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Guest Stories

Three's A Crowd

Chapter 3

Jumpgirl Prettywater


The earphones' cord was all tangled up and Lucy couldn't help thinking about James' fingers forming knots all over her body at lunch break. But no, she was supposed to be pissed at him for now. All right, she'd ached a lot less than she'd feared right after the bondage session, barely feeling a little soreness when she'd straightened to her full height in order to reach an uppermost-shelf ring binder. And nobody had suspected anything, James having avoided her neck and wrists. But still. The whole set-up had pissed her off…

- Hey cutie pie, you want a ride?

The voice had an exaggerated southern drawl to it, but Lucy recognized it right away:
- Edward!

He was sitting at the wheel of his black SUV, the window rolled down. He dipped an imaginary cow-boy hat at her:
- That'll be me, Ma'am.

Edward had parked against the flow of the traffic and was thus right against the sidewalk. Lucy only had to bend a little to kiss him. The kiss was fresh and brief, and she straightened with a smile:
- What are you doing here?
- I came to pick you up.
- Are we going somewhere?
- Just my flat. Why don't you hop in?

Lucy circled the car, promptly stuffing the tangled mp3 back into her purse and got in. Edward rolled the window up, but didn't start the motor. Instead he asked in a husky voice:
- Have you still got marks?

He didn't wait for an answer but reached for her collar and pulled down to uncover her shoulder. Lucy couldn't see if she still bore marks, but she jolted slightly when Edward's thumb landed on a sore patch of skin. He then grabbed her arm and pushed the sleeve of her blouse up to above her elbow. There Lucy did spot two rings of rosier skin on her forearm, but only because she'd known where to look. Indeed, Edward seemed disappointed as he pulled her sleeve down again. He finally started the car and declared a bit gruffly:
- I want you to stay for the night.
- Okay. But I'll need to drop by my place for a few clothes.
- Don't worry, I've got it covered.

Lucy frowned:
- What are you talking about?
- Remember your date with James? You left me inside your flat with instructions to simply shut the door behind me. I decided to leave with an overnight bag. Didn't you notice some of your clothes were missing?
- Yeah, but I thought they had been misplaced during your sifting. Or rather my stuffing it all back haphazardly.

Edward laughed, then sobered up abruptly. Lucy had a flash of hindsight:
- You're still thinking about that picture. James said it would piss you off.

Edward nodded:
- That we share women doesn't mean there can't be a little competition now and then. The nerve of him! I knew he had that van fantasy, and was waiting for a new sub to come by. But I never thought he'd do it so soon! Damn, I wish I had been there!

Edward slapped the wheel with his palm. The lust in his voice made Lucy squirm her thighs, sensations awakening down there. She was whishing Edward had been there too… She softly suggested:
- We could do it again. Together this time.

Edward shook his head:
- It wouldn't be the same. But thanks for offering.

They started talking about their day then and, without surprise, Edward's turned out to be the most interesting one. He was some kind of construction engineer and started recounting his survey of a construction site that morning as they pulled into his street. He still hadn't finished as they entered the flat, since everything that could have gone wrong at this construction site basically did. Without straying from his quite funny story, Edward got them cold cokes from the fridge and they settled on the couch. Lucy was happy just to nestle against him and giggle periodically. She'd found back the sweet man who'd seduced her. Somehow, she'd lost track of him beneath the unveiled Dominant and avid threesomer. Not that Edward turning out to be a Top really surprised her. She'd felt his confidence from the moment they'd met. She'd waited for his swagger to turn cocky and crass, but it hadn't and somewhere around their third date she'd started to entertain the idea she might have found herself a real Dom. Only she'd found two...

-Why are you smiling like that?
- Your story.

Edward shook his head:
- No, your whole face changed. Tell me.

His tone wasn't different from before, but there was obstinacy in his eyes and Lucy found herself obliged to explain her train of thoughts. She concluded by complaining:
- You shouldn't make me say these things. I'm making a fool of myself.
- I think it's cute.
- I think you're cute.

Lucy groaned and hit her brow:
- Please tell me I didn't say that aloud? I'm hopeless.

She straightened away from Edward and made to stand, but he grabbed her arm:
- Where are you going?

Lucy sighed in self-pity:
- Back home. James' little game washed me up and I'm no good when I'm tired. My brain fires out erraticitally… I mean erra-ti-ca-lly.
- No.

Edward pulled on her arm, not that hard but taking her by surprise, and she sprawled over his chest. He grabbed her chin:
- I didn't say you could leave.
- Ho, 'cause now I need a permission?
-Yes. You stay until we're both finished with you.

