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More Then A Fire Sizzling

Chapter 2

By Aurey


she woke with a start,,she could tell she was laying on the couch by the texture of the fabric against her naked flesh,slowly sitting up,feeling the tenderness of her upper thighs as she shook her head to clear the sleepy webs from her mind,,glancing out their picture windows on each side of the fireplace she could tell the sun was beginning to set,,goodness she had slept most of the day away,,there were things that she must tend to as she hopped up from the couch,"ohhhh"she whispered to the room,her muscles were tight,slowly she stretched her arms above her head while spreading her legs,her feet sliding slowly on the wood floor,,

had she been laying down she would appear to be spread eagle,,focusing on her aches she hadn't heard her Mistress walk up to her,,

she gasped slightly when she felt her Mistress grab her wrists,still above her head,,slightly she trembled,and she moaned feeling her Mistress' lips softly rest on the back of her neck,nibbling and kissing along her shoulders,,her wrists had been let go and she felt a hand pushing against the small of her back,knowing to bend over and rest her hands against the floor,,

her ass up,she could feel the wetness begin to form between her legs,,, She rubbed the girls ass cheeks that were still tender from the paddling earlier,,,,the slight burning of the tat and the branding,and Her caressing the tender ass created a new sensation that she found herself enjoying,,

she felt the tip of her Mistress' strap-on rubbing back and forth in her wetness and she moaned yet again,wiggling her ass backwards she heard her Mistress laugh just as she felt the stinging of Her hand on the girls ass cheeks,,*SMACK,SMACK* one on each,,

the girl whimpered,,

"you are My cum slut ,aren't you girl,?

"yes Mistress" she said panting

"did you cum earlier,girl?"

"Mistress,did You give me permission to?"

*SMACK,SMACK,SMACK,SMACK* she felt the burning on her ass,as the tears softly left the corners of her eyes,

"you know never to answer My question with a question,girl,,NOW tell Me !"

"no Mistress,i did not" she whimpered

"do you wish to cum,girl?"

*if it would please,You,Mistress,,yes i do wish to cum"

smiling She knew Her girl was close as Her cock slipped about her cunt easily,,slowly She let Her dildo slip into Her girl,watching her ass wiggle back towards Her,,

grabbing the girl by the hips She slowly rocked back and forth against Her slave,shoving Her cock deep,and then pulling it nearly out of the sweet hole,listening to Her girl whimper each time it nearly left her flooded pussy,,

"yes girl,you may cum,if you wish within the next 10 strokes of My cock,after the 10th stroke,if you have not cum,then you will not tonight,understand,slut?"

feeling her body shudder,she whispered"yes Mistress",,,,

a wicked smiled played on Her lips as She pumped into Her girl hard 4 times,counting each one and then stopping,,Her girl was moaning louder now, She waited until the girl had settled back down a bit and then slowly caressed the inside of that sweet cunt 3 times with Her cock,and stopping,,

"that is 7 strokes,girl,you have 3 more,,will you cum for Me ?"

whimpering louder,wanting too cum,, but her Mistress stopping just as she was nearing the edge,made her groan her answer,

"so close,Mistress"

swaying the girl side to side,feeling those hot juices against Her thighs,She knew exactly how Her girl would cum in the 3 strokes that was left,,

slowly She pulled the cock out of that cunt,until just the tip remained at her opening,,the girl whined,,,,She smirked and reached forward over Her girls back and grabbed the swaying nipples,just as the tip of the lubed dick rested against the girls tight asshole,,

the girl gasped as she felt the cock at her ass as her nipples were being tugged,,,

with much experience She rammed that cock deep into Her sluts ass,tugging those nipples back towards Her,2 strokes is all it took and She felt the girl shudder and heard her orgasmic cries,,

She released the hard nipples and grabbed her hips and pounded into Her girl hard and fast,causing the girl to cum again harder,,

their bodies glistened with a light sheen of sweat,,She slowly pulled the cock out of Her girls ass,,stepping back She took the strap-on off and threw it aside,laying back on the couch spreading Her legs wide,draping one over the back,while the other hung off the side onto the floor,,

"come here,baby,watch Me "

the girl moaned as she slowly stood her body up and walked the short distance to the couch,sitting between Her legs,gazing at Her swollen clit,,

the girl knew that hard clit was the result of fucking her ass,,oh her Mistress loved to ram deep into her ass,and for Her pleasure the girl loved it as well,,leaning in,, the girls face close to her Owners heat,she watch as She slipped Her own fingers into Her wetness,,

the girl moaned slightly,becoming jealous of those long slender fingers and the attention they were giving to that beautiful swollen bud and pussy ,,she inhaled her Mistress scent deeply,, moaning again,,,,She slipped two fingers deep into Herself,working them in and out slowly,,knowing She could cause Her girl to cum again just from watching Her,,She pulled Her fingers out of Her pussy,scooping up some of Her creamy nectar as bringing it just under Her girls lips,

She watched the girls face,One could see the torture on Her girls face,,dare she extend her tongue out ,,She chuckled as She brought Her fingers up to Her own mouth,slipping them between Her lips,,they both moaned at the same time,,

