Guest stories

Come To Me (part 1)

By babe (LR)

The phone rings..."Come to Me," He says. She quickly dresses and drive to the estate. When she arrives the servants quickly remove her clothing and usher her into the bedroom. Silently they close the door and leave her. The room is comfortably cool and softly lit with candles on every surface. She slips to her knees, eyes lowered, back straight, and hands behind her back, waiting quietly for Him. She hears Him enter the room.

"So pretty, my little one," He says softly, "so perfect." "Raise your eyes to me." She looks at Him. He is dressed in a long-sleeved black turtleneck sweater and soft black leather pants. Black loafers complete His outfit. Her nakedness seeming even more perfect with Him dressed.

"Eyes forward at all times my beloved," He commands. She nods her understanding, watching His every move toward her. "Stand and give me your wrists", He commands. She gracefully rises and stands before Him. He slips the black leather restraints onto her tender wrists, buckling them securely. He kisses her softly as He reaches for the chain from the ceiling. He attaches it to the ring on the wrist restraints. Slowly He pulls the chain and raises her arms above her head. Just enough to stretch her prettily. He caresses her belly lightly with His fingertips and leans next to her ear. "You are Mine!"

She begins to tremble slightly as she feels His hot breath caress her neck. She hears Him move behind her as He strokes His palms around the side of her breast. "Eyes forward," He reminds her. She feels her nipple harden at His touch. The soft texture of the fabric of His sweater pressed against her back and the leather against her bare bottom. He licks her neck, tongue teasing her, and gently bites. Electric shocks course down her body, sending waves of desire into her loins. He reaches around from behind her and pinches each nipple. She moans softly, feeling her desire mounting. He cups each breast and squeezes as He presses His body into her back, making her aware that He is everywhere at once. "You are Mine!", He whispers in her ear. His hands slide down her belly and she shivers against Him. Suddenly she feels the ice cube touch her neck, sending chills down her spine. Her body reacts immediately. Nipples hardening. The ache deep in her belly...her body arching in the air. OOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhh," she moans. He slides the ice along her collarbone. "Please," she whispers. He slides the along the valley between her breasts. She feels the drops of water slide down her belly, feeding the fires of her desire. Aching with need, she leans toward Him. He takes the ice and slides it around her large dark nipples. He is watching her as her eyes begin to glaze over in passion. He fastens His hot mouth onto her nipple as He circles the other with the cube of ice changing the sensations.... Hot and cold at once. She arches toward Him, feeling the restraints holding her in place. She groans somewhere deep in her throat. He slides the ice cube down her belly as He takes the other nipple into His mouth. Tongue swirling and teasing. He reaches and parts her trembling thighs with His hands. Quickly He slips the ice cube across her clit and inside her nether lips. He leans close, licks Her swollen clit, and nips it with His teeth, making her cry out. "Oh please Master!"

"What do you want my little one?" He asks. Writhing in the air, tugging against her restraints, she begs, " Please Master, I want to cum." "CUM FOR ME MY BELOVED," He commands. She arches against His hot mouth as the shattering orgasm hits her. She cries out, "Master!", as the waves of pure pleasure course through her. He grabs her bottom and pulls her against His hot mouth as she drenches His lips and tongue with her honey. Tears fill her eyes as she surrenders totally. He smiles, as He knows what joy she is feeling, holding her close. He reaches up, unfastens the restraints on her wrists, and holds her close as her knees buckle beneath her She clings to Him as He carries her to the bed and places her on it. He slips in beside her and pulls her close, kissing her eyelids, her cheeks, and her lips. Holding her close as the shudders continue to hit her in waves. Reveling in her total submission.

"Sleep beloved," He whispers to her.....

to be continued..babe

Come To Me (part 2)