Lucy's tone had been teasing. Not Edward's. She swallowed, feeling a lick of fire dance in her belly. She hesitated, not knowing how to answer such command. Edward simply shifted under her until they were comfortably nestled again, and said:
- So then Gabe asks: what about the buttresses? And, you're never going to believe it,…

As Edward's story progressed, he used more and more engineer slang. Before long, he was speaking what amounted to a foreign language to Lucy. But she said nothing, feeling too good to be bothered by such a trivial detail. She closed her eyes and let Edward's voice permeate her. Before long, she was asleep.

She was woken up by a shiver. But she sighed, scrunched up her face and reached back for the pleasant oblivion she'd been forced to leave. The shiver came again, and this time she identified its source as a small draft against her bare chest. Bare chest? Lucy's hazelnut eyes popped open and met Edward's blue ones just as he blew a third time over her breasts. He smirked:
- Wake up, sleeping beauty.

Lucy raised herself on one elbow and gazed around dazedly: she hadn't moved from Edward's couch, but she was now lying stark naked. She stammered:
-What? But how... I'm a very light sleeper! How?

Edward's smirk widened. He was evidently very proud of himself. He cut Lucy's babble short:
- Wasn't easy, believe me. But well worth the effort, if only for the face you're making…

Lucy reddened and she pulled herself uncomfortably into a sitting position, quickly bringing her legs up over the couch so she could hide behind her raised knees. Seeing her wrapping her arms tightly around them, Edward jeered:
- There's nothing I haven't seen yet...

Lucy's blush deepened and she looked away from him, peering around the room:
- Where are my clothes?
- In the washing machine. I had stuff to launder so I added them. You slept over an hour!

The reproach was only half-hearted so Lucy ignored it and said:
- But you've got spare ones, right?

Edward nodded:
- I do.

Lucy waited, but Edward gave no sign of getting up to fetch a new set of clothes. He only looked placidly back at her, his lips just ready to break into a smile.

- Is this... Are you setting up some kind of rule here?

Without knowing why, Lucy had spoken in a hushed voice. Edward used the same intimate tone to answer:
- No a rule per se, but James and I do consider clothes as optional for you.

Lucy buried her face into her knees:
- I... I don't do that.

Edward reached for her hands and began toying with her wrists:
- You do now.

Lucy stared at him intently, the newness of a BDSM relationship rendering her frightful and suspicious. Was this regular a regular Dom's attitude? Or a psycho's? Edward withheld her gaze in patient silence. She sighed and lowered her head again, this time in acceptance.

Edward kissed the top of her left knee and let go of her wrists. His hands caressed her shins down to her ankles. There he took hold of her heels and pulled them down until they rested on the ground, Lucy's knees opened just enough for her cleft to show.

- Is it another rule?

She had asked shyly, thinking of these masters who forbid their slaves to cross their legs in front of them. Still as quietly, Edward answered:
- No, I just felt like it.

His mouth curled into a light boyish grin. Lucy moved her head forward a few inches and kissed him, her lids closing by themselves. Since they had stopped holding hands, she brought them up and undid the first button of Edward's shirt. His hands were gently but swiftly back on hers:
- No, I'll be keeping my clothes on for now.

Lucy reopened her eyes:
- Because I want to make my own pictures...

Edward jumped to his feet and said back in his usual tone:
- Let's go.

He had kept hold of her left hand, and dragged her along merrily to his bedroom. Lucy discovered he hadn't only used her nap to undress her: Edward had also set up a professional-looking camera on a tripod and a spotlight, both facing his bed. Lucy trailed her fingertips over the big camera case, remembering the beautiful pictures Edward had showed her during that cuddle afternoon they had spent after their first night together. He had an eye for uncovering beauty in commonplace things such as gnarled trees and pigeon-stained statues by playing with the angles or with light and shadows.

Edward pressed a hand in the small of Lucy's back, steering her toward the foot of the bed. They sat together and his thumb on her back began rubbing circles.

- Do you trust me?

Lucy nodded solemnly:
- I really do. But you'll have to be patient. I've never let any of the others snap nudes.
- I'm not a stupid college kid. I won't e-mail my mates to show off what I've banged.
- I know.

She was the one to close the small space between them again. The kiss was filled with passion, but of the soulful and intimate kind. Lucy didn't know you could pour so much intensity into one simple kiss. She pressed her hands to Edward's chest, and together they toppled sideways on the bed. Not so things could move on to full-on sex, but because of a sudden need for closeness. She hugged the shape of Edward's body, even wrapping a leg over him so her pubes would mold his in the process of bulging crotch. In answer Edward trailed his palm over her cocked leg, grabbed the start of her buttock and pulled her in closer still. His lips crushed hers insanely but, instead of clouding with lust, Edward's gaze stayed sharp and almost impossible to withhold.

