Guest stories

The Queen's Girls

By Aurey

The Queen was in a mood today,She had spoken to the King the previous night about looking for a girl just for Her and Her pleasure alone,as they shared many servants together,boys and girls,,but this time the Queen was looking for a special girl,one that would allow Her to see Her own limits,and this morning the King had rode out of the Kingdom without so much as a word,,She had wanted Him to be here as She interviewed Her prospects,although it would be Her girl,the Queen valued the Kings insight as within moments of meeting a person or beast in this matter,the King could assess the assets and weakness they held,,,

The Queen was in a complete rage and all of Her servants knew this and stayed away as not to become Her whipping toy,,although She did have several that enjoyed Her lashings,they knew by the sounds in the Throne room that She had not regained Her composure enough to be safe to be around,,not a word was exchanged but the looks on each of their faces told its own story,they knew their King and Queen very well,and in silent agreement they all stayed busy with their daily tasks,,,

The King had decided early that morning that He would take a ride to the neighboring village,and catch up with a couple old friends,He was hoping to see if any of them might know of such a girl the Queen desired,,after several hours of fellowship at the local pub,He came up empty with prospects and decided to head back to the Castle,,

The Kings friends rode with Him to the edge of their village when the King spied what appeared to be a large rat rooting around in a garbage bin,


everyone stopped their horses and looked,,the King pointed towards the rat-like creature,

"Est-ce un rat?"

His buddys looked over to where He was now watching with interest,

"No,my friend I do not believe that is a rat,it looks nearly human" one said,,

They steered their horses towards the beast in the trash,,it did not appear frightened as they got closer,although it did step into the shadows it seemed as from shyness rather then fear,,

The King slipped off His stallion and approached the creature,extending His hand out,,

"Pourquoi mangez-vous dans une poubelle?"

the rat-like human slowly stepped from the shadows,she did not know what the man had said but His voice was soft and caring and she felt drawn to Him,

"Elle est une fille malpropre, mais une fille" He said as He turned towards His friends,,

"Yes,Your Highness,it does to appear to be a girl,messy indeed" one laughed

The King turned back to the girl that appeared to now be guarding the trash cans she was seen rummaging through,He cold see a hint of fire in her eyes and wondered perhaps this girl may be what His Queen was looking for after all,,

"Agenouilles-toi devant moi, mendiante!" the King spoke firmly,,

the filthy naked girl still having no idea what was being said,but recognized the word wench,, scurried in front of the King and dropped to her knees,,was He the one to save her,perhaps He could help her find a suitable Lady,as all the Ones she had in the past abandoned her,They knew They could not meet her needs and desires,although she pleased Them fantastically,seeing the constant hunger in her eyes was always too much for Them to bear and in turn They would release her,,

all the men watched the girl and were slightly envious of the King for finding what appeared to be a diamond in the rough,very rough at this moment but very obedient,,

"elle pue" the King crinkled His nose,all the men laughed,,the girls face flushed

"yes she does stink,Sire" another of his friends chimed in,

"Comprenez-vous le francais?" the King gazed at the beast girl

the girl understood the second gentleman and temper in her eyes flared up,her tongue left its place quietly inside her mouth,the girl stood up,,

"i do NOT know what you all are saying but i can not help it if i stink,You would stink too if left to fend for yourself" the girl ranted,

The girls forwardness amused the King and He laughed even heartier,

the girls faced was twisted with anger and hate towards all of these men,even the One she had first thought might be able to rescue her,,she started to stomp away and leave them to their own humour,when she heard the Kings voice again,

