Guest stories

Warm Tails


By Aurey


It was early August,even late evenings it was still very warm outside,,the girl expected her Mistress to arrive any minute,she had everything in order and double checked to make sure that her Mistress would be pleased,,things had to be extra special as the girl had been very cheeky to her Mistress lately and knew that she was gonna "get it" tonight ,,she had made a grilled chicken salad with home-made bread stix,not those things from the can,,the table was set with the bowl of salad was sitting in a larger bowl of ice to keep it cool and fresh,along with the mix of fresh cantaloupe,watermelon,honey dew melon balls,,she was naked and clean shaved as she knew would be expected and she waited with her head bowed kneeling to the side of the front door on a small pillow,,she wasn't sure of the time but knowing her Mistress was always prompt,,she knew her wait wouldn't be much longer,just as she finished that thought the door opened,she trembled hard without looking up she knew it was her Mistress in the doorway,she could feel Her eyes raking her flesh,which caused her to lightly shudder in anticipation,a slight dread yet excitement,as she knew not what the evening held in store for her,,she felt a hand rest gently on her head which she knew then to drop and worship her Mistress,she leaned forward gently kissing each sandal foot of her Mistress,wanting badly to kiss each toe but knowing that was a privilege she hadn't earned yet tonight,she heard her Mistress command for her to rise,slowly on shaking knees she stood up,keeping her head lowered inhaling her Mistress' scent as she rose,her cheeks had flushed being so very near her Mistress,quietly clearing her throat she greeted her Mistress

"Good evening ,Mistress,Your beauty and aroma fills the room and causes my heart to race with desire to please" she said softly

"and that you will,girl" her Mistress said gruffly,,she could feel her heat increasing between her legs as she softly gasped,,the girl started to turn to go to the table to serve her Mistress Her meal when she was suddenly pulled back by her hair,she stopped in her tracks and went to her knees,,opening her mouth to explain her motions,she was cut off with her Mistress' voice saying "GIRL,were you given permission to leave My presence? " the girl shook her head just before she remembered her Mistress always expected a verbal reply,she started to say no Mistress when she felt the stinging slap of her Mistress firm hand across her face,,

"girl,you know what is acceptable to Me,dare not attempt anything else that is not! " her Mistress spoke through a clenched jaw,,humbly the girl said "yes Mistress,i beg forgiveness"

"oh,girl,you will beg for more then that before the night is over " she could hear the delight in her Mistress' voice

"Rise girl" again she slowly stood up still keeping her head bowed,,she felt a hand caress the side of her face where she knew the red hand-print was,,she closed her eyes relishing the touch of this lovely Woman,and then she felt the soft luscious lips of her Mistress on hers,,she felt as if she was being devoured,being pulled into those warm loving arms her passion was consuming her as much as her Mistress was,,her head spinning she felt herself being turned and her bottom swatted as she was dismissed to serve her Mistress,,Her meal,,

the meal was quiet as she stood behind her Mistress gently rubbing Her shoulders and back while She ate,,the girl having already eaten earlier so she could devote more attention to her Mistress,while her Mistress enjoyed the fresh assortment of melon balls the girl dropped to her knees massaging her Mistress' feet,,her Mistress parted Her legs so the girl moved into position as she had been trained,,between her Mistress' legs under the table,,she kissing up each leg slowly,nibbling Her flesh along the way to Her thighs,first the outside then the inside of each leg,she saw her Mistress slumped down a bit in the chair allowing her to kiss further up Her thigh,,the girl paused for a moment seeing her Mistress had no panties on under Her summer dress and softly moaned,,she felt her Mistress' fingers intertwine in her hair and pull her face forward,,the girl gasped as she inhaled her Mistress' scent and dove her face into that hot wet pussy that lay waiting for her,,she could taste the sweet nectar of her Mistress and moaned,,her tongue dancing around that clit as it swelled,,her Mistress grabbed her hair tighter and started grinding Her hips into her face,,the girl knew that her Mistress' clit was aching for some attention but enjoying teasing her Mistress she let her tongue move all around that clit but never lashed at it,she extended her tongue out and drove it into her Mistress's' pussy lapping up all those juices,her nose brushing against the swollen bud,her Mistress moaned and gruffly told her "get that clit now Bitch!!" and shoved her face harder into Her,the girl smiling wickedly continued to tease her Mistress and didn't touch Her clit at all,,suddenly the girls head was yanked up causing her to hit the underside of the table,,she was pulled out from under the table by her hair,,whimpering she clung to her Mistress' leg

"so you want to tease Me,do you? well then turn about is fair play,you shall NOT cum tonight ,girl,under no circumstances,understand? "

the girl moaned and whispered out "yes Mistress" now regretting the wild hair she got to tease her Mistress,,like a flash the girl found herself on top of the table,everything had been moved out of the way,,must of been done while she was enjoying her Mistress' hot pussy,,,

"be still,and don't you dare think to cum let alone ask!!"

the girl closed her eyes and whimpered "yes Mistress"the girl felt her Mistress hand caressing her thighs just before the stinging slap of Her hand,slightly flinching the girl remained silent as she knew any protest would only further her Mistress' anger

