Guest stories

The Luncheon

By morningstar (Warren)

I dressed with great care for the "first date" with this new woman. I always love the newness to a relationship, the firsts for everything. So I showered carefully, applied sweet scented body lotion everywhere, adding a touch of perfume in all the right places. I applied my makeup carefully, fixed my hair, than padded barefoot and naked to the bedroom. There on the bed, carefully laid out, was the lace camisole and panties, the long dark dress that buttoned from the neck to the ankles. I pulled the camisole on and the panties and stood in front of the mirror to admire the effect. I pinched my nipples and rolled them seeing them harden quickly and enjoying the effect they had through the lace. I turned and picked up the dress, sliding my arms into the sleeves and buttoning it from the neck to mid thigh, leaving the rest open. I went downstairs and pulled my knee high black boots out and slipped them on, lacing them up tightly. I stood and looked in the mirror, smiling at what I saw. Yes I thought this will do quite nicely.

I arrived at the restaurant rather late, the driving had been terrible, and finding a parking space next to impossible. I walked in and looked around for her. Saw her almost immediately, sitting alone sipping a drink and watching the door. I walked over to her and smiled as I said "Are you Suzanne?" she smiled and nodded, and I sat down. I apologized for being late, and she smiled and said " And didn't I tell you how much I hate to be kept waiting!" I blushed slightly and told her about the traffic and trouble finding parking. She shrugged and said "I would have thought you would have taken that into consideration". I felt my pulse quicken at her tone. I picked up the menu and quickly scanned it, to hide my discomfort. When I put it down, I discovered she was studying me closely, which I have to admit, made me squirm. Then she smiled, and the ice melted (or so I thought) and we started chatting about common interests. The lunch arrived and we sat comfortably eating and talking. Finally I stood and said I would be right back, and moved towards the lady's room.

When I came out to wash my hands, I was surprised to see her standing there, back to the sinks waiting for me. I smiled and went to stand beside her while I washed my hands. I looked up into the mirror and saw her move around and stand just behind me. I felt my heart race wondering what she was doing. Then before I could say a word, I felt her hand against my back pushing me down onto the counter, and with her other hand, felt my dress being lifted, exposing my bum. All manner of thoughts rushed through my head, the most compelling one being: "What if someone should walk in"!!!! I tried to pull away, but she just pushed me harder down on to the counter. I tried to speak, but she brought her mouth down to my ear and whispered " I am angry enough, with you for being late! Please don't compound it by speaking"! Then before her words had completely registered in my brain, I felt her slap my ass a stinging slap. I shrieked, and felt another one follow quickly and her warning words to say NOTHING! I bit my lip, and felt slap after stinging slap descend on my ass. I was soon wiggling, trying to move out of range, trying to plead with her to stop, to no avail. After what felt like an eternity, my dress was pulled back down and the hand was removed from my back. I stayed bent over the counter, moaning softly, feeling the burning in my ass, and yes the heat in my cunt.

Finally I stood and looking in the mirror realized I was alone again. I adjusted my dress, and returned to the restaurant, not in the least bit sure she would still be there. She was paying the bill, and as I approached she turned and smiled at me and taking my arm said " Shall we leave?" I was breathless and followed like a lamb to the slaughter. She walked me to her car, opened the door and told me to get in. I started to protest, something about my car, and she simply said: "you seem to have some trouble getting from point A to point B in YOUR car, so we will take mine. But have no fear, when our day is finished, I will return you safely to your car." I climbed in meekly and fastened my seat belt.


When we arrived at her house, I followed her up the stairs and inside. I have to admit to having butterflies the size of elephants marching around in my stomach, but was drawn by a curiosity I could not explain. She showed me into the living room and told me to make myself at home as she disappeared into another room. I stood looking around the room, admiring her taste in pictures, and sculptures. She appeared as suddenly as she had disappeared and laughed at me asking why I had not sat down and made reference to the fact it probably still stung a bit to sit. I felt the blushes rising to my face from the memory of that spanking in a public bathroom.

