Guest stories

The Making Of A Slave 2

By Latexluvr


So there we were in this Jamaican paradise. On this lovely beach.. and I had just slurped down some Red Stripe beer and so had my wife. The heat, the potential for passion, the isolated nude beach brought my wildest fantasies to the forefront of my mind. The black curvaceous salesgirl with her black muffin was due to meet us incessantly. The reasons for her visit to me seemed unclear but she was eyecandy for me so I did not mind. The radio played a song called <<Pokerface<< but LadyGaga and it really made me feel even more horny.

I also took a few tokes of a big Ganja joint and I was starting to feel like was pathetically out of control… in every way. My member had grown by 200% and I said…Look Honey. I blew up my member…hihi..referring to a movie I had seen once upon a time with a similar title. It felt good being liberated by not wearing any clothes. For a nanosecond, I felt just so free and so at one with the universe. My wife was lovely and her lovely breasts were heaving from all that excitement. I was about to lick the lush breasts of my wife when the black girl arrived with a handbag full of stuff. I hesitated and immediately stopped. My wife took me by the hair and said …Don't stop what you re doing.. It feels so good.

The black girl stood there a bit perplexed. She stripped naked and said : I have the package you requested. I could not see as I was busy sucking my wife's aroused breasts and was moving down towards her luscious and juicy pussy.

My wife all of a sudden had a devilish giggle. So did the black girl. It seemed contagious and I started laughing as well. By now, I was really hot and horny. The black girl was dressed in her usual dress and blouse and she seemed quite non-provocative but still sexy as hell. I could imagine her going to school to fetch her boy and she must be a good mother…serious, responsible and fairly businesslike in her demeanor.

My wife asked me : Would you want Candy to give you a massage . She can and she should because you have a sunburn here on your shoulders and she can rub in some Aloe Vera. Here s the root. I have to try it but I need some beer to wash it down. I'll go fetch some beer she said. He ll have a big bamboo with this..hihi giggled my wife and the black girl chuckled along wearing a devilish smile.

Before I go though , you must promise me that you'll behave. As I don't trust you, here wear this. I brought it with us from Canada. It's the CB-2000 chastity that you ordered but only wore for an afternoon before its novelty wore out. Here Candy, please help mew put it on. When he' s stone, he s quite docile. It s usually the best time to make requests or to exert promises from him as he s quite irresponsible or lets just say less of a tightwad than in his usual state. So good, it seems a bit loose but it just as well. Just hand me the key and his moneybelt as I don't want him to loose either of them. I am going to chew on some of this root. Wow it's bitter. Here honey..try some. I'll go for some beer. You two have fun.

He s bamboo is growing a lot now.. . I told you the root would work.. My wife chuckled and she grasped my encased penis with her hand to feel its growing tumescence and she planted a symbolixc kiss on it. She made some stroking motions but quickly put a hand between her legs and said. This is your new life…you pathetic loser. It s making me so hot.I need some big bamboo to ram into me. My penis grew even bigger but I could quickly feel the rigid boundaries of the chastity case. . What are you going to do with this.. she said obviously stoned and said..My member had grown by 50% and was hard as a rock. Look honey, we blew up your member referring to a movie I had seen once upon a time with a similar title…hihi wife chucked some more and ribbed Candy with her elbow. movie I had seen once upon a time with a similar title

Would you like to fuck Black Beauty here. So what s stopping you. This cage here. I know you have no self-discipline so this is better . Candy will give you a massage..If you wish…I said. . She said.. Come here and make me cum first. I felt her labia equally inflated and could sense that I would bring her to an intense orgasm and I licked her with passion as Candy looked on. I flew off into some form of subspace as my intense vulnerability and submission took me there as I lost all sense of time. ..After multiple orgasms and my nose full of my wife s pussy juices she finally got up and said. This was exactly what I needed.