"Attachez la mendainte sur mon cheval." there was no longer any laughter in His voice,

the other men quickly approached the girl before she could even turn around and had her wrapped up in their arms,she felt scared for a moment when she realized they had ropes,and she was being tied up,her hands and feet and one was across her mouth like a horses bit,,the roughness of the rope scraped her tongue,and just as suddenly she was lifted up and draped over the front of the Kings horse,much like a saddlebag,the girl did not like being handled in this manner and started to wiggle,


the Kings hand came down on her rear hard,the girl barely flinched but she did acknowledge the slap and stilled herself,the King smiled how the girl seemed unfazed by the spank,which He felt was a rather strong one,,

as they all neared the Castle the King bid farewell to His friends and slowly rode rest of the way admiring the build of the lass before Him,,she was rather endowed in the bust and hips but very pleasant to look at,nice full rounded ass,perfect for play,but He knew that He would not touch her again,this beast was for His Queen if She would even accept the smelly girl as a gift,,He could see there was a spark in this girl that could be turned into a blazing fire if stroked just right,and she would be perfect for what the Queen desired,a slut to test Her limits on,and Hers alone,

the girl had nearly fallen asleep with the steady rhythm of the horses gait,she could feel the presence of the King as it had grown until it was nudging her belly,but it was not a King she desired,,,the girl wanted to taste the Queen,,and she knew if she played her cards right,she would in fact get her wish,,she was surprised to hear the Kings soft voice as they approached,He spoke to her in English,

"girl,we are arriving at My Castle that I share with My Queen,you are My gift to Her as She desires a new playmate,and you are to be it,you will be respectful to Her at all times,do you understand what I have just told you?"

the girl only nodded

"very well then,you wish not to speak in agreement,trust Me girl there will come a day,when you will have wished you were allowed to speak" the King softly chuckled,

the girl felt shivers course through her body and knew the King was speaking the truth,,the girl suddenly felt hands on her,at least a dozen,they were all very gentle yet rapid in their movement,the girl felt herself lifted off the horse and pushed down onto all fours and untied,,,her head was gently but firmly held in a position where she could only see the cobblestone beneath her,a slight tug on her hair and she was moving forward like a dog,she could feel her tempers start to flare again as she was not used to such treatments,she had been trained as a submissive but she was always treated as if she was royalty as she was just that good in what she did,and she knew it,,being led inside in this manner was degrading in spite of herself she could feel a moistness creeping from a place that had long since held any,,the girl stopped short when she heard the sound of the Queens voice,a slight smirk played on her lips as she could hear in the tone the Queen was not very happy with Her King,,

"I had hoped to have You here with Me today as I went through the interviews,and what the Hell is this?" the Queens voice was not loud yet it dripped with resentment,,

"elle est pour toi ma Reine, je la nomme "poubelle" car, c'est la que je l'ai trouvé!" the King softly told His Queen,

"elle pue!" the Queen stated,and They both laughed,

the girl was not stupid and she had already figured out that "elle pue!" was not a compliment,and she started to stand and turn around and walk right back out of there,this time on her legs,,

"ahhh,the girl has a strong backbone,she thinks she shall do as she pleases?" the Queen spoke to the air,

the girl stopped her attempt to stand,and in a kneeling position,she pleaded,

"please my Queen,i am cold,tired and hungry,i do not wish to disrespect but i have needs that are to be addressed" the naked shivering girl begged,,she leaned forward to touch the ankles of the Queen and worship the boots covering Her feet,

"and you stink,girl,don't forget that!" the Queen reminded the girl again

"yes and i stink" the girl barely whispered,feeling the humility she had slowly drain away,as she knew what They were saying was true,,

"take her and prepare the beast properly for Me" and with a single clap the girl again felt a dozen hands on her and one in front leading her by her long hair,

"now My Queen,did You see the fires that I saw,I think she may just be perfect" the King smiled

"yes my dear King,I too saw the possibilities in this girl" the Queen smiled in spite of Herself and walked over to Her King and kissed Him passionately,

the girl was led to another part of the Castle,where she was laid on a stone table,she could see 7-8 other naked girls and boys,none of them speaking,yet everything was flowing so smoothly between them,the girl winced as she felt the knots being pulled from her hair,she sighed,she knew she was a mess,but she hadn't always been like this,she thought if she could please the Queen long enough before the Queen realized that She could not quench the fires the girl ached for,maybe the girl could still stay on and do chores,anything not to be back out on the streets,the girl had accepted that she would always have this ache that no Other could fill,,the girl knew she was a masochist yet never a pain slut,as she did not desire the pain to cause her to explode as the mere scent of a Woman could do that,,but she did desire the humiliation and pain to get her juices flowing,it was her foreplay,,,she knew many Dommes that claimed to be Sadistic,and Some were a little extreme but They still were not what she craved,,the girl no longer had the smell of the sewers in her nostrils,and glanced down to see her body all cleaned and oiled,had she dozed off,she didn't think so,perhaps just a daydream,,with the garbage smell gone the girl was assaulted with wonderful aromas she timidly leaned forward resting herself on her elbows to look around,two girls were still working with her hair but the others had gone away now,,,

