Guest stories

The Hotel

By slave samara

Sir has given samara her task, she is to be at the hotel by 7:30 PM a key will be there waiting. She is to be wearing a short dress, classy but short, and nothing on underneath. She is to proceed directly to the room and upon entering drop the key card on the table, she is to leave the lights off and go and face the far wall. She is to raise her arms above her head and may use the wall to rest her hands on, her legs are to be apart, a standing spread eagle I believe is what you said Sir.

For what seemed like an eternity samara is there, waiting, listening. You have told her she is not aloud to speak. Then samara hears the door her arms now aching and her legs weak, samara begins to shiver at the fatigue and her heightened awareness that You are now here.

I hear Sir walk in and place some thing on the bed, suitcase "I guess". You turn on the lamp and then I hear the chair being pulled it stops right behind me.

My heart is beating so loudly that I barely heard the faint sound of a click, but then dead silence all but my heart and my breathing.

Then without warning your lips are at my ear and you have entangled your hand in my hair and are pulling my head back. You say in a low sexy whisper "ahhh samara wishes to please her Master" then I hear my dress being cut! "The click it was a knife" I am so startled I almost yell out. I remember, "Sir has told me not to speak". I bite my lip instead. You release my hair the moment you have sliced through my dress, the dress hangs from my arms but has left me bare in the back.

Minutes feel like hours and the only thing I hear is my own heart and racing breath, then I feel the sting of your hand on my ass, once, twice, then your gentle touch to feel the heat from your slaps.

Your hand comes up my side and I feel you move in close so close I can feel the out line of your hard body, my neck tingles from the heat of your breath. Your hand slides up to my breast but just brushes across my nipples as your hand makes its decent down my stomach. Then between my legs, I hear you smirk at how wet I am, and I hear your deep voice in my ear say "samara your readiness pleases me but your desire can wait".

You remove your hand and bring your fingers to my lips, you say "taste your desire" you shove your fingers in my mouth. Then in a commanding voice you say "and now you'll taste mine".

You back away pulling your fingers from my mouth, your gone but a moment and next you tell me to lower my arms and bring them to my back. My dress falls now to the floor as I drop my arms the blood rushing to my finger tips so quickly they hurt, with my arms now behind me you bind them from armpit to wrist. I then feel you placing a collar around my neck your touch making me wetter and shiver at the thought that I am now his.

You turn me around and with the back of your hand you brush across my cheek then grabbing my hair you pull my head back and have me look into your face. Then you tell me very seriously that I belong to you and my duty is to please. Then Sir you kiss me and push me to my knees.

You turn and walk to the bed and start taking off your clothes, although I have never seen you I know that you will be so sexy to me.

Anyways Sir there is much more to this story like you fucking my mouth and then there's the bed, then there is day 2 and in the park, this is what I thought of when I played with myself last night. Just thought I'd let you know that I think of you often.

Then You walk back towards me your eyes never leaving mine, you sit down in the chair in front of me and motion to me to come to you. As I make my way to kneel in front of you, you take a fist full of my hair and lean forward and lick my lips and then shove your tongue down my throat. With a jerk you pull me away and push me towards your cock telling me to lick your balls and cock.

I slowly start licking your balls and working my way up your shaft, I go to take the head of your cock in my mouth but you pull me away and slap my face, saying "samara listen to me" I said "lick not suck slut" I continue to lick up and down and all around your head and shaft, then your balls. You then tell me to take you in my mouth, I eagerly do as you wish as it is my wish also, but your holding my hair so you are controlling my motion and your slowly allowing me to descend onto your cock. Your pushing and pulling me ever so methodically, then you stand up and as you do your movements become quicker forcing your now hard cock deeper and deeper down my throat I am almost gagging cause your so hard and so forceful but this doesn't deter you, if anything you pump harder.

I feel you begin to shutter and I know your just about to blow, I can't wait to taste you, I have been dreaming of this for many a day and night.

As you hit your threshold you dive deep into my throat I can feel your cum hit the back and you pull out so abruptly your cum squirts out of my mouth and you finish blowing your load on my chin and neck. It drips down my chest and between my breasts.

With your cum in my mouth you pull my head back and let go of my hair and grab my face, you kiss me hard and suck your cum off my lips and share it with me with your tongue.

You stand me up and turn me around untying my binds, you then slap my ass and tell me to go wash up and then wash you, I do as you say. You now tell me to sit by you as you go into detail the etiquettes I must follow now and that you will not tolerate my misbehavior.

You then say "samara I am neither a hurtful or cruel Master" but you must know that being mine I own you "Heart Body Mind and Soul" as we discussed now you must fulfill this, you must work hard and give to me these things. Your only desire is to please, and your will you must freely give me. Upon giving this to me your world will be complete samara I promise this to you.

Now, you say "let me get a good look at what is mine, stand up". I stand facing you my eyes lowered feeling a sense of joy I never felt. You instruct me to turn slowly then walk to the bed, (now I don't know the name of this position but it's ass up head down) You tell me do this on the edge of the bed.

I obey your order and you come up behind me, I don't see the flogger in your hand but I feel it as it comes down on me. I bite the blankets and close my eyes, freeing up my will and finding pleasure in the fact it is pain given to me from you. Time stands still now neither noise or pain is effecting me my only desire is that this is your desire.

You stop and begin speaking to me, telling me that now when you take me I too will cum and that this is your wish and only when you cum.

You now tell me to spread wider and for me to use my hands to pull myself open for your penetration. You mount me like a stallion and you enter me with such force that my knees almost buckle. With the first thrust you reach down with one hand pushing my chest into the bed and with the other you grab my mane.

Letting go of my back you pull me back onto your cock then push me back down into the bed, you slowly pull almost out your head just within the entrance of my pussy. I feel you spit on my ass then your finger push past the rim of my ass your fingers slowly going deeper, then your fingers start rubbing your cock as it to now is being pushed back in. Through the thin layer of skin between my ass and pussy you begin to play with yourself, moving in and out of both holes simultaneously.

My hole being is tingling and all I can think of is that I can't cum but what your doing to me, my senses my god your incredible I focus on you and your wishes a task that takes everything I have, putting away my selfishness is gradually getting under control. I so want to please you it abates my urge to cum. I feel my desire to please you becoming stronger then my desire to please myself, what a release this is what a odd but powerful experience your giving me, showing me. Then your gyrating movements starts your command to cum, as unbelievable as it is to me my orgasm begins, I start to fuck you back and as I cum my pulses on your cock sucking you in starts your orgasm my pussy contracting and sucking every last drop of cum from you beautiful cock.

You collapse on top of me and slowly our hearts beat as one, I feel whole I feel complete and your weight on me just blankets me I melt and meld into you I feel my body then heart, mind and soul flow from me into you.

I sure hope this does for you what it's done for me, I got to go shower.

To Sir with Love