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More Then A Fire Sizzling

Chapter 1

By Aurey


"uggg" she mutters as she stomps the snow off her boots on the porch of their cabin,,oh how she loved this place,but with wood floors,she knew not to track any of this snow into the foyer,,she made a mental note to re-wax that area before her Mistress arrived,,any water damage to her Mistress' floors and she would surely pay a high price,,

the weather was mild compared to many winters she had endured in this area,,she loved the snow if only it didn't require extra work for her,,the snowflakes softly swirled from the sky,as she surveyed the surrounding mountain side,,it really was picture perfect up here,the wind hadn't caused the temperature to drop too bad,but she knew a fire would be the first thing she tended to inside the cabin,,it was nearly midnight and she had to wake the cabin up,,they hadn't come here much over the summer due to their schedules but finally they had a 4 day weekend to enjoy,,,her Mistress suggested,,giggling she thought yes,suggested means the same as "do it,now" ,,
that they enjoy the quietness of the cabin during this break,,so knowing her Mistress' high expectations she came up a day early to warm the cabin for her Mistress and get things in a pleasing order,, opening the door to the cabin she saw that not a lot of work was required,mostly dusting and polishing and of course waxing that entryway,,bringing in a bundle of wood from the porch she set about making the fireplace dance with flames,,,
after several hours she was finally exhausted and satisfied with the sparkling of the cabin and the aroma of the fresh pie in the oven,,she made her specialty Butter Pecan pie,,it had become her Mistress' favorite,,while waiting for the pie to finish baking she sat at the kitchen table drinking a cup of herbal tea,,,glancing around the small quaint cabin she realized there was not one inch of wood that didn't hold a memory of her and her Mistress,,hmmm they had had some very good moments in this wooded sanctuary and a few she wished she could forget but then the lesson would not have been learned,,she was very happy to be owned by her Mistress,,

she was late getting to the cabin this evening because she had drove to a neighboring city so get a surprise for her Mistress,,she had gotten a tattoo on her right thigh,it was of her Mistress scripted initials,,,they had spoken of it before and she knew that both desired her to be marked permanently,,her fingers tenderly traced the gauze on her thigh,it was very sensitive with all her bending and squatting while dusting and cleaning,she was told that was expected the first day or so,,

finally the pie was done and she went over to check the fire screen,making sure everything was in place,she curled up on the floor beside the couch and drifted off,she was not allowed to sleep on the bed or couch in this cabin without permission from her Mistress and she knew even without her Mistress here,, she was still expected to follow Her rules,,

she woke up slightly confused as to where she was,it was cool in the cabin and she shivered,,seeing her Mistress would arrive soon,she hurriedly got up and cleaned out the fireplace and made a fresh blaze,,she got herself busy fixing breakfast,,careful not to splatter anything on her naked flesh,, she knew her Mistress would not take the time to eat a decent meal before coming up here,she had just finished buttering the toast when she heard the stomping of her Mistress' boots on the porch,,
she quickly went to the door and knelt to the side of the door as she knew was expected,,it was if the sun had just woke up when the door opened,her Mistress could brighten any room just by walking into it and Her scent was intoxicating,she could always feel her Mistress' mood without even being spoken to,

Her hand rested on her girls head as She admired the obedient girl kneeling beside Her,Her eyes fixed on the gauze taped to Her girls thigh,and She was puzzled,had Her girl injured herself,was she okay? and why hadn't She been informed before now? She waited for the girl to finish worshiping Her before commanding her to rise,

"Rise,girl and let Me inspect this injury you have acquired "

she rose and stood proudly in front of her Mistress,slightly blushing as a chill ran up her bare back,her head remained bowed and her hands held her elbows behind her as she begged for permission to speak
"Mistress,if i may?"

"yes girl"

"it is a surprise for You Mistress,not an injury"

"Oh? what has My girl done to cause the need for gauze to cover a surprise for Me? "

"Mistress,it is as we have discussed previously,i wanted to surprise You"

suddenly the girl felt a hard chill in the room as the gauze was torn from her tender skin,she shuddered and her face flushed,her brain started trying to back-pedal suddenly realizing that this chill was not a good thing she was feeling,she could feel the prickling of tears in the corners of her eyes

She examined the tattoo closely and also making note of the skin around it,She was becoming angry that Her girl dare mark Her property without even asking Her,,,She knew her heart was in the right place but this girl still took too much for granted and would need to learn that she was HERS,and no such incidents would take place without Her being present or commanding it to be done


"Hush girl !"

a tear fell from the girls face,it dawned on her that her impulsive actions were not pleasing,gesh why didn't she think about all the angles before she did some things,,this weekend would be a "weekend of a lesson to be learned" she was especially glad that she had made sure the cabin was in order at least it wouldn't be as a severe punishment as if she hadn't,,

the tear did not go unnoticed by her Mistress,,She lifted Her girls face up to meet Her eyes and wiped Her girls cheek,and then leaned forward lightly kissing the tear stain,

"Come girl,I smell a delicious meal prepared,and you look just as delicious,have you eaten yet,love?"

"not yet,Mistress,the meal had just finished being prepared as You arrived"

"ahhh My girl slept in,did she?"