They stayed locked that way for nearly a quarter of an hour. When Edward finally pulled away, Lucy realized with a sinking feeling she was badly falling for him. She thought there was something in his eyes too, but he looked away for the first time in minutes and she couldn't be sure. His hand on her thigh stopped drawing her in, and began instead to knead her flesh. Her own arm had been resting on Edward's kidney, her fingers burrowing into the back of his shirt. She brought it up to brush back her hair from her face. Then she reached for Edward's cheek. It had been reclaimed by a short stubble, and she toyed with it, liking the grit of the bristle under her fingertips. She had never seen Edward other than closely-shaven before. The stubble made him appear tired and scruffy.

- Do you grow a beard sometimes?
- Not really. I had a go at it last winter though.
- Will you show me pictures?

Edward shrugged:
- If you want. But you won't like it; I looked like my father.
- I've never seen your father.

Edward cocked his head at her:
- Maybe you should come to the family dinner on Saturday then.
- Maybe I should.

Lucy fought the stupid smile threatening to appear on her lips and focused on the here and now. What if this had only been an off-hand comment on Edward's side? Surely he couldn't mean to introduce her to his parents when they had known each other for less than a month, and only been serious - a.k.a sleeping - for four days. But he sure was hard between her thighs, and he sure hadn't stop caressing one of them…

Almost as if to negate her romantic thoughts, Lucy brought her hand down to Edward's crotch, and opened his denim button. She had been steadily dripping for minutes, and the fabric was soaked with her own juice. She slowly lowered Edward's zipper, moaning faintly as the back of her hand touched her swollen lips. She fingered his taunt red boxer shorts, also wet but from his own eagerness. He growled in frustrated anticipation but said nothing. Finally, she slid a finger under the wide rubber band and pulled down. Edward's cock sprung aggressively at her, but she ran her fingertips over it almost reverently until it was resting on her skin and against the bump of her pelvis. There she laid her palm over its shaft and started rubbing up and down. A tear of pre-cum appeared over the circumcised gland.

Her mind filled by a sudden fire, Lucy stopped rubbing and collected the drop with her thumb. Then she brought her hand up, toward her right breast. A mere inch from her nipple, she froze. Edward grabbed her hand:
- Good. I really didn't want to punish you.

Edward's second arm had been under Lucy's shoulder, and she felt its loss gravely when he moved it away. She felt so much desire it could only be called lust, and every inch of contact with Edward mattered.

He used his other hand to steal the drop of his juice from her, then guided her wrist back down. Only when she'd cupped his member again did he let go, but kept his hand close in case he needed to intervene again. Up near her breasts, his wet thumb started to circle her nipple, then to toy with it, tweaking right above the threshold of pain. Lucy gasped but welcomed it, as it lessened the need to come inside her thumping clit. It did nothing for her general lust, though.

She rotated her hand on Edward's iron-hard member and extended her fingers, so that they could just brush against his balls on the way down. On the way up she rubbed her thumb over his glistening gland. His deep moan started half a second before his ejaculation, giving Lucy just the time to cup her hand over the top of his member. He squirted two long and hot jets, then rolled away from her.

Lucy rolled on her back too, because the semen was escaping through her fingers and across her belly. Edward sighed then got up with visible effort. Lucy watched him circle the bed until the left side bed table and pull a small hand towel from its large drawer. Kneeling on the bed, he moved back to Lucy and kissed her passionately while cleaning her hands and stomach. When he moved downwards, she thought her turn had come. Her engorged clit felt thrice its normal size to her, and she ached for release. But Edward only stepped off the bed and went to turn the spotlight on. Lucy remembered then with a sickening feeling why they had come to the bedroom in the first place. As he bent over his camera, Edward joyously explained:
- Above all, I want to recreate that moment before I got James in. I keep seeing you hanging from my canopy with your knees spread … Damn you were so hot!

Edward bit his lower lip in evident arousal. Perched at the end of the bed, Lucy said nothing, her shyness returned. She'd noticed for the first time the coil of silver chain at the spotlight's base.

- I take back what I said. Your pose's perfect for a first pic. Smile.

Lucy curled up her mouth self-consciously, and the camera snapped. She got up precipitaly:
- Let me see. Isn't too vulgar?

Edward caught her before she could circle the apparatus:
- It's okay. But the next ones will be great, I promise.

