A Biker's Party

By Maître Pierre

The phone call indicated to me that my presence was needed in an old abandonedwarehouse scheduled to soon be demolished in the Montreal port. When I got to premises, I could see that obviously the place itself is a safety hazard. A part of the roof has collapsed...

I enter the building and go, as instructed, to the part of the warehouse with the roof still intact. There are lots of debris and old wood piles, and according to the instruction, I try to hide behind one and get as comfortable as possible.

About fifteen minutes into my wait, I see Mister "M" with Madame "F" entering the warehouse. With them are two bodyguards. I see them going behind another pile of wood close to the one I am hiding. To be safe, and because I know how good the bodyguards are, I step away from the pile of wood to reveal to them that I am there. One of the bodyguards, with a nod of his head lets me understand that he knows that I am there. Now reassured about my own safety, I go back to my uncomfortable hiding place and wait.

I don't have to wait a long time. Suddenly, I hear a "vroom" and see manylights approaching. The sound is deafening. They are bikers on their noisymachines entering the warehouse. They stop in the middle of the warehouse. On the back of their jackets, I recognize one of the emblems of a criminal gang from the city. These are very dangerous people.

They stop and park their motorcycles in a circle, to light the middle of thewarehouse with their headlights. Then they climb off of their machines and start making disgusting jokes between them. Some of them even have little bottles of booze they drink from and a few are passing around joints. They seem to be waiting for something or someone.

After a couple minutes, another noise.... I can see the headlight of another motorcycle. When the motorcycle stops, a little ways from the other bikers,

I can see two silhouettes mounting the bike. The second silhouette is without a doubt, a woman wearing a very short skirt. The two riders unmount the motorcycle and remove their helmets. When they get near the bikers in the circle of light from the headlights of the bikes, I recognize the blond hair of one of the young male dominants working for my employer. He gets near the bikers and tell them something I cannot hear, then he walks back to his bike, on which he sits without another word. The woman, walks to the center of the light circle, in the middle of the biker group.

I recognize her. She works for my employer too! She is wearing a very tightdark cotton skirt. She removes her leather coat that she throws to the young male dominant sitting on his bike. With the short skirt, she is wearing a thinblouse because I can see through it that she is wearing a black bra. Thigh-high motorcycle boots complete her outfit.

She walks toward the bikers that are now quiet. The mood is very tense. Shesays a few words to what seems to be the leader of then biker group, words I cannot hear. The leader answers by the negative, which provokes a strange reaction from the woman. She looks at the leader and without warning, spits in his face!

The reply is instantaneous.

From the back of his hand, the leader of the group hits the woman's face, throwing her to the ground by the sheer strength of his hit. Two of the bikers, obeying a sign from the leader, walk toward the woman laying on the ground. They turn her on her back, and immobilize her by holding her wrists and her ankles.

I turn my attention to my employer hiding behind another pile of wood. I am ready to get involved but, to my surprise, one of the bodyguards signals me to stay still and quiet! I look at the woman's companion on his bike, but he is not moving either, and is looking bored....

Surprised, I remain quiet and look at the scene...

The leader of the group is moving towards the woman who's being held by the two other bikers. I cannot hear what he is saying to her but I understand exactly what his intentions are when he violently tears the woman's blouse, showing the woman's black bra. Reaching into his pocket he takes out a jack knife and opens it. Using the tip, he slide the knife between the woman's breast and under the bra, with a quick twist of his wrist, he cuts the bra, freeing the woman's beautiful breast. The skirt does not offer much resistance to the leader.

While the leader of the bikers was taking care of the woman on the ground, the other bikers of the gang were moving closer to look at the action. The leader of the group, after saying a few jokes that the other bikers laugh at, undoes his pants and starts to rape the woman who cannot defend herself, being held by the two other bikers. The cry of the woman does not seem to disturb the group or the leader who seems to be taking all his time. When he is finished, the leader gets on his feet and pulls his pants up. Without a word, he goes and sits on his bike. The others, who obviously were waiting for the opportunity, jump on the poor woman to get their own pleasure. They all rape the woman, taking turns. When one is raping the woman, the others take advantage of the woman's breasts or mouth. When one is fucking her, she has to suck another while somebody else fondles her breast.

All get their fun. All! Except one that I didn't notice in the dark. When he moves into the light, his look is very scary. One of his eyes has a patch on it and even from the distance I am hiding, I can tell that this is a huge man. The woman, now alone on the ground seems to try to make herself smaller at the sight of this giant. The huge biker moves very slowly towards her, a smile on his face....a bad omen. When he is near her, the woman tries to escape by crawling on her belly away from him, but without a word he takes her by the hips and raising her from the ground, with violence, penetrates her and starts to rape her. Often we will reference of the act of making love being a beautiful dance done by a loving couple. Here, there is nothing beautiful about it. It is simply an animalistic ugly act. The woman, having no more strength, is no longer able to yell or cry. When the big biker is finished, to my relief, he simply lets go of her, dropping her like a potato sack on the ground.

Now standing on his feet, he gets near the woman's head and without warning, starts to urinate on her. She tries to hide her breast, her face and her pussy from the pee, but the big biker does not spare her. From my hiding position, I can hear the other bikers making obscene jokes to the big one eyed biker. He answers them with a joke and without even looking at the woman on the ground at his feet, he does his pants up and walks toward his bike.

This seems to be what the others were waiting for because they all start their machines and in a very noisy column they go through the exit, disappearing from our sight.

I turn my eyes toward the woman laying on the ground. The young biker who brought her is still sitting on his bike, not moving, looking bored. I turn and look toward my employers....nobody moves, They all are waiting. From thecorner of my eye, I see the woman on the ground moving. I look. I see hertrying to get on her feet, not very steady on her legs.

A big laugh!!!!

I look around to realize, after a long moment, that it is the woman who islaughing. The young biker, jumps from the bike and looks into the bags on thebike. He gets a small blue package and throws it to the woman who catches it. She undoes the package and unrolls it. It is a full blue overall made of a unknown material. With the other hand, she removes the pieces of her skirt and blouse. She is fully naked now. Even with the urine and the dust on her, I can see that she is a very beautiful woman but my time to admire her is very short because now she is finished removing the old pieces of what she was wearing before and now she is slipping into the overall. While she is getting dress, I can hear her making jokes about the size of the equipment of some of the bikers that raped her.

The young biker, after laughing at her jokes, gives her back her leather coatthat she puts on over the overalls. She gets on the bike, behind the youngbiker who has already started the bike. The bike leaves with a squeal of its tires.

When they are out of sight, I turn my eyes toward my employer and theirbodyguards. They are already leaving the place. Without a word, I join them and together, without a word, we walk toward the exit of the old warehouse.

When we are out, they get into a big limousine that has been waiting for them. Me, I start walking toward my car that is parked a good distance from the warehouse.

When I get home, I write my report to Miss F and Mister M.

The witness