Guest stories

There Rests Still That Moment In Time

By Toran's soft

There rests still that moment in time
Held in restraints of the heart
Kept close in an wrapping of love
Where crowds on the pavement are silent
Clocks cease their chiming
When no noise jarred our senses
Except for our chorus of yearning passions
As bodies give up their boundaries
Exploration begins and we seek each other
Feeling love will not end till oceans run dry
Our river of joy runs gaily over the mountains
As souls plunge into these waters
And deep the river runs on
We ride the tide of our lovemaking
The sun and moon smiling their glory upon us
The echo of tears past spent is forgotten
As the fire of us burns bright and true
Clasped together at the edge of the world
With the love that takes us to the brink
Care-less hands, lips, eyes, and hands join
As we melt into one embrace
Spooned bodies rest and admit their ownership
Your loving fingers seek mine and hold fast
As time flies aimlessly by
And we lay gently down and sleep