Guest stories

suzette (part 1)

by silk princess

the following story is fiction. any resemblance to A/anyone real, alive or dead, is surely accidental. it is written as a real life account simply to portray the main character in a more personal light, and hopefully, with greater depth.

p.s. safety is a concern of E/everyone in bdsm and many things done or portrayed in this story may not actually be safe to do. in fiction subs can stand more punishment, and Dominants can be more severe than in real life.


Part One, (Suzettes introduction to the lifestyle)

hello E/everyone, my name is Suzette, and this is the story of my life. no, i won't be writing about my whole life, just the parts that brought me to where i am today.

i am originally from a small town, let's call it hicksville, and went to church in a neighboring town, which i will call prudesville. Both towns were very near to yokeltown, and Y/you can imagine what that was like considering the names i gave them.

when i was a little girl of about twelve, i happened to read a part of "The Story of 'O' ". i was so turned on by it that i couldn't hardly contain it. then i realized i wanted to be her. or at least like her.

because of circumstance, i didn't have any opportunities to explore my submissive nature until many years had passed. i got a crappy job as a cashier after high school and passed a few years. finally i got fed up with small town life and moved to the city of Montreal. once there, my eyes were opened. not all at once, and not quickly, but after a couple of years i had realized i was bi, and had a couple of short but sweet relationships with women.

it just wasn't enough. i needed more. my fantisies had been all about submission for years, and i hadn't yet had a chance to explore them.until i met Sylvia.

i had been frequenting the wilder clubs in town and finally one night, i was approached by a tall woman dressed all in leather. She had night black hair, and the most gorgeous brown eyes i'd ever seen. W/we spent most of the evening talking and soon became friends. it puzzled me though, that at the end of O/our little talk, She didn't try to get me into Her bed. W/we did exchange phone numbers though, and soon W/we were seeing each other every other day.

one day She told me She was living the lifestyle. i said, "what kind of lifestyle." my ignorance was profound.

She smiled and said nothing, but as O/our friendship grew, she slowly educated me. once i understood how She lived, i opened up to Her. i told Her about my reading of "The Story of 'O' " and about my years of fantasizing... and of my yearning to be controlled.

"Oh, I've been waiting for you to say that. I was sure the vibes I was getting were right, but what took you so long?"

"well, i come from a place where such things aren't even admitted to exist, and if they do then they must be evil. until You told me how You live, i didn't really know that You weren't one of those people."

"Well, I'm not. Now let's talk. I like you very much, and I'd love to introduce you to what you've been longing for."

my heart leapt into my throat and my pulse quickened.

"i'd like to say yes, but i think i need more information."

"Of course you do. I was merely stating My desire. Now the way it usually works, is that W/we agree on preset limits for the sessions in the beginning. W/we usually write them down for your safety and security."

"what's a safeword?" i asked.

"Ahh, I think you have more knowledge than you profess."

"no, it's just that i've done a lot of reading. very little about those in the lifestyle, but quite a lot of stories about Domination/submission in general."

"I usually like to start out with two safewords. The fisrt means that you cannot deal with what's happening and need to stop it. The second, means that you are near enough to your limits that you don't know for sure if you can continue or not. At that point the Dominant uses His or Her best judgement and if you find you cannot continue, then you use the other safeword. Many Dominants simply use the one word, but I like to use two."

W/we talked into the night and She told me She'd leave me a questionnaire for me to examine and fill out.

the next day i found the questionnaire in my mail box, along with a note from Her.

i read,

Remember Suzette, the things you agree to will be done to you. So if you aren't sure about something it would probably be better to leave it till another time. Return this to me as soon as you've filled it out.

i read it carefully and realized that fantasy and reality are very different things, so i decided to be cautious for the first time. still, when i was finished, it seemed to me that there were quite a lot of different activities checked off, and i figured that W/we wouldn't be able to do all of them in only one night.

i returned the questionnaire to Sylvia and She told me to come in so that W/we could discuss it. "I don't like to just go ahead and start without first knowing why each activity appeals to you," She told me.

W/we talked about it for an hour or so, and Sylvia asked a lot of questions that required very personal answers. i must have held a solid blush the whole time. before i left She gave me a day and time to come back to begin my first real time experience as a submissive. She also gave me explicit instructions on what to wear: garter belt, black nylon stockings, matching panties and bra, and stilettos.

since i had known Sylvia for some time it was easy to trust Her. i showed up at Her door exactly on time. i feared being late would anger Her and i didn't think i wanted that. She met me at the door and let me in.

"Remove your outer clothing." She commanded and pointed to a rack.

i undid my blouse and skirt and hung them up, blushing.

"Turn around."

i did, and felt leather restraints encircle my wrists. i could feel my heart pounding, and my pulse racing. my stomach was churning and there was a wetness spreading between my legs, moistening my panties.

She turned me to face Her and i saw She held a collar in Her hands. "For tonight, i own you little one, and this is the symbol of that ownership. But you must wear it willingly. Do you want to wear this?"

"yes" i said.

"pardon me?" She said.

She hadn't told me how to address Her....."yes.....Mistress?" i said hopefully.

"Yes, that's better," She said and fastened the collar around my neck.

"I may make you beg to wear my collar in the future, but tonight this is sufficient."

"I see you obeyed my instructions on your wardrobe. Good. I would hate to have to punish you so soon."