You shall call me Mistress henceforth. This belt is not coming off anytime soon so get used to it. Without the belt, you wank off too much and you become oblivious to my needs. Remember, you are here on earth to serve me your New Mistress.
Candy here will maybe show you a thing or two as she is an accomplished dominatrix and ex-lawyer in Kingston before a political scandal forced her to relocate here.

Come here she said to Candy, They hispered some things, giggled some more and my wife left and left me there with candy, naked on this beach with the exception of a chastity cage..

Give him that massage while I' ll go get us some beer and get myself thoroughly fucked. Are you okay with this. Yes Mistress ..I said. If you want to stop this right now, we can. But it s been a fantasy of yours for some time but you never had the balls to go through with it. Candy came here not by accident. I had set all this up over the Internet before we came.

It was part of my plan to finally chastise you, humiliate you and enslave you but I needed help. I could not and did not know how to do this alone. Should we stop this and I will probably leave you afterwards because your lovemaking skills and little penis are so pathetic. So should we call it all off..she asked. No Mistress I said. She said.. That's good. You ll see things will be better from now least for me. Your role is to please me as well as any other person thaty I direct you to please. Consider Cany as your Mistress while I'm gone.

Also, . The black girl initially had me lie on my stomach while she massaged my back and she also spread some Aloe jell straight from the plant. It felt good..

She said. My real name is not Candy. It s the short version of my real Dom name which is <<Candyass<<. After about 15 minutes she turned around and she rubbed my chest and legs and then she focused on my fully erect member and she said.... Don't waste this erection.

Would you like to fuck me. I said.. ..If you wish.. I do wish a good fucking..she said but poor baby with that can't do it. . Maybe I can get it off..she said. . But what about my wife..I said . What will she say.. Don't worry about your wife.. Maybe now, I'll have your baby..white boy..hihi … By now, some Rasta is probably pumping her snatch. I tried the root once and I nearly went crazy. I needed somebody to fuck me all the time. My boyfriend had a bamboo bigger than yours and we went on for hours. I was fourteen then.

My judgment was momentarily impaired by the Ganja and the strong odor of my bl;ack Mistress. .. as well as the seductive powers of my temptress. I proceeded to lick her breasts, her pussy and she said.. It 's as juicy as a mango.

She got on all fours and I imagined pumping her from behind into her tight snatch, like they do on the Discovery Channel. I lost track of time .. Why don't you lick me some more… I enjoyed it so much.. You have such a great tongue…white boy ... Go down on me some more… I proceeded with limited zeal and after that she said… now lick my Candyass..white boy…. . She slapped me on the face and said…Say yes Mistress. Yes Mistress I said and I realized that I left myself open to blackmail…. all for an instant of pleasure.

Now hold this…as she put her panties on my head.. I need to finish my job of piercing your nipple and your tongue. It will enhance your value as a slave. It will make you realize and remind you ever instant that you are now nothing more than object of pleasure.. an obedient pussy and ass and boot licker.. She slapped me twice.. And I said >>yes Mistress<< . That s more like it. Flex with me….as they say here in Jamaica.

I had never done that to a woman…been so full of worship for every inch of her body...but also licked assed as I now realized that I was clearly at the mercy of my black temptress. I felt like a person devoid of any will, just horny, submissive and utterly eager to please. Also lets have some fun and rub that Pokerface off your face. Show me of how you want to fuck me, lick me, worship my Candyass…Don't think too much.. Yes Mistress. .. I said. This is like a new love game with a different set of rules. Turn around so that I can introduce you to your new friend. She took a vibrating butt-plug out of her bag and briefly insered it in her vagina.. Oh ..this feels so good. After about 2 minutes, she removed it and said > Would you like to come..Yes mistress.

I rationalized it all by saying that this was clearly a day to break new ground, to ignore the all the old taboos about race and traditional sex and to eat that pussy and asshole without much after-thought. I did feel intoxicated by the pungent animal smell of this black vixen, with her curly hair and her pink hands and inner pussy lips.

