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More Then A Fire Sizzling

Chapter 3

By Aurey


the girl slowly stretched her long legs and her arms,her brain slowly waking up,she listened to the sounds of the cabin,her Mistress was lightly snoring above her,,slowly opening her eyes and glancing at the window to gage the time with the suns rays,,they were barely licking at the bottom of the curtains,she knew that is was just after 5am,,
she would be a bit rushed but not much,in order to have everything in its place when her Mistress woke,neither of them really ever needed an alarm,and her Mistress refused to have one present in the cabin,
the girl knew that depending on the mood her Mistress woke up in would decide her fate if she over-slept,,quietly the girl stood and pulling the quilts with her out into the hall,folding them neatly and returning them to the linen cabinet,she hoped that she would not need them for a pallet for the rest of the weekend,,
feeling the chill in the air the girl slipped into the front room snatching up enough wood to start a nice fire that would last for a few hours,,kneeling in front of the fireplace the girl cleaned out the ashes and had the fresh fire roaring and crackling the cabin to life,,the girl headed to the bathroom to shower and lotion her body up,it was required that she always have soft skin,no dry skin allowed and no excuses accepted,,sliding between the shower doors the girl turned on the water adjusting the temperature so that is was warm,,wetting and washing her long curly brown hair the girl thought of the occasional times when her Mistress washed the girls hair,,oh how she loved to feel those long slender fingers massage her scalp,and those nails scrape the back of her neck,she heard herself let out a soft moan and decided she had better stop lolly-gagging and get on with her chores before it got too late,,
washing and rinsing off her body,she turned off the water and reached for a towel on the towel rack just outside the shower doors,her hand came up empty,she gasped,,she knew she had put two towels on that rack last night,the bathroom was still steamy as she stepped out of the shower,,she jumped nearly leaving the ground when right in front of her was her Mistress who was smiling,the girl blushed seeing the towel hung between Her hands,

"i thought i had lost my mind Mistress,i knew i had placed two towels on that rack" she said quietly

"yes,girl,you did,I decided that I wished to inspect My girl before she got too busy"She said half-yawning

the girl blushed deeper as she slipped into the towel in her Mistress' hands,her Mistress had such a gentle touch as She patted the girl dry,,leading the girl over to the toilet and sitting her down,She squeezed the aloe based lotion in Her hands,rubbing them back and forth warming the lotion before applying it all over Her girls skin,caressing her tenderly with long slow even strokes,the girl was enjoying the attentions from her Mistress,,
the girl thought to herself,yes today will be a good day,feeling herself gently being lifted under her arms, the girl stood and turned facing away from her Mistress,Her hands still rubbing and roaming over the girls flesh,the firm rubbing of Her fingers on the girls ass always caused the girl to take a half step backwards,,She chuckled seeing this and patted the girls bottom,,

"not now,girl,,go put a shirt on and remain uncovered on the bottom while you prepare some bacon for Me,please,with My breakfast"

the girl grinned and scampered off to do as she was told,,,
the girl heard the shower start up again and quickly set about preparing the bacon and eggs and toast for her Mistress,,the girl fixed a quick bowl of cereal that she ate while she was cooking Her meal,,the girl knew her Mistress hated to eat alone but they had compromised years ago that unless instructed the girl would do as she needed for Breakfast and Lunch but Dinner was always their time,,,
hearing the water in the shower stop the girl knew she had only 5minutes before her Mistress would appear and expect to be tended to,,swiftly the girl set the table,suddenly realizing she forgot the fruit that was to be at every meal the girl sliced a grapefruit in half and poured the orange juice and coffee,just as her Mistress entered the kitchen the girl set her empty cereal bowl in the sink,,

She surveyed the table and saw everything was in its place,,

"girl,that is wonderful,but let Me enjoy My meal in there"

the girl saw that She pointed to where they had dinner the night before,the little breakfast nook,,it was rather quaint but the girl saw the sunbeams shining through the windows and feared that her Mistress would not wish the sun directly in Her eyes so early,

"Mistress,,the sun,it will not bother You so early?"