She knew this as Her girl made it a habit to eat before She arrived,,she said it was so she had more time to devote to Her,,but She detested eating alone,even though the rewards could be worth it,,to have Her girl between Her legs as She sipped Her coffee,now that was dessert,,

"slightly,Mistress,i am sorry" the girl blushed

"not to worry girl,come join Me,please,so I may admire that sweet creamy flesh before it becomes marked with red stripes"

"yes Mistress" the girl swallowed hard knowing that her appetite had just left her,,knowing she had displeased her Mistress, with her surprise,

she served Her Mistress and then fixed her own plate,the meal was a quiet one,she pushed her food around more then she actually ate, her Mistress noticed this and slightly smiled to Herself,,She didn't have to speak much and Her girl could read Her well,now if only She could get this lovely beauty to think before acting,,yet the girls impulsiveness is what drew Her to her so many years ago,,

After the meal was over the girl automatically began cleaning up the dishes as her Mistress went back outside to Her car,She returned shortly Her arms loaded with bags,the girl rushed over to help Her inside and quietly sorted through things putting the items away,

"when you are finished,girl,go take a long warm shower,as warm as you can stand it,I want that blood of yours to be close to the skin as possible"

"yes,Mistress" the girl stuttered softly gasping as she knew this was going to be a long day and she would be remembering this lesson,,

She knew that anticipation,itself,was a form of punishment for Her girl,,knowing yet not knowing what lie in store for her would make her think better before she acted on her impulsiveness,,She went into Her room and noticed it was spotless and everything was in its place,,She could smell the jasmine candle burning on Her dresser before She saw it,Her girl did know how to please Her in so many ways,even in being disobedient She was pleased by Her girl,,

She pulled the bedspread off and folded it up,laying it on the chest at the end of Her four-poster bed,,since this would not be a pleasure session today,She pulled off the satin sheets and replaced them with the crisp cotton linens,just as She finished She could feel Her girl in the doorway,,She turned to look at the girl She owned,,

"girl,why do you stand? is that how I have taught you to wait for permission to enter My room?"

the girl dropped to her knees mentally kicking herself for being caught standing

"no Mistress" the girl whispered

"very good,girl,now rise and come"

the girl quickly moved into place beside her Mistress and knelt down kissing Her feet,,,,smiling her Mistress lifted her back up to her feet,,kissing her lightly on her full pouty lips

"girl,tell Me why you are being punished today "

"Your girl will be punished for trying to surprise You with a tattoo as we previously discussed"

just as she finished speaking she felt the hard stinging of her Mistress' hand on her face,twice Her hand left its mark on her flushed face

"try again,BITCH!! ,this time without justifying"her Mistress said sharply

biting her lip trying to hold back the tears the girl gathered her words

"Mistress,Yours will be punished for acting as if she was free to do as she pleased" the girl whimpered

"yes,slut,you will learn today that even as a surprise,you will not do anything to what I Own without My commanding it "
She said through a clenched jaw,,,the girl had just pissed Her off with the previous remark,how dare she even try to turn this around,she will learn today if it kills them both,,

"kneel at the post girl,NOW!!" and She walked out of the room and out onto the porch,She had to cool off before She damaged Her own property worse then She desired

the girl quickly moved to the foot of the bed and knelt next to the left post,stretching her arms out holding onto the post with her head bowed as she had been taught,she was back from the post enough so that she was truly stretched out in this position,softly crying she knew that was not the smartest answer to give but part of her felt that she could not surprise without doing as she pleased,although the other part of her brain told her otherwise,,she could of easily hinted at what she had planned and asked for permission that way,,
her Mistress did allow her a lot of freedom as long as She was clued in as to what was going on,the girl knew bottom line she was wrong,,her arms were starting to ache and she wondered how much longer she would have to stay like this,when she heard the front door slam shut she knew her Mistress had went outside to gain Her composure and she knew she was in a deep mess this time

She stood outside slightly daydreaming as She enjoyed the peacefulness of this cabin,the white powder covered the ground,She was glad they had come here for the weekend,She needed this time with Hers,even though today would not be a quiet one,tomorrow would be and they would enjoy rest of the time making nice memories,,She suddenly got a chill and walked back inside,Her mind finally calm again She was ready to deal with the matter at hand,,
She walked to the doorway of Her room,smiling to Herself as She gazed on Her girl,She could see her arms slightly trembling and knew the girl was feeling the burn of those muscles being stretched,,She wished to teach Her girl a lesson not damage her,so She must make sure that she stretches well

"to the wall,Now Bitch!!" She ordered

the girl jumped and her heart thumped hard as she hadn't heard her Mistress come back in,running on her knees the girl went to the wall a few feet away,standing the girl bent over putting her head to the wall grabbing her ankles,,she knew all these positions as if second nature and she knew that these positions were to stretch her as she would be beaten today,she trembled hard in nervous anticipation,a whimper escaped her lips

"don't even try it,bitch,that whimper is to go silent,Now! "