She said >> Poor baby… you re all hard..what a I would have loved to fuck you..I will although in another your mind…I will fuck you in spirit .. I had a sudden need to ejaculate again but I was controlling my need for pleasure while listening obediently to her various directives, submitting and being so docile and trying to give as much pleasure as possible to this new sexual partner.

Now turn around and she motioned my legs wider apart as I lay on my stomach.. No this wont work ..get on your knees with your head down in the sand.. Its called <<get in the position,< Remember this as your Mistress-Goddess has requested me to teach you these basics.. You need to acquire the <<slave talk language<<. It' s about thirty messages in total . It 's a mix of twitter, teletext and slum language. Remember…less is more.. Less sex, less money, less words..less power. With it comes more more envy, more obedience and more thoughts about sex. Now that I fucked you good. How do you feel Slave.. Awkwardly docile.. I said.. Skip the complex words like awkward. We don't want you toi think..just to crave, lick , drink and obey in a more basic and instinctive way.. a bit like a dog would when he s ordered to sit, fetch or come.. ..without questions and much after-thought. Enough intellectualizimg. This period of your life is you understand.. Yes Mistress.. I said. I don't think you truly will understand this yet as she tugged on my newly inserted nipple ring.

She rammed the 10 inch long vibrator/butt plug into me. It was slender but it did hurt at first until the thing was properly in place. Here let me install THE ADAPTOR. It s made to lock on like so to your belt and to hold the butt-plug firmly in place. With this on you, you are set to go. You will need permission from now on to piss or to defecate. Your Mistress will judge what s best for you. Your existence is about to become more precarious.

She motioned her pussy in front of me in plain sight as she masturbated before me.

While she talked about my wife-Mistress getting fucked at this moment, she turned on the vibrating mechanism and it took a mere few seconds before I had an intense orgasm. You You no longer need to fuck to come.. She pointed to the cum on the shiny fabric laid out in front of me and said>> Now lick it off the floor>> Yes Mistress. A good slave always laps up any cum he sees, especially his own and that of his Mistresses lovers.Yes Mistress…I said.

She was extremely sensuous and primary in her motions grabbing my dick and bringing it close to her pussy. and I quickly forgot about time. I had a sudden need to ejaculate again but I was controlling my need for pleasure while trying to give as much pleasure as possible to this new sexual partner.

My wife came back. Hi re still so hard…poor baby..I feel so horny seeing you like this in your new belt with a butt-plug up your ass...she said . Assume the position ..she said.. I did not instantly react..Make me cum slave she spread herself out in front of me.. Show me what you ve learned this afternoon as she tugged on my new nipple-ring. Gee . this is a handy she inspected it closer. How devilish.. . Candy , with a broadf smile on her face, handed her the vibrator controls and I felt an electric shock in my behind..Stop hesitating when I give you an order.. just OBEY !Yes Mistress >.I said quickly and convincingly.

After about two minutes of intense pussy- licking, she had several powerful climaxes as she said.. eat up those Rasta juices.. I had a good fuck before I came here. So good that I even forgot to bring the beer. Mistress Candy was looking on intermittently and also speaking on her cell phone. She touched herself intermittently between her legs and lit up a cigarette. She motioned to my wife to turn around.. My wife got on her knees with her ass exposed to my face and she said.. Now lick ass…, Yes Mistress as I proceede and licked her ass as if my life depended on it..

Your massage and training session taught you something Mistress-wife enquired rhetorically.. Yes Miistress.. I said. . Remember what you learned. This is just the beginning. She talked to Candy about twenty feet away from me so that I could not hear what she was saying. .They giggled some more. Then they hugged.. My wife/Mistress embraced her and handed her something..probably some cash.

I think that all most of the mote intimate details of my encounter with Mistress Candy were omitted but my wife suspected what had just occurred and I would pay the price for my sexual indiscretions soon enough.