"GIRL" Her voice rose

"yes Mistress,it was only my concern,,,"

"you better step to it unless you desire to feel My hand so early"

the girl hurriedly gathered Her plate and drinks and moved them into their place in the nook,

"and take that shirt off,girl,it was only for while you were cooking!!" She spoke sharply

"yes Mistress" she swallowed hard,her face flushing,

pulling out Her chair for Her and sliding Her towards the table,,,the girl went about getting the hair dryer for Her hair,and removing the shirt she had worn,,,drying her Mistress hair was one of her favorite things to do in the mornings,,
the girl stopped in the front room to feed the fire and set the dryer on the table behind her Mistress recliner,not yet sure where She would wish to have Her hair dried but knowing this would be the most likely place,,
the girl went back to her Mistress' side in the little nook,,the girl knelt on Her left side with her head bowed,not sure if she should be on the right side,where she normally knelt, due to her talking back to her Mistress about the location of the breakfast,and still wearing the shirt in her Mistress presence,,,,
the girl really did not enjoy to be on Her left as it showed the world that she was not pleasing to her Mistress,,she felt shame in being on this side,

She glanced at the girl on Her left as She wiped Her mouth with the napkin,setting it on Her plate,,

"very good girl,you may return to My right side after you apologize properly for questioning My dining preference"

the girl leaned forward kissing her Mistress' feet,licking her lips and kissing each toe passionately,,the girl softly said she was sorry between each kiss,,she felt Her hand on the small of her back and she paused,holding her breath,

"good girl now come" She sighed

the girl scooted on her knees over to the right side of her Mistress,keeping her head bowed,,the girl knew she was back in better light with her Mistress and slightly smiled,

" we will enjoy the outdoors for a while this morning girl,before the snowstorms come in tonight,I wish My hair to be dried here while I enjoy another cup of coffee"

"yes Mistress" the girl stood and brought the coffee pot to the table hoping it wouldn't get cold before her Mistress was finished with it,,,having poured Her a fresh cup the girl quickly got the hair dryer off the table that she set it on earlier,,

running her fingers through the drying silky hair the girl smiled,,She had such soft satiny hair and it always smelled so fresh,the girl massaged Her scalp while the blow-dryer blew the hair in all directions,,using the styling brush a few times swirling Her hair under and over the girl was proud of the way it was styled,,slipping the hairdryer under her arm she collected the dishes and took them to the sink,,
she heard her Mistress say that she had 30minutes to be ready to go outside,,15minutes and the girl was done in the kitchen she went to her Mistress' bedroom door,kneeling and waiting for permission to enter,,

She saw Her girl kneeling at the door and smiled,She had a few things in store for Her girl out in the snow,after She let her play a bit,She wickedly grinned to Herself,

"come girl,dress warm,but not too confining"

the girl wondered what that meant,as anytime they had went outside it was usually for a few random snowballs and making angels and seeing if any woodland creatures had come up near the house,identifying the different prints in the snow,,

"Mistress,do You have an outfit in mind,that You wish for me to wear?"

"no,girl,,just make sure I have access to anything I desire"

"yes Mistress,of course"

the girl knew that was a given,if she was ever dressed in an outfit that restricted any area from touch it was by her Mistress' choosing,,the girl slipped on a pair of wool socks,she hated the itchiness of the wool but they did provide the warmth her feet needed outside,deciding on her powder blue jogging pants and matching t-shirt the girl dressed,,
the jogging pants had an elastic waist,and she wore no bra or panties,,slipping into the bathroom the girl pulled her pants partway down and applied two squares of gauze to her markings and taped them in place to keep the fabric from rubbing on those sensitive areas,,the girl went to the front door and knelt to the side so her Mistress could see she was ready to be inspected to go outside,,

She got out their coats and scarves and walked up to the girl,handing all to her,,,the girl stood and slipped Her coat on and wrapped Her scarf gently around Her neck,,thinking of the one time she had playfully wrapped it a bit tight,boy she got it for that one,the girl blushed remembering,,

leaning forward and kissing the girl on the top of her head She smiled and swatted her ass,

"come now,you have taken too much time this morning"

the girl swallowed hard and slipped her coat on and wrapped her neck with the scarf,

"yes Mistress" she knew that she had not made Her angry,just yet,,,
the girl glanced at the fireplace as they walked out onto the porch to make sure all was secured and the fire would still be burning when they returned,she saw everything was fine and then slipped her boots on,stomping her feet on the porch,,she turned to see her Mistress prints in the snow,,,
quickly she followed the prints left by Her boots,,as she rounded the corner *splat* right on her forehead the snowball made contact,she heard her Mistress' laughter and the girl blushed,
every blasted time she fell for that,the girl giggled and bent forward making one of her own as she felt other snowballs pelting her coat,,they were thrown playfully and did not hurt and she returned fire,the girl dodged a few,,running around and sliding and giggling they played for a while,,of course it was the girl doing the chasing for the most part,she knew her Mistress would be the one to pick exactly where they ended up,,
their game had brought them up to the area where in the summer it would be a waterfall above them and a isolated swimming hole below,,her Mistress tackled her to the ground and covered her with kisses,rolling around in the snow the girl could feel that she did not need this coat on much longer,
her Mistress always made her so hot,the girl could not think of a time that this Woman did not excite her,even if she was in bad light she could feel the warmth grow between her legs by a simple touch or word from this Woman,,