"do either of you speak English?" the girl asked of the girls drying her hair,

"shhhh!" whispered one of the girls,

"yes most of us do speak English,here,but we are not allowed to be speaking without permission" whispered the other girl

"why not? are you being punished?" the girl was curious

"if the King or Queen wishes us to speak They will let us know,otherwise we are to remain silent" whispered the second girl

"you have got to be kidding me," the girl said astonished

"i mean i can understand if it is for punishment but for it as everyday,no way" the girl shook her head

"shhh,yes you will learn,before i get into trouble i will tell you,you are being called poubelle,that is the name you will answer to,regardless,do you understand?" the second girl still whispered

"poubelle? why that name? do you know?" the girl asked

the second girl glanced around quickly and noticed that all her brothers and sisters were looking at her very sternly,she bent very close to the girls ear,appearing to get out a knot

"poubelle means garbage,you were found in the garbage,no?" the second girl rose back into her position and hoped the new girl would stop talking to her,

"POUBELLE!!?? oh no,i am not garbage,that name will not do,you hear me!!" the girl glanced around the room at all the faces that were horrified and shocked at her outburst,,,

suddenly a boy appeared at her side,placing his hand gently yet firmly over her mouth,he grabbed her elbow and led her to a table covered with food in the far corner of the room,the girl realized this is where all the aromas were coming from,he sat her down and motioned his arm across the table and then just as quickly as he appeared he was gone,,the girl ate like a starving animal,until she could eat no more,nearly slumping over from exhaustion,, the combination of too much food and just being plain tired,,she could feel herself being lifted yet again,she did not struggle this time and let herself be placed on a chair of sorts,,after a moment she could feel herself being cleaned out in both areas,,she could feel one of the brothers holding her bottom together,she tried her best to keep the warm water in for as long as she could stand it,,after several times of being flushed out,the girl was set in a warm bubble bath to soak,,she knew she would fall asleep in this warm tub and hoped someone stayed around so she didn't slide down and drown,,,,,

After what seemed like days but it was only a few hours the girl woke on a concrete slab like bed,she had a light blanket covering her nakedness,,she sat up on the edge and stretched and looked around,the room was dimly lit only by a few torches along the wall, it was one room,each wall had its own purpose,,the concrete slabs laid on the floor,it was a very bare room,the girl looked around,she had been kept in classier places,she thought to herself,but at least she was indoors and there was plenty of food,,she started to stand up when another brother appeared,without saying a word he placed his hand on her head and with a slight pressure forced her down on all fours again,the girl thought to herself that she could resist this boy and not comply with his nonverbal request but she was curious as to what this was all about,so she let him lead her by her hair as earlier,,the girls knees were starting to get a bit sore as they came to a huge arched doorway with two doors,,the boy stood with her in his hand,the girl thought it was forever,and she almost told the boy to knock or something when the doors opened,,the boy gently tugged on her hair,he leaned over so that his face was next to hers,his hand brushed over her eyelids lightly and he pointed forward and then petted her bare bottom twice before disappearing,,the girl took a minute to understand what the boy had been trying to tell her,and she realized she was to keep her eyes lowered and go towards the Throne at the end of the carpet,,,

she slowly made her way down the carpet,all the while thinking of her many options,,the girl finally decided to stick this one out and see where it went,just as she reached the end of the carpet,,she saw the boots of the King,,He stood and walked over next to her,grabbing her hair gently but firmly,

"Kneel up,poubelle,you are ready to be presented to the Queen" the pride could be heard in the Kings voice,

the girl stood up on her knees,her eyes still lowered as she knew this to be second nature,she could see the shiny leather of the Queens boots before her,,

