Guest stories


By Toran's soft

Outside my window you are a gentle shadow
Warm hints of a future
I breathe slowly…holding on to this time
Knowing the present is but a moment, a taste of eternity
I feel your strong embrace
Holding my heart gently in your hands
Safely guarding my soul
And I know the path I must follow
The waiting but a sweet painful reminder
That the future is you
You tease me in dreams full of visions
My mind racing to places it dares not wander
Where you are the light that guides my steps
The home that shelters me and keeps me safe
You are the fire of my life, my breath
The bonds that hold me
Your voice is my song, my whip
As you touch me deeply, passionately
Every nerve aching…awake
Drawing me to the edge
And I know you own me
You are my eternal Master
Then the fear grabs me
Swirling at my feet threatening to pull me down
Till you command me
And I close my eyes and imagine a time to come
When the waiting will end
And I will be wrapped in your sweet peace