She heard the girl moaning softly between their kisses and knew it was nearly time for Her to follow through on the plans She had made on Her drive up to the cabin,
Her hand slipped between Her girls legs between kisses and softly rubbed the heated cloth-covered center,,,,the girl gasped and her legs spread wide feeling her Mistress' gloved hand touch her mound,,
the girl thought back on their moments in the snow,they had worked each other up often but that would be the extent of it,just a basic teasing session,the girl smiled enjoying the increasing warmth between her legs,,

"do you think you are hot enough to melt snow,girl?"


the girl had been lost in her own thoughts and didn't hear the words of her Mistress only Her voice,,grimacing when she realized her answer,

"sorry Mistress,what were You saying?"

she saw the frown on her Mistress' face,she knew better then to say "huh,, it had just come out without her realizing it,

"we are going to find out if you can melt the snow,girl"

the girl gasped as her sweats were pulled down and she felt the chilled air and cold wet snow on her bare backside,,she heard her Mistress chuckle,,

years ago they had set up a picnic table in this area as her Mistress loved to have lunch and watch the waterfall up close or Her girl skinny-dipping,,the waterfall could be seen from the cabin but this area was lower and the trees made a great canopy,,

"go wipe off the table and climb up on it girl" She commanded,,

the girl waddled over to the table as her pants were around her ankles now,doing as she was told the girl started to shiver a bit it was not terribly cold out today but it was still yet cold,,
her teeth stopped chattering when she felt her Mistress hot mouth cover hers,,she felt the gloved hand caress her thighs and mound,again her legs spread wide open,,she moaned as the coolness of the air touched her exposed lips,,
still being deeply kissed by her Mistress the girl gasped and tried to pull back as she felt the small cold ball being pushed into her,,her Mistress had one arm around her holding her tightly in place,,another cold ball was pushed deep into her as she groaned,,her Mistress broke the kiss and the girl squirmed,

"ohh Mistress,so devilish" the girls face flushed

"perhaps next time you will respond with more then a "huh" when I ask you a question,girl,,because of that I had to find out for Myself" She smiled,,,,
they had played with ice before but never snowballs,,the girl could feel the shivers from the cold return,,she wished they hadn't stopped kissing,as least then she didn't feel so cold,,glancing at her Mistress making another snowball the girl whimpered,,,

hearing Her girl's whimpers,She laughed

"girl,you know whimpers only increase My devilishness,"
She made a larger snowball about the size of Her fist and rubbed it against the swelling clit,,,,the girl tried to wiggle away from it when she felt Her hand on the top of her tit through the coat and she stilled,,

She pushed the larger snowball in to join the other two which She could tell were slowly melting as the puddle under Her girl was increasing,,

"legs" is all She had to say and Her girl lifted her legs up spreading them in a V shape,
She grabbed the girls hips and pulled her to the edge of the table,leaning forward she let Her tongue flick at the clit trying to hide,She felt the girl shudder and lashed faster as the button trying to resist swelling now that it was cold,,hearing her moaning ,She slipped two fingers into Her girl searching for the snowballs,,laughing at finding none remaining She pulled slightly away from the sweet button that had given in and started swelling,

"you may cum if you feel the need,girl"

the girls head rolled from side to side as tremors coursed through her legs,She dipped Her head back down between the girls thighs and began to passionately kissing Her little girl,,oh how She loved the feel of that clit swelling on Her tongue and the sudden tremble She felt it do on Her tongue told Her before She heard the scream that She had hit the right spot and lapped up the juices mixed with the melted snow from Her girls hot cunt,,
pulling the girl up into a sitting position on the edge of the picnic table She kissed her holding her tight,,suddenly She turned the girl around and face down on the table,bending in half with her ass up,She rubbed the girls cool ass for a moment before delivering her punishment for the girls lack of attentions,

She could see Her hand prints bright red on the girls ass cheeks,and could hear Her girl whimpering softly,

"Do I need tell you why you received those,girl?"

"no Mistress,i know it was for my miss-speak earlier,wasn't it?"

"very good girl,you know that I will accept no less then what I expect"
"yes Mistress" the girl quietly cried,,


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