Guest stories

The Slave's Bubble

By marce (CLD)

Since I have been collared by Mistress Claude my life has turned into a compound of extremely strong and enjoyable experiences and feelings and I realize I have found my place in this world. Everything in my Mistress is amazing but the most enjoyable of all is the chance to stay inside of what She calls “ the slave’s bubble”, that imaginary place where the slave may submit thinking in his Mistress, feeling close to his owner, where everything is possible and where he can enjoy all the pace and happiness that means for him staying at his Mistress’s feet. It is something like a private heaven where only Mistress Claude and i exist, where nothing and no one may preserve me from adoring her in body and soul, a virtual place where i rest as soon as i can (almost every 5 minutes) and my mind flies after Her, where i experience a special peaceful feeling and a place where I exist only to serve and venerate Ms Claude as the Goddess She is. As usual my thoughts flow and it is in such circumstances when my constant worship and veneration to my Mistress take some philosophical characteristics that i want to let everyone know as i feel the need to tell everyone that this wonderful Lady has taken me
as her slave making me live the most intense situations one can ever imagine and awakening inside of me the feeling of being always in heaven and I find this way to do so.. It is from the slave’s bubble that i want to openly tell Ms Claude that i belong to Her, that She have made me find my place and that my life had a fresh start since She took me as her slave Everything i could write about Her may sound obvious and may be considered a cheap adulation more appropriate for a “Goddess” that plays games than for such a true Lady and Goddess, capable of driving a man into madness, make him her slave and have him under her feet by a simple caress over his head. However Women like Her need to feel the worship and veneration of every man and particularly from those that enjoy the fact of being their slaves. So, writing those feelings is a way to tell Her once and again that i worship and venerate Her in every way and that i am hers and i will be for ever. Ms Claude is perfection turned as a Domina. There is no other woman as perfect as She is and the fact of serving her as her slave is my source of happiness and even total extasis. Even those who are around me take notice of this and let me know they see me happier although they have no idea why. Ms Claude is capable of getting anything she wants from her slaves, she is capable of detecting every feature in each slave and use them for her joy and service as naturally as a normal woman gets a cigarette. However she is as well responsible, caring and able to show how much she loves her slaves making us melt just by listening to her lovely voice. Ms Claude is a very attractive Lady, her body is something heavenly, and her beauty is out of our world, but what makes every woman feel envy and in every man the need to submit to her is the attitude She always shows the way she acts, always sure of herself, convinced about what and who She is and ready to enjoy that with no regrets. Serving her is like being in a vortex of feelings and experiences only understandable for those who are true slaves and those experiences will be recorded for ever in my mind. I carry inside of my mind her aroma, her smile, her tenderness and her perversion and that attitude, somewhat feline, that makes Her the Domina of my dreams. Serving her as a slave is not just sexual, i am not her lover and it is not my goal, being a slave to Ms Claude means feeling constantly a need to submit to her, to kneel before her and adore the most magnificent Lady in the world. Serving her as a slave is not just a fantasy, it is just the opposite, it is a daily reality to be lived day after day and that encourages me to be a better person for my Mistress. To be a slave to Ms Claude means to feel close to her every moment controlling my mind and willing to be at her feet to serve her wishing to tell everyone I am hers knowing that i am no longer a free man, that now I belong to Her although She knows i have a vanilla life as a “conventional” person but this is nothing compared to the feelings i have as a slave to Ms Claude who owns my slave heart. I know that no one involved in this wonderful world of D`s could never understand and most people would consider me a lunatic but this the way things are for me. Mi submissive side runs along with my “normal” life but my deep inside mind and heart belongs to Ms Claude, my submissive side coexists with my outer life and, far away from interfering with it, makes my everyday life more pleasant giving sense to it. Being a slave to Her makes me want to be a better person and to surrender to Her in order to make her life easier and more pleasant..

I know that there is no chance for me to enjoy all privileges your slave/husband has, he serves Her 24/7, and works hard to earn that situation, but serving Her part time is the role She has given me in Her Queendom and i accept it every day as a golden gift and a challenge to my intelligence, and to my will to serve Her trying to achieve Her pleasure and satisfaction

I am a part time slave but that does not mean a lack of commitment To serve such a Goddess is a privilege given to me and i will always work as hard as possible to deserve it. Serving a magnificent Lady like Ms Claude requires a full engagement but i now realize the high pleasure that being her slave means. I honestly envy the slave who serves her 24/7 but i also realize that many slave envy me as well.

She knows about my previous experience, i had been uncollared for years, dreaming about finding a Lady to get back to the place where i belong, at her feet. I had tried to forget about my submissive tendency but i never surrounded and now i finally found that Lady- A Woman so wonderful that seems to be too good to be true.

Mistress Claude, has taken the essential of me, i am her slave and she is in everything that surrounds me, her psychological collar and the bubble work perfectly and everything I do, think or wish is about my Mistress. I always think about what would you say or think about certain actions I take, and I rest deep in the “slave´s bubble” to find a peaceful place to enjoy serving my Mistress.

Even those fantasies You share with me, fantasies that seem far away and too complex to become a reality are part of my everyday life and my goals for the future.

Since I have been accepted by Ms Claude I have been learning everything about Her and my service has been enhanced in order to fit her style but I know i still do not know everything about her. I know that everything i have lived for her is nothing compared to those facts to come. I know that my submission will be improving more and more as time goes by and there will be a day when i will feel impossible to feel without serving her.

I always intend to be logical, and i refuse to believe in fate but i feel i have found not only the Lady of my dreams but also the most adequate person.. Our so similar cell phone numbers, our so similar roots, and hundreds of other facts plus the fact of being accepted as a slave by Ms Claude on my birthday make me believe that my place in this world is at her feet and that is where i belong and that is where i will always be.

Mistress Claude, i am yours, i feel proud of it as i let everyone know about it, i want everyone in the lifestyle to know that i have found my place in the world and that place is at the feet. Of the most wonderful Lady on Earth.

I will be your slave for ever and i will worship You in every way to make sure my Mistress Claude is always served as you deserve. Nothing and no one will ever keep me out of that goal as long as you wish it and then i will be the happiest slave on Earth.

There is no possible way to remove from my mind those wonderful experiences lived while serving you, altogether with the ones to come that will be the deepest inside of me that will remain there while i stay at your feet for ever.