Guest stories

The Rope (continued)

By morningstar (Warren)

It had been over two weeks since my Master had sent me the gift of the rope and had been to visit me. But today Master had arrived. With little or no ceremony, W/we proceeded up to my bedroom. There Master laid out the original rope, on the table. Then He had opened His case, and from it He had pulled coil after coil of rope. i was standing erect, naked, by the foot of the bed, hands behind my back watching, and with each new coil removed from the case, my eyes widened.

Finally Master turned and came to stand in front of me. i lowered my eyes and held my breath. Each new session with Master began this way, nervous twitches throughout my body. Each time Master came to me, it was like the first time.

He put His hand under my chin and tilted my head upwards slightly till He was looking in my eyes, into (it seemed) my very soul. "Are you ready?" He asked. i answered in almost a whisper " Yes Master". He picked up a small rope and wound it around my waist, tying it off in the back, a bit like a belt. i took a deep breath and held it briefly, letting it slowly leave my body, trying to rid my body of the tension that had formed.

i felt Master's strong hand on my back, pushing me down as He said "bend over, place your upper body on the bed, and spread your legs wide apart." i did as i was told, my ass sticking up in the air. Master reached for the lube and the small butt plug, which had two holes on either side of the base. Through these holes Master had threaded a rope. When He had finished lubing the plug, He then proceeded to lube my ass hole, making my legs go weak in the process. Slowly, so very very slowly Master started to slide the plug into me, twisting and turning it, knowing how embarrassed yet horny this made me. As it slid all the way in Master gave it one finally twist, and then said: " stand tall." When i stood upright again, Master took first one rope and brought it up sliding it through the rope at my waist, tying it off. Then He caught the second rope and repeated the procedure. Now the butt plug was firmly, securely in me. Master tugged on the ropes and i felt the plug move upward even still further inside of me, my heart pounded!

Master selected a bright yellow rope and turned towards me. He placed the rope around my neck, sliding one side down my belly till both ends were equal. Then as i watched, He wove a knot between my breasts. Master wound the rope under my breasts and above them, pulling the ropes tight. i felt as though i was struggling to breathe, my heart thumped loudly in my chest. The fear or was it tension?? was growing. Master said "lean over" and as i did, His hands firmly grasped my left tit and wound the rope round and round my breast, pulling the ropes ever tighter with each circle. Then He bound the right tit in the same fashion. " Stand up" He ordered. As i straightened up, i glanced down to see my breasts bulging out of the yellow rope, nipples erect, pushing forward, turning already a ruby red. i felt the blood pounding in my breasts, i watched as my milky white skin started to take on a dark pink colour, the veins visible through the skin. The rope was now being pulled over my shoulders and to the back. My hands, which were still clasped behind my head were being bound tightly with the rope. i could feel the blood fighting to circulate through the veins, to do its work. i could feel my heart beating faster, could feel the first trickle of sweat start to run down my chest.

Master stood back and admired His handiwork, a small smile lighting up His face. His hand adjusted a rope here, a knot there. i closed my eyes and breathed deeply feeling the ropes melding with my skin, with my very body. i heard Master move and i opened my eyes. He was picking up yet another rope, white this time. He moved to stand in front of me. He tugged upwards, hard, on the rope around my waist, causing the plug to move deep inside of me again. i moaned softly. Master threaded half of the rope through this rope belt that He had fashioned letting the ends dangle down. Master knelt, taking the rope in His hands He started to measure it against my body, against my clit. i watched as His hands tied knot after knot down a part of the rope. With each set of knots, He would pause and measure it against my body, knots pushing against my clit, working their way between my lips into my pussy, and then finally resting against the butt plug base. The rope was pulled out and knots would be adjusted, painstakingly slowly. Time seemed to stand still. i could hear the world outside the window going about its business; i could hear the soft breathing of my Master; i could hear the pounding of my heart, and i could feel the tightening in my lower belly. Finally Master seemed satisfied and the rope was fitted into me - literally into me! Each knot resting against a sensitive spot, rubbing against its designated area as Master continued to feed the rope through my legs and placing the last knot against the base of the plug. Then Master threaded the rope through the back of the rope belt. i could feel Him pulling it upwards, pulling the knots and rope tight into me. Then it was tied off tightly, as i held my breath, standing on tippy toes, afraid to relax, afraid of the knots, afraid of the rope, but most afraid of the feelings that were building inside of me.