She grabbed my collar by a ring in the front and led me into the living room. the living room was large and open. Her couch sat against one wall there was ample room for playing on a throw rug in the center of the room. a wall unit against the opposite wall contained Her entertainment system.

She led me to the center of the room and started slowly walking around me, looking me over. "mmmmh, not bad,"She said. " I thought you'd look good."

"thank You Mistress," i said.

"Did I tell you to speak?" She asked.

"no Mistress."

"Then don't"

"yes Mistress."

i felt Her hand on my hip and i held off the desire to lean into Her touch. She ran Her hands over me, touching me everywhere. i moaned as She slid Her hand up my back, and breathed in deeply when She slid Her hand under my panties and squeezed my asscheeks. my panties were becoming even wetter. She felt my thighs, and calves, and moved Her hands back upwards, carressing me lightly all the way to the front of my panties. She grabbed my panties and slid them down my legs, revealing the moisture there. "Mmmmh, you're enjoying yourself aren't you?" She asked.

"yes Mistress."

my knees suddenly felt weak as She palmed my pussy and started gently massaging me there. She found my clit and i trembled as She toyed with it. a little cry, half sigh, half moan, escaped my lips. She slapped my ass, not hard, but enough to sting, and i stiffened. She slapped me several times more each one in a slightly different place, and when She stopped i felt an astringent warmth all over my ass.

She let me stand there for a few moments, feeling the the remnants of Her touch on my ass. then Her other hand palmed my pussy again and a finger slid easily inside of me, eliciting a gasp as i felt myself penetrated. my muscles clamped down on Her finger and i could feel my own pulse reflected back from the pressure on Her finger. i was so hot. She started fingering me and resumed spanking me. three or four slaps and She paused to pinch one of my nipples, adding a new sensation to what i was feeling. She pinched my other nipple, a little harder, at the same time as She thrust Her finger deep inside of me. pain and pleasure melded into a single feeling and i wanted to melt and fall to the floor.

She stopped, and i groaned.

"Oh, you want to cum do you?"

"yes Mistress."

"I might let you if you ask very nicely."

"please Misress, may i cum?"

"Not yet. If you're good, I'll let you cum in a bit."

i stifled a groan and waited patiently. i would try to be very good.

She left the room for a moment and came back with a pair of nipple clamps. She gently put them on me, one nipple then the other.

i whimpered softly.

"You like that?" She asked.

"yes Mistress."


She sat on the edge of the couch and pulled Her skirt up. "Kneel here and lick me." She commanded.

i knelt at Her feet and leaned forward to taste Her. She moaned as i extended my tongue and gently carressed Her clit. i licked Her softly, gently lapping Her juices. She groaned. i thrust my tongue inside Her, as far as i could and wiggled it around, like a small dildo. i sucked Her clit into my mouth and ever so gently sucked on it, tonging it all the while.

in a few short minutes i had Her cumming.

"You do that quite well, and you'll undoubtedly get better. I can't wait." She said.

"I bet you really want to cum now don't you?"

"yes Mistress i do."

"Alright then," She said.

She released my hands and handed me a dildo.

"Sit there on the floor and masturbate for my pleasure. If you do well, i will let you cum."

i had never let anyone watch me masturbate before so i was a little shy. i sat down and spread my legs. i carressed myself with the tip, running it along the inside of my thighs, to my perenium, up my slit to my clit. i brought it to my entrance and played there for a bit, letting my moisture lubricate it. i slowly inserted it and started fucking myself with it.

"Stop!" She commanded.

i stopped, groaning my disappointment.

i let the dildo sit inside me, feeling it's girth as an outward pressure against my vaginal muscles. while i sat there, i was acutely aware of the clamps pinching my nipples. the feeling mixed well with the dildo inside me. the clamps pinched me, and the dildo filled me. i wanted nothing more than to fuck myself silly with it. but i waited for Her command. She simply watched me. She stared at me and held my eyes prisoner with Her gaze.

"Alright, you may continue," She said after what seemed like a long time but was probably only a minute or two.

it wasn't long before i was ready. She spoke, and i thought She would stop me again, but...

"You must ask my permission before cumming." She said.

"Mistress, may i please cum?" i asked.

i sighed a little plaintive sigh, and thought that maybe She would make me beg for a while before letting me cum.

"Yes you may." She said. i felt vastly releived and She had no more given me permission than i had started cumming. it washed over me like a tidal flood and little whimpers and moans escaped my lips. She reached towards me and unclipped the nipple clamps. pain flooded me as the blood flowed back into them, mingling with my orgasm, augmenting it: extending it. with a final little cry, i finished.

She pulled me to the couch and held me, softly carressing my hair and cooing approving noises gently into my ear. i loved Her for that. i leaned my head on Her breast and basked in Her approval as i came down.

"So little one, did you have fun?" She asked after a little while had passed.

"yes Mistress, i did."

"I'm glad," She said. "Do you want to come back and do it again?"

"yes Mistress i do."


She had me dress, and led me to the door. She kissed my forehead and sent me home, telling me that She would call and W/we would arrange another play time.

i realized that i had found something i'd been looking for all my life. i smiled as i walked towards the subway, thinking of the next time.

here ends part one. Suzettes introduction to the lifestyle. hopefully part two will be written soon.


by silk princess