" Now,girl,,feast,,do not tease Me,or you shall not finish Me"

the girl did not hesitate,she buried her face into the sweet nectar,lapping and lashing at that hard button,bringing her arm up under Her,she slipped three fingers into her Lady,curling them upwards,knowing she found just the right spot when She gasped and moaned loudly,,

using her teeth to nip the tip of the sweet swollen clit the girl pumped her little finger dicks in and out of Her,,,stroking that spot,,,reaching up to her Mistress' left breast,she twisted and pulled on that nipple,lapping harder on Her clit and pumping harder and faster into Her,,

those hips bucked hard on her face as she felt that sweet pussy start its contractions just before her Lady screamed and exploded that hot white cum into her eager mouth,,Her fingers gripped in the girls hair holding her still as She pumped Her hips onto the girls face,,moaning loudly as the last shudders caressed Her body,,

She pulled Her slut up onto Her and kissed her deeply,holding her tight,,this girl knew how to please Her so well,unlike any other had ever been able,,stroking her cheek for a moment,a happy sigh escaped Her lips,,,,the girl knew she had done well,and grinned,,

"wow,that was sure a nice way to wake up,Mistress,,thank You " the girl said blushing,,

"yes girl,I thought you might enjoy that as well" She said smiling,

gently patting the girls ass,

"come,you must be starved,you missed lunch,the sandwiches you made were very tasty,lets see about the salad you made,"

"glad You enjoyed it,Mistress" she said as she slowly rose off Her delicious flesh,feeling the burning return to her thighs,,she winced as she stood,she excused herself to go shower before preparing the table for their dinner,,

seeing Her girl wince She went to Her aloe plant and broke off another leaf,,as the girl stepped out of the shower She sat her down and tenderly patted her dry before smearing the slimy goo onto both upper thighs,,

She gazed into the girls eyes,,yes She did love this girl,and She knew this girl loved Her,,this was the first day of their 4 day weekend,and although it had started off on a bad foot,She knew they would both remember this weekend for a long time,,helping her stand and lightly swatting her ass,She smiled,,,

the girl grinned and whispered "thank You,Mistress" before exiting the room to set up dinner,,

she set the plates and the chef salad on the little table in their breakfast nook,,it had a picture window overlooking the large clearing and the high cliff,which in the summer was a wonderful waterfall,,,the rocks looked all glossy now with the ice covering them,,

she tended to the fire before kneeling in front of her Mistress,,kneeling with her head bowed,her arms clasping her elbows behind her,her eyes lowered,she quietly spoke,

"Your meal is served and ready when You desire,Mistress"

"very good,girl,,come and join Me"

as they dined they spoke of the weather and the predictions of more snow,and the possibility of being snowed in,,one might never know they were D/s during their dinner conversations,,it had been agreed long ago that dinner was the time when the girl was to speak freely about whatever was on her mind,,

they had had many good conversations,and a few heated discussions as well,,,after each dinner they would both clear the table and get everything back in order,,

the girl would then set about making sure everything was done in preparation for the next day as She would tend to anything that needed to be done at that moment,,

it was a good routine She thought as She went outside to bring in more firewood for the night,,She was not one of those Fem-me Dommes that was afraid to break a nail,although if She did,someone was going to pay,she laughed to Herself,,,

setting the wood down in the crib next to the wall inside the cabin,She went over to Her bar and fixed them both a drink,,Her girl would surely need one to help her relax after this days events,,

She kept a close eye on both marks on the girls thighs,looking for signs of infection,so far they both looked fine,,sitting in Her recliner next to the fire ,She watched the girl slip from room to room,She knew without asking what she was doing,after a few minutes the girl came and knelt at Her side,

handing her the drink and smiling

"get everything done,baby-girl?"

"yes Mistress"she said shyly,,doing a mental check again,as she knew that missing something could cause Her to be in a mood in the morning,,

She was a very loving Mistress,the girl thought,,,but She had Her ways,and it didn't take long for the girl to know that She didn't play when it came to Her expectations,,

"relax girl,we will retire for the night,soon"

"yes Mistress" the girl stretched out her long legs and then crossed them in front of her,resting her back against the side of Her recliner,,

they quietly watched the fire,both lost in their own thoughts,,hearing the ice clink in Her glass the girl rose,


"no,girl it is time for bed,now"

"yes Mistress" the girl knew she was only allowed the one drink and that was a special event,her Mistress never liked Her girl to be under the influence of any substance but Her,,

she giggled to herself,,

in the bedroom the girl fixed her pallet next to Her bed,,she had remade the bed with the satin sheets and had turned it down,,

She slipped between the cool satin as the girl tucked Her in,,She wanted to invite the girl into Her bed but knew the punishment must be completed,,sighing softly She closed Her eyes,knowing it wouldn't be long before She slipped into the dream world,,

the girl curled up on her quilted bed on the floor,she knew better then to whimper,or ask to join Her in the bed,,that was a privilege,and anytime she had a punishment she was expected to spend the night on the floor next to Her,,she had learned this from experience years ago,,smiling she knew she had come a long way since back then,,,dozing off she mentally set her alarm,,rarely did it fail her,,

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