i felt Master's hands touching my bound hands, stroking them gently, feeling the coldness. Master walked around me and stood in front me His hands caressing my now purple breasts, tugging on the nipples, twisting them, watching my face display pain and pleasure. Softly He whispers " everything OK?" i whisper back "Yes Sir".
Master kneels down and i feel His hands playing with the rope and the knots between my legs. It pinches and pulls and i whimper out loud. He stops briefly, saying softly: " be quiet, not a sound!" i bite down on my lip as He continues to pry me open, adjusting the ropes, feeling them bite deeper into me. Master takes a hold of my clit firmly and i feel Him pulling it outward, feel the ropes grabbing on to it, holding it tightly. Master's hands release my clit, and the ropes take over, holding it straight out from my body. The very air feels cold against it. Master's fingers tug on it again, and then Master flicks it and i jump back biting down hard on my lip to prevent crying out.

Master stands and moves away from me. My body is reeling from sensations, surely He must be finished now! But to my shock and surprise i see Master pick up yet another length of rope and return to kneel in front of me. "Legs together" He says. And i obediently close my legs together, feeling my little clit sticking outwards even with my legs tightly together. Once again a low moan escapes me. The tightness in my lower belly is now a burning need. How i want to feel His touch against my clit, feel His hands caressing me, feel some relief! But Master has begun to wind this rope around my legs. He pauses only momentarily to run His hand over my inner thigh, picking up the wetness there, raising His hand He says: " clean it off" and i bring my mouth down taking His fingers in my mouth. i run my tongue around them quickly, sucking them deeper into my mouth, moaning softly at the sweet taste of my wetness, licking them quickly clean, wanting so much more! But NO! Master returns to winding the rope around my legs weaving it over and under in the front each time, so that, when i dare to look down, i catch a glimpse of a pattern of knots running straight down between my legs to my ankles. My breath catches, it is a beautiful sight - this knotted rope down my legs. i forget i can not move - should NOT move! And i stumble. My Master is quick to catch me and hold me firm. He is finished now. And He stands.

Master moves to His case and removes two objects: the dreaded gag and a blindfold. He moves towards me and tries to place the gag in my mouth. It is more than i can handle. i shake my head, tears welling up in my eyes. Please i beg Him with my eyes. Please NOT the gag! Master's face takes on the stern look i have come to dread. Shaking my head i still refuse to open my mouth. He places the gag and the blindfold on the bed. He turns to me and with one hand grabs a handful of hair and pulls my head backwards, and with the other hand He pinches a nipple, twisting it hard between His strong fingers. The pain tears through my body and my mind. The tears run down my face. i plead with Him: " not the gag Master please!! not the gag. i hate the gag!" But His hands only hold me tighter and pull and twist more insistently. i slowly reluctantly open my mouth. His hand lets go of my nipple. i moan softly. His hand lets go of my hair, and i bring my head back up. He turns and picks up the gag. i open my mouth and He pushes the cock gag deep into my mouth, pulling the straps around my head, fastening it off tightly in the back. i fight to keep from gagging on this rubber cock that is hitting the back of my throat. i can not breathe. The ropes now are tightening their insidious hold on me. My breasts are pounding, my clit is throbbing, my hands and arms ache. The fear takes over my mind. It is so real i can taste it! The sweat pours down my underarms, down my chest and back. i can not breathe, i can not move. "Master!" my mind cries out, "Help me!" But my Master only places the blindfold over my eyes, turning my world black and dark - where fear loves to reside, where fear grows strong and lives!