"ohhhh poubelle,you do clean up nicely,dint you,girl?" the Queens tone was playful

"actually,,," the girl started to speak

*SMACK* the Queens hand found the girls cheek,,

"if I wish you to speak I will tell you,do you understand,girl?" the Queens voice was tight,,

"yes my,,," she started again

*SMACK* the Queens hand found the other cheek,

"oh Myyy you do not listen very well now do you,poubelle?" the Queen taunted,,

the girl started to speak again if only in spite,but refrained as she was still learning this Woman who already had caused the wetness to appear twice in one day,,

"hmmmmm,well perhaps I misjudged you,poubelle,it just takes more work for you to learn,doesn't it?" again the Queen was taunting her to speak

"no my Queen i learn very quickly if there is anything to be learned" the girl spit out before the Queens hand found its mark for the third time,

the girl hung her head she knew she had earned that,all three of them as a matter of fact,,,she was not ashamed of her words as they were not totally disrespectful,she was more ashamed of how wet she was getting with each taunt from the Queen and the slaps across her face only enhanced the trembles she felt,,

"I believe I may enjoy a feisty beast like you after all,now thank the King for giving you to ME" the Queen stated as She turned the girls head,which was lined up with the Kings manhood,,the girl grimaced and closed her eyes,she felt the Queens hand push her face into the fabric of the Kings pants and instantly felt the King grow stiff,literally under her nose,,,the Queen laughed and turned the girls head back towards Her,

"oh My girl does not enjoy a male? only females? or only herself?" the Queen taunted her again

the girl remained silent and tried to will the blushing from her face,,

"SPEAK girl" the Queen finally told the girl

"i wish to please a woman,my Queen" the girl flatly stated,

"very good,and please Me,you shall,you little beast,even if it kills one or both of us" the Queen released Her hold of the girls hair and laughed all the way back to Her Throne,,

"but not now,I wish for you to anticipate and ache for My touch,now away with you,you little mongrel dog!" the Queen laughed as She dismissed the girl

"You did do very well My King,she cleaned up very nicely,I will enjoy having My way and seeing My limits with this one" the Queen spoke as if the girl was not in the room,,

at that moment the girl felt a hand on her hair and being forced back onto all fours and being led away,,she was taken back to the room where it seemed they all shared,,the girl was led back to the same slab of concrete and given the blanket,the two boys walked away leaving her alone with her thoughts,the girls hand slipped under the covers between her legs,,she could tell without parting her lips that she was flooding,she wondered if any had already started to dribble down her crack and onto the concrete,,the girl was tempted to continue to play in herself when she thought of the possible punishments she might acquire if she were caught,or left any traces of dampness on the rock she lay on,,then she wished she had not thought of the possibilities as it only fueled her ache,,she lazily played in the wetness soaking her fingers,she pulled them out from under the blanket and slowly started lapping off her juices,softly moaning with desire,she had not heard anyone enter the room as she was nearly asleep,she hadn't any plans of exploding,she only desired to taste the clean fresh juices that had leaked out,,she nearly jumped out of her skin when she heard the Queens voice,

"Oh you don't desire to wait for MY juices,girl? are you the woman you was referring to that you wish to please?" the Queen sharply spoke to her,,

before the girl could even think whether or not to answer the Queen,,,

she felt the immediate need to breathe,,the Queen had grabbed the girls throat while she was still flat on the slab,the girl could hear a rustling and then hand was removed from her throat just as the Queen squatted down on the girls face,,the Queens juices were pouring freely down the girls throat as her tongue instinctively lashed out in search of the sweet button that would allow the girl even more sweet juices from this woman who was climbing into her soul even before she had a chance to resist Her,

she felt the shudders and heard the groans coming from the Queen and knew that she would get to breathe air again,but she suddenly realized she had no desire for air,she only wanted more from this One that tortured her so,,

"fucking bitch" the Queen spat out as She got up and turned and walked away from the girl,

not even looking back,the girl was left dumbfounded with an even larger ache growing inside her,she fell into a restless sleep,,,