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Public Play

By Mistress Catharine

Public play is something that I enjoy as both a Domme and a submissive. It excites me and adds a dimension to play to know that you are being watched by people who may be getting turned on by it..

Maitre Pierre and I had a submissive who was made by a previous owner to walk around a McDonalds in tight clothing with an erection.. although humiliation is probably my favorite thing as a Domme.. Maitre Pierre and I would NEVER order a submissive to do this. Why? Because there could be children (and probably were) about.. and that is not acceptable. Because no children are to be involved in any way whatsoever.. it narrows down considerably the places that public play can be done.

Where to do public play?

Fetish nights and "fetish" bars:.

    These are not places where most serious bdsmers would enjoy playing. The atmosphere is often not respectful, nor safe in my opinion. There are rarely competent dungeon masters about, (who would keep onlookers back to a safe distance for instance). We have heard many horror stories, two in particular that were straight from the horses' mouth.. where an onlooker who was not known to the couple, stepped up and took a whack on the sub. There is usually not enough room dedicated for playing, so the onlookers are too close.

    The people who go to fetish nights and bars.. are often not bdsmers at all.. they just like the look of latex or the fashions. This is not the "audience" that I am looking for when playing in public.. I want likeminded people who are enjoying what they are watching..I don't want to be a person's Friday night freak show. I don't want somebody thinking.. oh my god.. that poor girl is being abused.. or what kind of sick shit is this? BDSM is a lifestyle for us..and we enjoy playing around other lifestylers.. or at least people who have some concept of the basic lifestyle fundamentals such as safe, sane and consensual.

Private Clubs:

    Depending on how these are run, they can be great or pretty much the same as a fetish bar .. there is one club in Ottawa that we are particularly fond of. It is well run, and it's regulars on bdsm night are like minded, respectful bdsmers. There is a club here in Montreal that is pretty much just a bar.. with private club gimmick that attracts the fetish dresser crowd. Here I will add that I enjoy seeing latex, pvc, spandex and leather fashions very much… and in fact these are a fetish of Maitre Pierre's.. but we don't confuse people who have clothing fetishes with bdsmers.. cause they are not always one and the same..

Adult/Sex Stores:

    These can be used for humiliation games occasionally.. depending on the store. There are sure to be no kids there..and the workers are not terribly likely to be shocked too badly, but some establishments are going to be more open to this than others.. best to clear it first with the owner before playing.

Commercial Dungeons and Playspaces:

    These are wonderful for play, but is the most expensive option. You can either rent the entire space and invite a few favourite people.. or you can buy tickets for entry on a "public night". The drawback of public nights is that they are often oversold and the playspace is too crowded for comfortable play most of the night. The attendees though are likeminded people.

Private Dungeons and Playspaces:

    There are private dungeons and playspaces like Ours that we are sometimes lucky enough to be invited to. These tend to have the most sexual play..and are our favourite option. We personally love to throw parties and attend them. The atmosphere is amazing yet safe and there is no worry of the cops banging down the door.. and it sure doesn't hurt that they are free!


Mistress Catharine



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