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No Hits Zones And Pressure Points

By Maître Pierre



This is the first of many articles on this subject.

This is the basic, so, let's try to make this simple.

In S&M scenes, it is normal that a player, with time, will do scene that are more and more daring and dangerous. Let's face it, the S&M part in BDSM is one of the components of BDSM and the danger is real.

But don't go crazy when you read this, because there are other human activities that are as dangerous as S&M; sports for instance (football, hockey, soccer, boxing….) In these sport, one of the reason that they can be done safely is because the players in these sports are usually trained to recognize dangerous conditions and to stay away from these situations.

In sports, there are organized groups and manuals to do such training.

In BDSM, there are none.

Like everything else in BDSM, the way people do there S&M scenes is personal and different. It is impossible to give general rules to avoid 100% of dangerous situations.

Instead, in this article, I will try to tell you how to recognize these dangerous situations. I may, if possible, make suggestions to make your scenes more safe, but, you are the only one who can make your scene to be relatively safe. And yes, both Dominant and submissive have their part in this. (or top and bottom)


No hit Zone:

The title says it all.

The human body is an amazinge machine. I, for one, am amaze to see how much abuse a human body can take.

When a new BDSM adept start in his or her journey in S&M and get involved in his first S&M scene, usually, the plays are soft but, after a while, this new adept get more sure of himself and his scenes become harder.

This is when things are at it most dangerous point. The adepts, more confident about his "craft", starts to take more chance in the scenes. Yet, not having the experience in what are the dangers and not having the experience needed to "better read" the submissive, this is often where that adept build his or her experience by making mistakes. If the adept in question is lucky, nothing serious will result from his or her mistakes. But just counting on luck is not enough.....

Just knowing that there are such things like parts of the body that are more fragile than others is already a good thing. But knowing which part of the body are the most at risk is the key to be able to play harder and not to take too many risks.

These fragile part of the body are call "no hit zone"


Pressure points:

Pressure points are in bondage what "no hit zones" are in S&M.

Bondage is very erotic. If done lightly (no serious bondage), it is just a kinky sex game, but, when people starts to get in serious bondage, this is an issue.

"Pressure points" is not the right expression to describe the following, but, no other words exists to describe this. So, in the context of a bondage, we will use this terminology.

Officially, a "pressure point" is a a place on the body where there is an amount of nerves close to the surface of the body. People in martial arts learn where these points are, so they can use them in their fight. If someone hit the right spot (the pressure point) the "victim" get to be disable either from the pain or by the simple fact that the message from the brain cannot reach the muscles that are connected by the nerves.

In a bondage situation; the term "pressure points "is use to describe part of the body where it is dangerous to do bondage. Nerves can be permanently damage by a bad bondage, yes, but blood circulation is the real problem!

Like in S&M, where there are "no hit zones" in bondage, there are "pressure points "that must be respected.

Being aware that there are parts of the body that can be damage during a BDSM scene or even worst, is already a good start. When you play, keep this in mind.

In this part of the website, like some other part of our website; this will be a work in progress for a long time, while we keep adding information about no hit zone and pressure points.


Maître Pierre


No Hits Zones part 2



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