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Jules' Play Space

By Maître Pierre



An iron cage in a shape of a human


Jules is retired

..... and Jules has never been so busy!!!!

Before his retirement, Jules was making a living as the owner of a small business specialized in concrete and metal. With his retirement, his workshop too is retiring...... but not for Jules!!!!

A few years ago, Jules and his partner Julianne had shared a dungeon in the south of Montreal, but, the building was sold and Jules had to move all is equipment to his warehouse. "The Dungeon Of Julianne And Jules"

Since his retirement, Jules keeps busy by doing small jobs and the transformation of his workshop into......his BDSM play space!!!

He doesn't need that must space for his workshop anymore, so Jules has moved all his tools and industrial equipment into a smaller space freeing all this space for his play space.


An industrial workshop with BDSM equipment

An industrial workshop with BDSM equipment


Beginning of spring, while we were visiting (social call), the workshop was being use as a warehouse for all his wonderful toys because,.... you see, Jules play space is outdoor too!!!!


A St-Andrews cross installed on a wall

A space surrounded by a high wall

A fram with hanging chains

A cross with hanging straps


Maybe playing outdoor worry you?

Jules has the solution.....just continue your visit!(click here!)