i feel my Master lifting me gently and He lays me on my back on the bed. But my world is dark and devoid of most feelings. My body is bound by biting ropes and knots. There is no softness, no comfort - only dark fear. My body is now drenched in sweat. i can feel it running down my body as though i was working out in the noon day sun. My mind whirls, there is no peace! i struggle against the bonds that hold me. i care little that my Master may be watching. i am struggling against the fear that has taken over my world. i struggle - to no avail. There is no escape from the rope! i lie deathly still. i moan softly. My moans, my mumbled words are ignored. i struggle yet again, rolling this way and that, feeling the ropes digging into me even more, feeling the butt plug rubbing inside of me, feeling my poor exposed clit twitching as it were, for release, feeling my tits pounding, my hands numb and useless. i tire quickly. i lie still again. This time i take a deep breath and hold it. Slowly the breath hisses out of my nose. i need, crave the quietness in my soul. i take another deep breath and slowly let it flow from my body, taking with it some of the tension, some of the fear. i let my mind explore the feelings. The pain and pleasure mingling throughout my body. My heart starts to slow. The muscles relax. My breathing deepens and my mind flows down my body now. i embrace the feelings! the cock is my Master's cock now and i run my tongue over it as best i can, feeling the joy of pleasing Him. My breasts are now purple balls for His pleasure. My clit a throbbing button of pleasure that is His to give me! Now my breathing is deep and rhythmical. My mind floats along the ropes, weaving this way and that around my body. The sweat has dried on my skin and now the wetness is between my legs, running freely down me, soaking the ropes that bind my legs. i am His pleasure. He is my pleasure.

Suddenly i feel my Master's hands slowly untying the ropes that bind my legs. i am startled. How much time has passed!? i feel His strong hands removing the ropes that bound my legs. His hands travel down my legs massaging them, tickling the bottoms of my feet, making me wiggle. i feel Master's hand grasp my left ankle, pull it to the edge of the bed, fastening it there with the leather bed restraints. Then my right ankle is pulled to the opposite side of the bed and fastened tightly. Then i feel Master's hands on the blindfold, and suddenly i am blinded by the light of the room. How i wish i could rub my eyes! i blink furiously trying to clear my vision, to see my Master's face, catch a glimpse of perhaps a smile. i turn my head and see Master standing by the bureau, lighting a dark red candle. My mind can not grasp that the session is not yet over!!! "Not hot wax Master PLEASE!!!!" my mind screams out to Him. i roll my head from side to side trying desperately to show Him this is beyond what i can handle! Master's back is to me, He stands straight and tall and quiet, barely moving. He picks up the candle holder and candle and turns and walks towards the bed. my eyes are like saucers staring at Him, willing Him to blow the candle out, to spare me this! Master knows my fear of hot wax. Never before have W/we done it with me tied, and gagged. Always before i was allowed the security - the comfort of holding an ice cube, free from the gag so that i might beg Him to stop when it was too much for my mind or body. Master places the candle on the small table beside the bed. He reaches down and adjusts the ropes. His hand moves down my body till it reaches my exposed clit. He strokes it, pulling it, twisting it. Then He turns His head to me and smiles. i can not control myself, a primeval scream fills my head.

Master straightens and picks up the candle. i watch as He moves it slowly down the length of my body and then back up to my belly. i can not breath, my heart is pounding and my body trembles. i watch as the candle is slowly tilted on its side. i watch for what seems hours as the single drop of wax lengthens off the edge of the candle. Then i watch horrified as it seems to fall in slow motion down down down…. until i feel the hot liquid drop on my belly. i frantically twist and turn my body, trying to get away from the wax. The next drop lands without my seeing it just next to the first drop. My panic increases, i am moaning loudly, trying to beg Master to stop. i wiggle and twist and turn, arching my body, trying desperately to get out of Master's reach. Master stops and puts the candle down on the table. He turns to me. i see His brow creased with frowns. i don't care! My heart is pounding and my mind is exploding with screams. Master reaches behind the headboard and pulls out the arm restraints. Then He sits me up and unties just my hands. When my hands are freed, i reach out to my Master, grasping His hand, trying to plead with Him. Tears roll down my cheeks. Master firmly lays me back down on the bed and pulls my left wrist up and over, fastening the restraint around it. He moves around the bed and repeats the action with my right wrist, pulling the restraint tight so that i am now totally and completely spread eagle and unable to move on the bed.

