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Experience in BDSM

By Maître Pierre



BDSM seems to be full of sensitive topics. Nothing in BDSM is really black and white. Yet, something like experience should be easy to talk about. Of course not!

Last summer, in a BDSM party, the topic of "old guard " was brought up by a guess. The discussion was what BDSM people could be considered "old guard" and what people where not! Of course, the concept of "experienced BDSM'ers" was part of this discussion. (Incidentally, the "old guard" topic is a very different topic compares to experience, but, in another article, I will bring it up!)

From this discussion, I started to think; could any "experienced BDSM'er could be considered "old guard"? Quickly the answer was NO!

Hence; what is experience in BDSM?

Let me give you two example of opposite in experience in BDSM:

    -This gentleman has been a BDSM adept for years. He is a BDSM relationship with the same lady submissive for more than 10 years.

    -This other gentlemen have no permanent relationship. His speciality is to find new female sub and, according to him; "he introduce them to the BDSM philosophy". For him, no long term relationship. He has been doing this for the last 10 years!

BDSM is a philosophy based on a relationship that is build on very precise values about the exchange of power.

The first gentleman has been experiencing the nuances of such a relationship for over 10 years. His daily life has a Dom with his submissive is what his experience is made from.

The second gentlemen have no concept of what a long term BDSM relationship is. Yes, he shows new ladies what a BDSM scene and sex under bondage is all about, but, experience in relationship is something that this gentleman has none!

Both of these gentlemen have 10 years of experience……but do they?

What do you think?


Maître Pierre



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