going on around here" he wondered as he rose from his chair and dropped the open newspaper on the floor. He called again. No reply. His anger was beginning to spark again. This had never happened before and he was beginning to really wonder what was wrong with her. Was she testing him? Was she deliberately trying to anger him? She never behaved like this before.

He left the den in search of her and started to think of a suitable punishment for this latest action. As he wandered through the house his nose was leading him to the dining room. As he entered he said "I thought I said I wanted to be served in the...." He stopped mid sentence, his eyes wide. "Oh my" he smiled at what lay before him.

It was she, lying naked on the dining room table, belly up. And, his dinner, a big, fat, juicy, charbroiled T-bone steak lying on her flat belly. On her left breast a dollop of sour cream, the other held a pad of garlic butter and sweet butter. A soft, crusty roll lay between them. Held neatly between her thighs was a cold bottle of beer, with a steaming, hot, baked potatoe sitting on her cleanly shaven pussy. In her right hand she held a napkin, in her left a sharp steak knife and his fork. His eyes glanced around the room as he saw that on the sideboard she had neatly laid out his favourite toys - cuffs, clamps, whip, flogger, etc.

"Your dinner is served, Sir", she said sweetly.

He could not hide the smile on his face as he moved to take the utensils and napkin from her, reaching over to grab the cuffs as he went past her head. Taking her wrists he cuffed them to the legs of the table by her head admiring the way her breasts rose as her arms were pulled back. Moving to the foot of the table he took his beer and swallowed a healthy gulp, bending over he let his cold tongue run the length of one legs as he cuffed first one ankle and then the other to the legs of the table.

Satisfied that she was bound, he blindfolded her, kissed her hard on the mouth and sat down to his dinner. Being careful not to cut her with the sharp knife he drew patterns with the tip of the blade on her skin and watched as the goose bumps began to appear on her flesh. Drawing the knife down her belly, he slipped his fingers into her pussy and played with it tenderly as he cut carefully into the baked potatoe. Cutting it into bite-sized pieces he left them to cool for a bit and lowered his mouth to bite her mound and like her already swelling clit.

He moved his chair to the side of the table and cut his steak with equal care into small pieces. The lowering his head to her belly his teeth picked a piece of the perfectly cooked meat and he ate it. Enjoying the full flavour of the steak slowly. Once more choosing a piece of steak this time his teeth bit hard into her belly and she moaned quietly.

From where he sat he reached out and took a piece of potatoe into his fingers, testing it to make sure it wasn't too hot, then carefully put it between the lips of her pussy. With his fork he raked over her body and scooped up a small measure of the sour cream, resting for a moment to tease her nipple with the fork. This he added to the potatoe in her pussy then removed them both from their place with his lips.

He used his knife carefully to scrape some butter onto it and spread it on the soft roll. Watching her carefully he noticed how she was shaking slightly with his every touch. He sat back for a moment and smiled at his wonderfully clever wench, she did know how to please him, he thought to himself.

He continued with his meal, it took a long, slow hour to finish; he didn't even mind that it was quite cold when he was finished. With every bite, every morsel of food he had a piece of her too. His pleasure in hearing her moans, knowing that with a touch of his fingers in her soft, warm pussy she was wet with him added to his enjoyment of this meal.

Having finally finished his meal, he sat quietly thinking once again for a moment with his beer in his hand. Suddenly and quickly he rose and left the table. Left the room.

He returned quickly, quietly with the suspension ropes in his left hand he stopped by her side. He placed the holster around her waist and her hips and attached it to the ropes. Then he fixed the ropes to the suspension rings fixed in the ceiling that were disguised as part of the wrought iron Spanish, candelabra, and raised her hips slightly by pulling on the ropes.

He released her ankles from the cuffs and bound them with the ropes, raising her hips and legs high over the table. Stepping back he looked at her dangling there, not moving, not making a sound and smiled his pleasure as he began to pour his beer into her warm pussy. She gasped as the cool liquid greeted her heat.

He tilted her hips as he poured so that he could drink from her pussy. The sweet taste of her and the sharp taste of the beer were perfect, they enflamed him. He drank slowly and she was amazed at how long it took for him to finish his beer. Her desire for him rose and so too did her moans of which she wasn't even aware.

Then he stopped. He remembered her earlier behaviour and the punishment he had vowed to himself to deliver upon her. He looked around and saw his belt that he had carelessly dropped after the earlier whipping and picked it up. He admired it in his hands as he turned it over and over and folded it in half.

It was a thick, tanned, natural leather belt. It was one that he had gotten in Montana from an Indian store and was engraved with rich symbols. Well worn, as it was his favourite belt, with a shining wolf's head buckle. Yes, he thought, this will do nicely.

Then he picked up a vibrator from the sideboard and pushed it quickly into her without warning. In her surprise she gasped, then as he turned it on high she began to moan and sway as she involuntarily tried to get it deeper inside her pussy. He watched for some moments, pleased with her helpless swaying as the vibe worked inside her.

She begged for her release, begged for him to let her cum. "No," he commanded, "not until I permit it." His voice was calm despite the passions that were rising inside him. He reached out and flipped her over in her holster, so that he had free access to her ass. Raising his hand he struck her sharply with his belt, once, twice, three times. Each strike was harder than the last.

He continued to strike her ass with his belt admiring the red welts that were rising, taking pleasure in her moans and begging for release. He reached under her and grabbing hold of her full breasts he swung her over again onto her back in the air. He removed the vibe and in one swift movement replaced it with his cock, which he drove into her hard.

He thrust into her over and over and her moans grew louder adding to his hunger and need for his own release. Neither of them would last long and he knew he. It seemed like an eternity but finally she heard his command "Cum now" and they came together. He stayed there for a moment between her thighs, still inside her as he stilled his breathing, then released her ankles from their bindings and took her down from where she was suspended above the oak table.

He lay her on the table and cradled her in his arms, stroking her long, silken tresses until she drifted off to sleep. He carried her bed where she woke as he tucked her in and she smiled at him. "Thank you, my love" he spoke warmly in her ear, "Thank you for the best steak dinner I have ever had."