He bent down to grab the loop of chain, and Lucy shivered while he tied her hands together with the cold metal. But she followed him obediently back to the bed; and kneeled with her legs apart while he fastened the chain to the top of the bed frame. Cold air rushed on her tender skin and she fought the urge to clamp her thighs together and rub.

- Wider.

Edward's hands appeared over her knees, pushed and then where gone. He combed her hair a little, moved her locks one way then the other before taking a step back, exactly as four days before. He scratched his chin:
- What am I forgetting?

Blushing, Lucy let her lower lip fall a little, remembering how Edward had pushed her mouth open right before inviting James in. Edward beamed:
- Perfect. Hold it.

The camera snapped several times then Edward took it away from the tripod and started to circle her like she was a model.

- Haven't you had enough? Stop it.
- Just one more, kitten. Just one more.

But he had taken at least three close-ups of her breasts before she even had time to ask:
- Did you just call me kitten?

Edward's face peered over his camera, crossed by a boyish grin:
- I guess I have. Suits you, though.
- So James thinks I'm fat and you think I'm a pet!

Edward's grin widened:
- Look at it this way: feline but fledgling. As for James, he must have shit in his eyes. I guess this wraps it up…

Edward sat by her side and started pressing buttons on his heavy camera. He froze all of a sudden, his expression unfathomable. Lucy twisted in her bounds:
- Let me see! I knew it'd be a farce!

Edward finally un-glued his eyes from the screen and smiled:
- They're gorgeous. You're gorgeous of course.

He'd gotten up as he talked, and lifted a hand to the chain's fastening. As her hands came down, Lucy spat:
- You're lying. You just want to fuck me again.
- Since when do I have to lie to fuck you?

As soon as he'd freed her hands from the chain, Lucy dove for the camera and anxiously peered down at the tiny screen. It was displaying a full-body shot of her kneeling on the bed. Her hands had been pulled high enough to clear the top of her head but not tight so that her arms curved lushly, like those of an Indian dancer. Her face looked shy and lost, but her raised nipples and revealed cunt betrayed her arousal. She looked both helpless and highly sexual.

Edward's arms curved around her:
- Still think I'm lying?

Mulishly, Lucy tried:
- That's because the screen's too small. You'll see how botched they are in truth.
- I'd put them on my computer right now and prove just how wrong you are…but it's reward time…

Edward took the camera away from Lucy's hands and placed it safely down on the ground. Then he turned back to her and pushed on her shoulders until she lay on the bed again. He kissed her lips, her neck, her breasts, her navel… Then he placed a hand below her left knee and moved it aside, clearing the way to her cunt. As he used the thumb of each hand to push her lips aside, he mused:
- I hadn't looked down there properly yet…Like your lips, well proportioned. Oh, but look at it all hiding behind its tiny hood…

Lucy didn't like the way Edward was cooing at her clit, and tried closing her legs. But his hands were firmly in place and he pushed her right back open:
- Don’t you want your reward? Alright, I'll cut to the chase.

Edward hunched down and what Lucy had been waiting for almost since their first kiss happened: his tong inside her pussy.

He didn't disappoint her. His tong was supple yet firm, and he ran it everywhere with random pressure. When he had tasted the whole of her, he toyed with her clit for a few seconds but just when she was starting to get really responsive moved back down until her entrance. He poked several times, entering his tong further each time before running up her labia again, spreading her juice back to her clit. This time he struck at it seriously: licking it, nagging it, pressing it and sucking it so that it was almost too much. Lucy moaned louder and louder, her hands burrowing into the covers until she couldn't take it anymore and begged:
- Please, please: can I touch myself?
- You may.

Edward answered while gobbling at her button, and the sound-waves made her moan louder yet. She was too far gone for simple caresses and groped shamelessly at her breasts, pulling on her nipples. Between her legs Edward kept up the good work until she shrieked and convulsed, her thighs locking around his head.

But he didn't stop. He kept lapping at her clit in sharp bursts and within instants a second wave of pleasure engulfed Lucy, stronger and even more devastating than the first.

Only then did Edward withdraw. He moved over the bed until he was lounging beside her, lazily propped on one hand. He looked like these Romans Emperors being fed grapes on ancient paintings. Lucy panted:
- I didn't know… Wow. Just wow.

Edward smiled down at her in imperious smugness. Lucy smiled back, but shyly and said:
- What you said earlier was true: I'm only a fledgling compared to you.

Edward frowned, then remembered:
- Oh, you mean the kitten thing. Well, I guess I'll have to teach you then…

He was suddenly looming over her, and whispered wickedly in her ear:
- Lesson number one: there's no such thing as too much sex, kitten.