i watch in horror as Master returns and picks up the candle. The candle is held directly over my belly and tilted once again. The wax pours off the edge of the candle dribbling down onto my belly. i scream into the cock that is tight in my mouth. Master continues to move the candle across, up and down, leaving red wax patterns across my belly. i watch in horror as Master's arm moves ever so slowly up my body, till it is just above my bulging tit. i watch as a drop of wax tumbles off the candle and i close my eyes and hold my breath as i feel the burning heat hit my nipple. My body arches off the bed, my eyes fly open, just in time to see more wax pouring down onto my breast. There is no time to focus my mind, no time to breathe, hot wax after hot wax patterns my breasts. Then Master stops, putting the candle down on the small table. He reaches out and strokes my face, leaning down He whispers in my ear: " you are doing well my pet! Now take time to focus, feel the heat on your skin, know it is heat I give to you, a gift!" i take a deep breath, i let my mind wander again, down my body. There is no pain, only a warmth that is spreading over my skin, as when the sun touches it. i breathe deeply, moving into this heat, not away from it, allowing myself to enjoy it. i open my eyes and look at Master, watch Him pick up the candle yet again, and this time i watch as His arm moves down to my exposed clit. i breathe even more deeply, even slower. i watch as the candle is tilted and the wax pours off the edge, feeling the heat hitting my thigh, feeling a pattern forming up and down, first one thigh then across my mound to the other thigh. Back and forth the candle moves creating its patterns, moving lower each time. Then i feel the first drop of wax hit my exposed clit and i moan loudly. But the heat is not pain, but pleasure, a gift from my Master. My mind relaxes into the heat, my body almost tilts upward a wee bit to accept this heat, this gift. The wax begins to harden across my body, tightening. My body is floating now, no not floating but soaring like an eagle across the morning sky - FREE!

Master lifts the candle to His lips and lovingly blows it out. He smiles down at me. i watch Him through half-closed eyelids. He sits on the bed beside me, His hand strokes my arm, my face, my hair. My body melts from His touch. i smile. Master leans down and whispers in my ear: " now how shall I remove all this wax from you?? Would you like to feel the flogger?" i nod dreamily. OH YES! the flogger, the joy of the flogger! Every muscle in my body is limp - it feels as though i am nothing but a rag doll. Master stands at the end of the bed and holds the flogger high so that i may see it. i smile and close my eyes as though to sleep. i feel the soft touch of the falls as they start their job of removing the wax and soothing my aching soul. Over and over they descend on my clit, my thighs, my belly, my nipples and breasts. My heart and soul soar again! My body burns from the kiss of the flogger, and i am content.

When Master is finished, He sits again at my side, quietly. i open my eyes trying to focus on His face. Now i long to touch Him, to thank Him. i am feeling such joy, such gratitude! There are no words that can express what i feel in my heart for this man, my Master!

After awhile Master turns my head and removes the gag. i gratefully work the kinks out of my jaw. He stands and moves to the bottom of the bed, releasing the restraints that held my ankles. Then the ropes that wound around my pussy and clit are removed quickly. Master then lifts my legs high and places them over His shoulders. i hear - long before i feel - the sound of a vibrator. Now my mind slides back down into the sound. i feel myself opening, wet and willing and wanting this. The vibrator slides slowly into my wet pussy. The vibrations hitting every nerve running inside of me, even the butt plug deep in my ass picks up the vibrations. It does not take long for my body to move with the movement of the vibrator, arching up to greet its entry, pulling back as it pulls back. i can smell the sweet musky smell of my wetness. i can feel my Master's body against my ass. i move faster keeping time to the vibrator, i feel the beginnings of my orgasm start as a fire inside spreading outwards. i look up at my Master and i beg Him: "please Sir, please! may i cum? please Sir!!!!" He watches me and then quietly says: "No I don't think so not yet! Hold it for Me !" i shake my head side to side, moaning from need. The ache is almost more than i can stand! Master slowly starts to move the vibrator in and out of me again. But now He is watching me closely, judging my need, my desire, and stopping when it grows too big. My mind is foggy and i can not focus - all i feel are the vibrations, the pounding blood in my cunt, the NEED! i feel every muscle in my body trembling from the strength it takes to hold back the orgasm. i plead again with Master: "ohhhhhh please Sir.. pleaseeeeeee may i cum?? " The only answer, a resounding "NO!" And the vibrator continues to move in and out of me, relentlessly. i have little control over my body now, it trembles as though with fever, shaking uncontrollably, fighting the orgasm that is threatening to over power even my Master's will. Now i cry out: " Master PLEASEEEEEEEEEE!" and He answers calmly: " what would you like?" and i am forced to answer Him, "please Master, please may i .. pleaseeeee may i cum!?" i am panting from the exertion! Master removes the vibrator and lays it on the bed. He looks down at me, a small smile on His lips. His hands stroke my legs, calming the trembling. Master says: "No you will NOT cum! you have been thinking only of your pleasure first !!! " i turn my head - i can not look at Him. i am a mixture of anger and resentment, and sorrow. i have only thought of myself?? My heart sinks. But my body aches, the pain in my belly is almost tangible. i moan softly.

