Guest stories

The Submissive Man

By Sweet Christi


He struggles daily..this pet of Mine

So tall…so proud…so very fine

Each lash across his fair behind

Fighting with his brilliant mind

His intelligence and submission war

Never allowing servitude to soar

He questions Me and My control

Never allowing peace to soul

Whips and chains binding self

But mind control leave little else

The battle within impossible to bear

He hits his knees, I stroke his hair

Servitude his ultimate goal

Painfully serving My control

Hes touched My soul as I have his

The fight with mind, means submission lives

But in the end, his intellect wins

Robbing U/us of O/our beautiful sins

I pray that peace finds his soul

But without submission, he will never be whole

He is the lamb that lost his way

But his release has stopped My say

He will wander confused and lame

I will move on…never forgetting his name