And with that, he reached at his zipper to free his engorged penis.


Lucy threw the drape away from her, but it didn't help. Neither did the fully-opened window. The trouble was Edward's hot body pressed against hers. She'd lost the habit of sleeping with someone, if she'd ever had it, and this night was especially warm. Yet she had to sleep, or she'd be a zombie at work tomorrow. She decided to take a shower to cool herself down, and she wouldn't mind feeling clean either. Edward had a go at her twice more during the evening and early night, and left her all sweaty and sticky.

As soon as the water was turned on, she felt better. Cheerful even. Edward had said so many lovely things today: Maybe you should come to the family dinner on Saturday - You're gorgeous - Kitten. He was into her, that much was clear. And since she had herself butterflies in her stomach every time she thought about him, this pleased her beyond imagining. What if… No, it would be bad luck even to think it! …What if he was The One? She giggled inside the shower, before starting to hum for no reason at all.

She was done soaping herself all over, and turned to put the shower-gel back in place in the small metal basket. Instead she screamed and let it drop, narrowly missing a pinkie. There was somebody standing behind the frosted shower door.

- I take it from the scream you've finally noticed me?

Heart beating, Lucy asked uncertainly:
- You're James, right? I didn't know you were back.
- Only for a few minutes.

Minutes? Lucy frantically tried to remember if she'd heard something but she hadn't been paying much attention and there had been the noises of water and humming. Even now she had to raise her voice to complain:
- You gave me the creeps! You could have called out.

Or stayed out of the bathroom altogether… But she didn't voice that second thought. James didn't even answer her first protest, only asked:
- Can you turn the water off?

She did it grudgingly, not wanting to have a conversation right here and now. But to her utmost disbelief, the shower door opened and James stepped in. He was naked and sported a mild erection. Lucy tried backing into a corner, but a shower cubicle only held little room for maneuver. James positioned himself under the shower head and turned the water back on. After a few seconds, he poured shampoo onto his hair and stepped aside, saying:
- Go on.

Lucy brushed past him hesitantly, making more contact than she'd have liked, and began rinsing the spare conditioner Edward had filched from her own bathroom cupboard out of her hair. She resented James' presence and kept her back to him, but she couldn't help bumping into him and being bumped into in return. Suddenly, James encompassed her in a bear-hug and pulled her close. His mouth hovered over her neck as he breathed:
- Do you know that the way you keep jerking your head is incredibly sexy?

Lucy was still under the jet of water, and he roamed his hands all over her body, clearing the soap away. Lucy leaned into his chest, overcome by her desire for him. All thoughts of Edward had vanished; the only thing that mattered anymore was James' hungry – and now thoroughly hard - cock pressing between her buttocks. One of his hands joined it, the other firmly holding Lucy below the breasts:
- And that ass… I swear I've never seen such a tantalizing one. Just the right size to be palmed too…

Keeping on handling her roundness, he nibbled at her ear. Lucy closed her eyes, rolled her head against his shoulder and asked almost painfully:
- Who are you?

James stopped nibbling and his hand on her ass froze:
- What do you mean?
- If we're not a couple, then who are you? What am I doing with you? I don't even like you sometimes!

Lucy suddenly felt like crying, hit by the bitter question of how Edward could be her One if he didn't mind her sleeping with his own twin?

James said nothing for several seconds. Then he stated simply:
- You don't need romance for a DS-relationship to work.
- I'm not sure I understand…
- You don't have to. All you have to do is submit.

James' hand journeyed from her ass to her pubes, sashaying into her slit until his middle finger was toying with her clit. Is voice was like molten perversion:
- Submit. I know you long for it. You crave shackles and reins.

Lucy's moan started as one of objection, before turning into pleasure as James' finger glided down and easily entered her juicier by the second vagina.

- Can you feel my power?

He had never loosened his grip on her, and his erection was if anything even more pronounced. But it was by adding a second finger that he made Lucy gasp:
- Yes!
- As long as you do, you'll be my sub and I'll be your Dom. That's who we are.

He resumed nibbling at her ear, his fingers pumping in and out of her. Could she do this? Fuck James when the man she really wanted was Edward? Oh but right now she really wanted James too… Lucy jerked her pelvis forward, but to no avail and cried out:
- My clit! Please, my clit!
- Be careful what you wish for…

James' thumb went for her clit, but he also inserted a third finger. She gave a strangled shriek and her eyes filled with tears. She was slumping into James more than she was leaning now. As he expertly worked her to orgasm, he declared:
- And when we're finished here, I'll take your ass again.