She walked over to me and took my face in her hands and kissed me, hard and passionately. I couldn't catch my breath, this woman did not believe in subtlety that was for sure! As she continued to kiss me, I felt her hands move to the front of my dress and felt her start to unbutton the buttons. I made a move backwards and she brought her hands up and caught my nipples and held them tight, saying "Move if you wish - but suffer the consequences!" I held my breath, the pain was exquisite and just a bit frightening. She continued to unbutton my dress, and about mid waist she gave up and just pushed it down off my shoulders. There I stood in my camisole top with nipples pushing hard against the lace. I watched as she brought her mouth down to first one, then the other, taking quick little bites at them. I moaned softly. She stood back a bit and looked at me, up and down. I felt again the blushes spread to my face. I felt uncomfortable and very unsure of myself. She walked around behind me and roughly pulled the dress completely down and let it fall to the floor. Then I felt her hands running down my straight back and over my still warm ass. I heard her chuckle softly as she pinched my ass hard, and I jumped a bit. Her voice was low as she spoke "You my dear, are quite delightful! I think I will enjoy surprising you! Now you will stand perfectly still, you will NOT say a word, and you will NOT move!" I held my breath. Her hands seem to be everywhere, on my nipples pulling them, pinching them HARD!!! Then on my mound, digging her nails into it, through the soft silk of my pants. Then pushing the silk up into my cunt and then running her fingers around and teasing my ass hole. Soon I felt as though I had no control over my body or its needs or wants. I just wanted this exploration to be over, I wanted her to take me, to end this slow torture. My legs were trembling and I was finding it increasingly hard to remain standing.


Finally she stood back and told me to follow her. I followed obediently and she opened a door to the basement and started to descend downwards. I hesitated for just a minute. I really had expected to be taken to a bedroom but at this point I would have followed her anywhere, I needed / wanted her so badly! As we reached the bottom of the stairs she turned to the left , opened a door and stood back motioning me to go first into the room. I stumbled over a small step into the room. It was pitch black in the room and I stopped just inside the door. I felt her hand on my ass, pushing me forward deeper into the darkness, and then I stopped. She moved around me and lit a couple of candles that did not shed enough light for me to see much of anything, just vague outlines.

She walked over to me and lifted the camisole over my head and let it drop to the floor. Then she pulled first one nipple out and clipped on some sort of clip and then the other. I felt, rather than saw, a heavy chain hanging between my breasts. She chuckled again and said: "Now you will be much easier to lead around", and to demonstrate she took a hold of the chain and gave a sharp tug. I moved forward quickly! We approached a table of sorts. And she instructed me to lay myself over it. I felt awkward doing it, and she gave me a sharp slap on the ass to move myself higher up on the table. I moved forward until my breasts were just hanging over the edge, the chain pulling the nipples downward. She then told me to reach down with each hand and grasp a leg. As I did this, I felt her clamp some form of restraint over my wrists. I could feel the heat inside of me rising. I was scared but excited at the same time. She moved around behind me. She told me to lift my ass up and as I did she slid my pants off - I am now completely naked and exposed. I feel her take each ankle and fasten it too to the table leg. I am vulnerable and feeling it! Then she moved around the room lighting lanterns/oil lamps positioned strategically. I tried to lift my head to see but found it very difficult. She came over and knelt down in front of me, giving the chain a sharp tug, smiling and whispering: " So my pet.. are you ready for some fun now??"

Then she walked slowly around my body ..pinching? pulling.. teasing. As she reached the foot of the table I found my legs starting to tremble, as her hands ran down my ass, spreading my cheeks, running fingers down and probing into my cunt, moving up and pulling on my clit then pinching it hard! She walked over to the corner of the room and opened a cupboard. She walked back and placed a flogger on a low table in front of my face. She walked back to the cupboard and this time returned with a number of "toys" and placed them on the table as well. This way, I must look at them and imagine their uses! Then a final time she walked back to the cupboard and stood for quite some time with her back to me. She turned and walking back towards me - made sure that I could see what she was doing! She was pulling on surgical gloves and seemed to be holding a bottle. I felt my stomach tighten in fear and anticipation. She moved around the table until she was standing behind me. I felt her put a hand on my ass, and my heart began to pound. Then I felt a cold liquid pour over my ass, felt her hands spreading it rubbing it in to my ass hole, my cunt, till all I feel is a wet cold sensation. I wiggle my ass the best I can and she slaps my ass hard, reminding me I am to say NOTHING and do NOTHING. Then she moves to the small table and picks up a small round egg shaped item and taking the bottle she pours this liquid over it. She walks behind me and I feel her hands spreading my ass cheeks feel the coldness of this egg pressing against my ass hole, I hold my breath and feel myself tighten up instinctively! She slaps my ass hard saying in a stern voice " this will go in - with, or without your cooperation! It will hurt a helluva lot less if you relax those muscles". I try very hard, but am scared and don't succeed too well. I feel her pressing it harder against me - I feel myself opening slowly painfully! Then with a popping sensation I feel it slide into me. I feel her using her finger to push it further into me. I moan softly. Then she picks up a small box off the table and then i hear a low hum, and almost instantly feel vibrations deep inside my ass. I almost levitate off the table - without the restraints holding me down - I would have! I toss my head side to side moaning. She smiles at me and picks up another instrument off the table. I have seen this before, in my doctor's office, and I moan and try very hard to wiggle away as I feel her spread my cunt lips, feel the cold metal pressing into me, feel it sliding in and up, deep into me. Then I feel her slowly opening it, feel myself being spread wider and still wider open, till I am sure I will tear wide apart! "Now" she says.. "you are fully exposed aren't you??? What shall I do with this cunt of yours!?" and she picks up the flogger and walks back. Before I can even inhale I feel the flogger comes down hard on my ass and I cry out! Over and over she brings that flogger down across my ass, my thighs, my hips. She stops every so often to insert a finger into my wide open cunt.. she laughs and says "Ahhhh my pet.. you seem to be enjoying all of this 'entertainment'" and I am mortified to know I am dripping wet.. my juices flowing freely, running out of me and down my legs. She resumes using the flogger until I am sure I can stand no more and I hear myself begging her to stop, to fuck me hard, to do anything but continue with this 'torture'.

