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Hopes For 2017.

By Maître Pierre and Mistress Catharine



Hello all!

2016 has been a crazy year for us, more than usual. Personal events, both sad and happy, kept us busy. Our BDSM life was no different. All these events happened at the expense of our website. Many noticed that we were not having any major updates being done.

Yet, we had record numbers in attendance on our website which, in turn, brought many emails daily; so many in fact, that we were swamped for a while! We are happy to report that all emails have been answered as of today! Despite huge numbers, we did not get a record amount of emails compare to previous years, but many of them needed a long reply that took time. We were not able to get away with our usual bank of prepared answers……

We said before that our website was a "mirror" of our BDSM life and NOT our BDSM life. This will not change. Our vanilla and BDSM life are more important than our website and this will never change. We still hope that 2017 will let us have time to work on new material for our website, ideas and subjects are not a problem, we have plenty of them!

So, if you send us an email and it takes a long time to get an answer; be happy for us, it means we are having, hmmm…… "interesting" life!

Food for thought here: When we started our website, we were in our mid thirties. Now, we are looking at our mid fifties approaching. Isn't that cool?

Let us wish you a great BDSM year for 2017 with lots of love, understanding and joy in your BDSM relationship.


Maître Pierre and Mistress Catharine



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