She walked from the room,,walking over to the fire and stirring it back up with the poker,Her mind thought of the poker being like a branding-iron,its shape was much like the "kef" yes She had finally decided exactly what the punishment would consist of,,going outside for more wood,She created a nice fire,leaving the poker laying with the tip in the flames

Returning to Her room,seeing Her girl spread holding her ankles always turned Her on,She had to resist the urge to get Her strap-on and go fuck that ass,,hmmm She did enjoy to do that,perhaps before they left She would get to fuck that sweet ass raw,,

"go prepare a light lunch and a cold dinner for us,girl,as you will not feel much up to a big to-do later" She commanded

the girl stood up and moved swiftly and silently to complete the task she had just been given,preparing chicken salad sandwiches for their lunch,and making up a chef salad for dinner using the left-over chicken and some ham,covering and placing both meals back in the fridge,,
without making a sound she went and knelt by the chair her Mistress sat in near the fire,,the girl noticed the poker laying in the flames and thought it had been left unattended,she moved to retrieve it and put it back in its holder,

She saw her girl move towards the fireplace,knowing what she was about to do She said "leave it ,girl" Her girl stopped in her tracks and returned to Her side kneeling back into her position,,She watched Her girls face as she began to realize what the day held for her,,She could read that girls reactions and expressions as if they were written in ink,,Her girl shifted nervously,She allowed the girl to wonder a bit longer,,

"now,go to My bed,in whipping position,girl" She said calmly

she got up and went into her Mistress' room and laid herself face down across the bed,her feet still on the floor,she winced slightly as the fresh tattoo rubbed against the cotton sheets,stepping back just a bit and bending back over,,her hands splayed open and her arms stretched out,,the bed was just the perfect height,that she didn't have to strain her back leaning over it,,she wondered just why the poker was to be left in the fire,hoping it wasn't to be used as she feared it would be,

She walked into the room and went to Her bedroom cabinet,opening the doors She selected Her "bumpy" as Her girl called it,,it was a paddle,much like a ping-pong paddle but 1/2" thick oak with small raised bumps,it would begin the lesson,,,walking over to Her girl,She pushed her closer to the bed,the girl gasping as the tat hit the side of the bed again,She softly rubbed the tender flesh of Her girls ass,it was slightly cool,but that would not be for long,,massaging those rounded spank-able ass cheeks until She heard the soft whimper from Her girl,knowing that she was becoming turned on with the massage,the time had come "SMACK" "SMACK" SMACK" "SMACK" hard She hit those sweet cheeks,they reddened instantly,
ahh yes a nice magenta hue was being shown,She could see Her girls back and shoulders sobbing as her face was buried into the sheets,"SMACK,SMACK,SMACK,SMACK" She watched as Her girls ass lifted slightly with each one,yes she would learn to control some of that impulsiveness when it came to Her property,,rubbing the heated ass flesh roughly,hearing Her girl whimper and groan,as She walked back to put the bumpy back in its place,

"Over and up,now,bitch! " She seethed

the girl achingly climbed onto the bed spreading herself eagle as she knew was expected,sniffling and hoping the sounds would cause Her to be merciful,,She gathered Her ropes and walked over to the bed,securing Her girl to all four posts,,She gently kissed Her girl,whispering

"I love you,slut, but it must be done"

teary eyed Her girl nodded and whispered back,

"yes Mistress"

She walked out to the fireplace,pulling the poker out of the fire,pouring some alcohol over it and listening to it sizzle,She placed it back into the dancing blue flames,returning to Her bedroom ,She rubbed Her girls other thigh with the alcohol pad,cleaning it thoroughly,stroking her trembling body,squeezing her hard nipples,She leaned over taking each one in turn into Her mouth,suckling and tenderly biting each one,making it even harder,,the girl moaned and wiggled slightly,,
She returned to the fireplace and retrieved the poker,quickly returning to Her bedroom so it wouldn't get much chance to cool,She saw Her girls eyes get wide and before the girl could utter a word of protest the poker tip was sizzling against the flesh on the thigh,the girl was surprised and screamed out in agony,,
after a moment She removed the poker,satisfied with the branding of Her girl,yes it was a perfect kef,,She broke off a piece of the aloe plant on Her windowsill and squeezed the slimy liquid onto Her mark,,
She kissed Her girl passionately capturing her soul,once again,,,,stroking the girls cheek and whisperin
g endearments to her to help calm her,

"Now the slut is carrying MY Mark" She whispered softly

"thank You,Mistress,,thank You" the girl whimpered,tears still streaming,, feeling a sense of pride through it all,,

untying Her girl and returning Her ropes to their dark haven,She went to inspect Her branding once more,pulling the girl off the bed and lifting her up into Her arms,She carried her into the front room laying her down gently on the couch,slipping under her head so that it lay in Her lap,stroking the girls hair,
She whispered, "I believe you will think twice about marking My property,next time wont you girl,as I am sure that sweet swollen clit does not wish to be pierced by My hand"

the girl trembled hard,gasping "oh my Goddess,Mistress,Yours will NEVER be marked by another without Your presence or command"

"yes ,that I do not doubt,girl,,but look the kef does look nicely opposite My initials,doesn't it?"

the girl blushed and admitted that it did.

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