Finally she stops, flings the flogger down on my back and removes the instrument from my cunt. She moves forward and picks up another vibrator. It is huge and my eyes widen. I am begging her to please please spare me. She frowns at me and says "You are quite a naughty little pet aren't you?? I told you NOT to speak and yet you continue" Then she puts her hand under my chin and lifts my head till it is held painfully high and her fingers squeeze my cheeks until I open my mouth and she slides this vibrator into my mouth. She holds it there, and looks into my eyes. "Tell me my pet - are you going to learn to be quiet or do I leave this here?" my eyes show my fear as I feel her pushing it yet further into my mouth, to the back of my throat. I nod quickly to assure her I will be quiet. I plead with my eyes. She laughs and pulls the vibrator out and moves around behind me yet again. I feel its cold hard head pressed against my cunt. Slowly she turns it on and I feel the vibrations harmonizing so to speak with the ones coming from deep inside my ass. I can hardly control myself. She slowly starts to push it deeper into my cunt. The vibrations are increasing, and I am able to concentrate only on my cunt and ass. There is no longer any room or table or restraints cutting into my limbs. Only this vibrating pulsating cunt/ass. She moves it in and out of me, each time thrusting deeper into me and I feel myself opening wider and wider to accept it. I grasp the table legs and feel myself lifting to greet each thrust of that vibrating cock, moaning louder, feeling her hands at my ass hole and as my orgasm builds to a peak, feel her give a sharp tug and the egg pops out of my ass and the vibrating cock is thrust deep and hard into me, I cry out as wave after wave sweeps my body!!!

I have no time to recuperate. I feel her hands removing the restraints from my legs and arms and before I can move she grabs a handful of hair and pulls me off the table and onto my knees in front of her. She opens her legs and tells me that I have been a greedy little slut and she has humoured me, but now I must return the favour to her. And she warns me I must do a good job or else!!!! I bring my hands up slowly and shyly spread her open to my tongue. As I do so, I feel a stinging slap from the flogger against my back as she instructs me to lick her clit and keep my hands on my thighs. Quickly I move my hands back down to my thighs and using only my tongue, start to lick her clit, and then pull it into my mouth, rolling it around gently teasing it. I move it in and out of my mouth, pulling a little harder on it each time. I feel her hand wrapping itself in my hair, pulling on it, pulling my head closer to her. I run my tongue down to her slit and slide it in (thankfully I am blessed with a long wide tongue) and I thrust it deep inside of her. I feel her muscles tightening around my tongue and I start to move my tongue in and out of her, quickening with each thrust. I feel her hand pulling on my hair, pulling my head closer to her, feel her hips thrusting out, my face being almost swallowed up by her. As she cums she gives my hair a tremendous tug pulling my face even more into her, and as her juices spill out I lap up each and every drop, moaning softly.

She moves away from me, leaving me kneeling, my whole body quivering. She picks up my camisole and walks back to me, smiling. She tells me to raise my arms over my head and I do and she pulls it on, leaving the nipple jewelry in place. She leans down and whispers in my ear, "I will keep your lovely sweet silk pants my pet. And in exchange you may keep the nipple jewelry! Next time you will come dressed to me in the jewelry, no pants and this camisole top. Do you understand?" It is all I can do to nod my head. This has been quite a luncheon date, and I am wondering if I will deliberately be late again, the next time!