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TPE Or Total Power Exchange

By Traci Duncan



I don't know exactly how to start this off so I guess I'll start with a definition of what TPE is. TPE is an acronym for Total Power Exchange. This exchange happens between two people and means that one person completely, utterly and totally makes themselves "one" with the other person. This happens most of the time in an M/s relationship. The slave will completely give themselves to the pleasure of their Master. Giving this power and control over means that the Master can do anything at any time and the slave can't stop it. I'm in such of a relationship.

TPE for me is like a paradise. Its a safe haven from those who want me harmed in some fashion. My Master has helped block off these negative thoughts and has helped make the stress levels lessen. But this is something very extreme. To get this haven, I had to give complete control over to him. This requires a lot of trust because you have to realize if the person you're going into a TPE with is really worth it. I trust that my Master isn't going to abuse the power that I've given him. Well, in TPE, there really isn't abuse but you get the picture.

TPE isn't for everyone. Its a complex thing that requires trust above all things. There are no limits. There are no safe words or rules to follow. The Master has all of the control and the slave is just that, a slave. His/her only focus is to please their Master. Everything they do should make them feel like their doing this job. Every breath, every bite eaten, everything. The slave's life is in the hands of the Master and the Master can do as they wish with this power. From changing physical appearance to changing mentality on something. This is all at the disposal of the Master.

My TPE relationship is different. Most would say that we're just in an M/s relationship but its not like that. I've given complete control over to my Master and he has the final say in everything. Yet, he does allow my opinion to be said. He wants to know my input on some things before he does them. Its his way of letting me still feel like a person but have control as he can change my opinions whenever he wants to. And I let this because once again, I trust him with these decisions.

We talked about it multiple times because he wanted to make this utopia for me. Away from all of the negative things that my family and others have put me through. It still happens yes, but it doesn't effect me the same way. And this is because my Master tells me that what happens while he's not around that is considered negative won't affect me. We've tried to make up rules but they don't happen because they can change drastically because he has control.

A little glimpse into what my portion of the life is like. I honestly exist to take care of my Master. His pleasure is really my only concern. I still care about eating, sleeping, bathing, you know, the essentials but me taking care of him and taking care of the essentials for me pleases him. He takes care of everything else though. Money, bills, etc. He allows me to have a job at my request but this is only temporary. He also lets me still go to college and be with friends. But I have to be ready to drop everything when he tells me to do something for him. If I'm not doing something important, I'm to respond immediately to any command. But I don't mind it at all. This lets me focus on one thing and not many things at once.

But like I've mentioned mentioned multiple times, this isn't for everyone. You may think you're ready to go into TPE but please realize you're going to be giving everything up (slave) or taking care of every little detail of the person's life except for the essentials (Master). And by essentials I mean, when the person wakes up, goes to sleep (most of the time, you'd probably want to discuss this with each other), eating, bathing, and breathing. You will want to discuss this heavily with your partner before you plunge in. I'm dead serious. It takes A LOT of trust with each other to do this.

So in conclusion, TPE is only for truly dedicated and trusting people. Heavy discussion is needed and you have to be ready to give up a lot of things. I was lucky and got a Master who allows me to have opinions and to express them but not every Master/Dom is like that. I press this one thing, you need to talk. Put everything out on the table and be open minded when discussing it. Doms, don't do this just to basically have a sex doll at your disposal. Have a good reason. Slaves, be sure to let your Dom/Master know exactly how you feel about it. You could like the idea of them having complete control but others don't like that idea. Be completely, honestly, open about it.

Like anything else I write, this is just an opinion. Do your research before divulging.


Traci Cournoyer


A note from Pierre and Catharine:

This is a wonderfull article about the belief of Traci and her Master Wolfy.

As you all know, Catharine and I strongly believe about the usage of a safeword in any relationship. Our reasons are explained in many articles on our site.

We asked Traci: "Why no safe word?"

Her answer:

The reason for no safe word is because when in TPE, you have no limits anymore. The Master can change you how He/She sees fit. Some TPE relationships may still use a safeword as each is different but in mine and Master Wolfy's, it was agreed no safeword. But we also had analyzed what has been done in the past and well, we found that there really was no need for one for us. And like I had mentioned before in the document, its a complete trust thing.

We, of course, disagree with Traci, but, BDSM is different for all and for them, if it work, it work!

Thanks again for this wonderfull article and we wish you, Master Wolfy and traci, hapiness and fullfilness in your BDSM relationship.


Pierre and Catharine



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