"watch Me,girl,,open those eyes and let them not close again,understand?"

the girl opened her eyes and quietly said "yes Mistress,so sorry,Mistress" with that said the girl saw Her hand come down stinging the other thigh,,silent tears sprang to the corners of her eyes as she heard her Mistress tell her to turn over on the table,,she rolled over holding onto the sides of the table,her legs hanging over the edge,her toes barely touching the ground,,she heard her Mistress leave the room not sure where She was going,,and came back a few minutes later,,the girl turned her head trying to see what was in store for her just as she felt the SMACK of the solid wood paddle on her ass,,again and again the paddle rained down on her ass,,moaning and whimpering ,tears streaming freely down the sides of her face,,she knew from past experience this was only the beginning and her ass was on fire,,she felt the cool flesh of her Mistress legs touch her fiery ass before she felt the tip of the hard cock strap-on of her Mistress,,,she moaned knowing she was getting close to cumming already without the stimulation of that cock fucking either her cunt or ass,,,she could feel the hard tip of that cock rubbing back and forth in her heat and she groaned wiggling her ass,,,her Mistress chuckled

"you are such an ass whore,aren't you,girl? your ass loves to be fucked so much that it aches for this cock,doesn't it?" she moaned and whimpered out "yes Mistress,my ass needs to feel You"

"very well then girl,it shall"

she prepared herself for that cock ramming deep inside of her,when she was greeted by her Mistress' hand hard on her flaming ass cheeks,,she moaned,

then suddenly she feel the burning in her ass that she so loved,,trying to relax she moaned and cried out thank You to her Mistress,,her Mistress pounded that ass with that cock until the girl was nearly ready to explode,her Mistress knew the girl well and withdrew the cock just in time,,the girl whimpered and wiggled backwards trying to not let the cock escape,,she had moved back off the table nearly all the way,her ass chasing that cock,,which her Mistress knew exactly how to get her back up on the table with Her flogger,,whipping the back of her creamy full thighs the girl lunged forward onto the table ,trying to get away from the lashing bites of the flogger,,once there she became still again as did the flogger,her breathing in pants as her thighs blended with the burning on her ass,,,she felt something round and cold being rubbed on her ass cheeks just before being pressed into her pussy,,she moaned careful not to move for fear of cumming,,oh my god it was so close,she knew much more and she would disappoint her Mistress by cumming,,three or for times she felt the coolness on her ass sliding down into her cunt,,she was told to climb all the way onto the table and turn over,,her ass felt sticky on the table and the hardness of the table making it uncomfortable on her ass and thighs pressing against it,she could see the wonderful curves of her naked Mistress leaning over her,those luscious soft lips making a trail up her legs onto her tummy and up to each nipple,,she moaned feeling every inch of Her,, throbbing with desire for her Mistress to lay upon her but that was not to be at this time,,her Mistress kissed her neck,biting it hard enough to make her wince,leaving Her mark for Her girl to carry,

"you are owned,girl,make no mistake on Who owns you,girl !" was hoarsely whispered in her ear,breathlessly she replied,"You,,Mistress,only You,Always You"


She then kissed Her girl passionately,taking her very breath,,She then moved back to the chair at the end of the table between Her girls legs,and began to tease Her girl as She was teased earlier,,the girl whimpered and moaned louder,griping the table ,knowing any moment she would burst,,her Mistress' tongue danced around her clit causing her head to roll from side to side moaning,then she felt it,that wonderful tongue slipping deep into her cunt,like a little dick fucking her,she felt the round objects being lured out of her by that amazing tongue,she then realized it had to of been the melon balls she had fixed earlier,,hearing her Mistress' moans and smacking lips she started to beg for mercy,to be allowed to cum,,she felt the stinging hand of her Mistress across her breasts,and then that tongue began its assault on her clit,,it was so swollen and hard,each stroke of that tongue brought her closer to the edge,she cried out just before she could no longer hold back,,there she was at the edge one breath on her clit and she knew she couldn't last when her Mistress pulled back and climbed on top of her and straddled her face,,oh my god the juices that poured on her face,dripping down the sides of her cheeks,she grabbed her Mistress' hips and started sucking and licking Her clit as a starved animal would with their first kill,,she felt the familiar shudder of her Mistress' body as She came over her face and into her mouth,,the girl lapped every ounce of those sweet creamy juices moaning when she faintly heard,

"cum now ,girl if you must"

the girl was torn,yes she could very well cum this very instant but she was commanded earlier under no circumstances was she to cum,,moaning louder sucking her Mistress dry of all nectar the girl held back her own need to release,,seeing this her Mistress smiled and lay down next to Her girl and softly kissed her lips,pleased with Her girl,She whispered "Aye,yes this girl is truly owned by Me,and as a reward for her behavior,this girl shall be allowed to cum as many times as she desires,next time,,,but for now,she will continue to ache for Me,and know that I am her Only" She then reached down into a bag sitting on a chair next to the table and withdrew a silken collar with a single diamond chip in the center,and wrapped it around Her girls neck and fastened it snugly,,the girl snuggled into her Mistress' arms beaming proudly lightly kissing Her neck,still feeling the warmth on her tail.