Master leans down and whispers in my ear, " Now My pet, you will show proper gratitude to Me. He removes the wrist restraints and then moves to kneel over me, His strong legs resting against the side of my head. i feel the soft touch of Master's cock brushing against my lips. My tongue slides out and runs around the head of His cock, barely touching it, just teasing it. Then slower still my mouth opens, and my lips close over the tip of His cock, as though kissing it. My tongue moves around it, finding the wee hole, teasing it. Slowly my mouth sucks the cock deeper in, all the while my tongue is running around it, tasting it, teasing it. Master starts to move His cock in and out of my mouth, as my tongue runs down the hard line on the underside.. tracing it to the base. My mouth sucks on His cock pulling it deeper into me each time. Now the desire in U/us both becomes the driving force. There is no thought. Master's cock is sliding in and out of my mouth, faster and my tongue and lips caress it. Gently i bring my teeth down over His cock creating a friction - a teasing friction. Never forgetting my tongue working round and round, my mouth sucking harder, pulling harder. i feel the pulse starting inside my Master, feel His heart beating through His cock. i work harder and faster. My greatest desire to please Him, to thank Him, to satisfy Him! Then i feel the muscles in His legs tighten against my head, i pull Him deep into me, sucking all the harder, opening for Him, accepting Him, wanting Him, needing Him. And the sweet juice flows from Him into me and i moan aloud, my own body arching up, as though to take all of Him into me.

Master moves off of me and sits quietly, in the chair by the window. i dare not move. My eyes close. i feel the ache still deep inside of me, and i smell my musky smell filling the air. i lick my lips. i hear Master stand, and i open my eyes and look towards Him. He moves over to the bed and picks up the vibrator, saying: "you have pleased me. I will grant you a reward!" i smile at Him, and open my legs wider, offering myself to Him. Quickly Master thrusts the vibrator deep into me. My body arches up immediately welcoming this cock inside of me, wanting it, needing it !! It takes only one or two thrusts and i am once again begging Master, "Please Sir.. please may i cum!!! ohhhh god!! Master pleaseeeeeeeee!!!??" And quickly He answers: "YES! cum NOW!" and i explode - absolutely explode! My back arches up off the bed, and i seem to hang there impaled on this vibrating cock deep inside of me, as wave after wave crash over my body. When it is over i collapse down onto the bed, drenched in sweat. But i have no time to rest, Master starts again to move the vibrating cock in and out of me, fast and hard, and saying while He does: " cum again NOW!" and i do, crying out " THANK YOU SIR!"

Now Master throws the vibrator down on the bed beside me and i feel His fingers moving into me, searching for the "spot", the trigger. i know what He is searching for, and i know what He wants. i tilt my pelvis towards Him, pressing my back down onto the bed, opening my legs and cunt to His fingers. i close my eyes, enjoying the soft warmth of Him inside of me. i feel His fingers moving in and out and around, and there it is, THE FEELING, too difficult to explain, but i feel my body clamp down on His fingers, i feel the tightness almost pushing against Him. Then i feel IT, what Master wants! My juices erupt out of my body, spurting from me, covering His arm, soaking Him and me and the bed.

Master moves to sit beside me again. He slides His fingers into my mouth and i greedily suck and lick them clean, my eyes close enjoying the softness of His fingers, the sweetness of the juices. Master lies down beside me. His hands stroking my body, as His breathing and mine return to normal. With time, He slowly, lovingly releases me from the ropes that remain. Tomorrow the ropes will be washed and dried and tied into coils again, for the next time and i smile happily.