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More Then A Fire Sizzling

Chapter 4

By Aurey


Standing her up,pulling her sweat pants up swiftly,rubbing her bottom and legs through the material,She kisses along Her girls neck,the girl presses against Her closer and softly moans,

"go now,to the cabin and shower,baby girl,,as warm as you can stand it" She whispered,,,,
the girl holds back her whimpers and scoots off to the cabin to do as she was told,,She sat down at the table gazing at the frozen lake below Her,,still savoring the girls juices on Her lips,,this girl did not realize that she was no longer just a possession,she was also this Mistress' heart,,,

She had made arrangements for Her attorney to be here tonight to draw up all the necessary papers that would make sure this girl was taken care of well, should anything ever happen to Her,,they had been together for years now,and it was a good match,,

She chuckled remembering their first meet,,the girl even received a verbal punishment on that first meet,but She figured it was intentional as the girl had made an unusual mistake,,any girl knows not to address a Mistress by Her first name unless instructed to,,when they were introduced the girl was told to call Her "Ma'am",and yet the cheeky bitch had used Her name,,but she was quickly reminded of her place and She saw the twinkle in that girl's eyes when she was corrected,that is when She knew that She must have this girl,,,breaking from Her daydream She stood and headed back to the cabin,Her girl should be nearly done with her shower and She wanted to dress her properly for their guests,,

the girl was shivering by the time she reached the cabin,it really wasn't that cold out but she was cold inside as well,making sure to stomp all the snow off her boots before entering the cabin the girl quickly removed all her clothes in the entryway,and folded them neatly and laid them in the basket that was always kept there,for that purpose,,she could never sneak an outfit past her Mistress because of that damn basket,she blushed remembering a time she had tried,she didn't realize that her Mistress actually looked at the garments that were placed in there,,

noticing the fire would need tending to when she was finished,,the girl slipped into the hot shower,moaning softly as the hot water warmed her skin,taking the hand held massager down and putting it between her legs,she trembled slightly as she began to warm up,the pulsing hot jets of water shooting up into her cold cunt warming her inside caused her to moan again,,soaping herself up and rinsing off quickly as she knew the fireplace would need to be as it should before her Mistress returned,,,the girl dried off and lotion-ed her body,smiling to herself at the two marks on her thighs and the hand prints on her ass,,,
putting the bathroom back in order she went out to the front room just as the last embers of the fire was dying,,she loved that fireplace but the work it took, she didn't like getting the ashes on her naked flesh so she had to be careful which took her longer to do the chore then she would of liked,,

finally the fire was roaring again as she heard the entry door slam shut,,she jumped slightly scurrying over to her pillow on the side of the door to the cabin and knelt waiting for Her to enter,,the girl realized her hair was still slightly damp and she cringed inside,hoping her Mistress would let it pass,depending on Her mood would depend on the girls fate,,only the first shower of the day was the girl allowed to let her hair dry naturally as the blow dryer would wake her Mistress,,the girl blushed crimson as she felt Her hand on the top of her head,

She entered the porch and let the door slam behind Her as She surveyed the entryway,making sure the girl had done as was expected,stomping the snow off Her boots and slipping them off,stepping into a puddle the snow had just left,She cursed under Her breath,Her girl better be on her knees just inside that other door or it would fuel Her anger,,opening the door to the cabin She couldn't help but smile seeing Her girl right where she was to be,it always made Her smile to see Her girl knelt there waiting for Her with her head bowed,if She ever doubted Her dominance just seeing Her girl in that position,gave Her back Her purpose,,
She laid Her hand on the girls head to acknowledge the girls presence and so the girl could worship Her as she should,,lifting Her hand for just a moment and setting it back down She felt the dampness of the girls hair and made a mental note to give the girl a reminder,later,,

"fix lunch now girl and put on something that will basically cook itself for dinner,we are having company tonight so make enough for 4"
She stood Her girl up and lightly kissed her on the tip of her nose and swatted her ass to get her moving,
then She went and sat in Her wooden Rocker by the fire to warm up,the girl took such very good care of Her as She looked around seeing the neatness of the cabin and the candles releasing their scents into the air,,once warm She decided to go help Her girl so She could dress the girl sooner,,She smiled as She in-visioned the marks that Her girl would be dressed in,,

She and the girl blended in doing chores well,,,not really needing to say much knowing what the other was going to do,,She saw the girl had only fixed Her plate for lunch,

"girl,you will eat lunch with Me this afternoon"

"yes Mistress" the girl blushed and made a second plate,,

the girl had put a roast on for dinner and was wondering who could be coming to visit,they didn't often have company up here,the girl also wondered how long they would stay,she didn't like company up here,this was time for the two of them she had to share her Mistress back home with the real world,she did not like sharing Her up here,this was their world,she could feel a pout beginning to develop,and knew that she better get it under control or she would surely pay,,

"I will dress you for our company,girl,finish and come to My room"

She stood and walked out of the kitchen and went into Her room,She felt the wetness increasing with each toy She examined,selecting a couple of Her favorite markers,She closed the cabinet and started Her warm-up swings,,

the girl trembled as she gathered the dishes and washed them placing them in the drainer,wondering if the "dressing of her" would be with clothes or slave marks,hearing the swishing sounds as she approached Her room the girl knew it was not clothing,,she knelt in Her doorway with her head bowed waiting to be noticed and permission to enter,,

Her muscles all stretched and warmed up for the dressing of Her girl,She turned and saw her waiting and ordered the girl to enter Her room,,She went to the bed,,

"strip Me,girl,no hands"
She loved for the girl to undress Her and the feeling of the girls teeth nipping Her skin occasionally made Her even wetter,,

the girl trembled as she put her hands behind her back and held her elbows to make sure her hands wouldn't instinctively try to help her with her task,,using her teeth and tongue to unbutton Her blouse,she loved to undress her Mistress but hated doing it with no hands,she always felt so clumsy,,
stepping behind her Mistress taking the neck of the blouse with her teeth and pulling it down and off Her back and arms,now the hard part,taking Her slacks off without nipping Her skin,she started in the back as it was easier then the front,once she inhaled Her scent her mind would have a hard time staying focused,,she softly moaned and let her tongue flick over the creamy ass of her Mistress,after pulling the fabric over Her full cheeks,,staying on her knees she walked around to the front of her Mistress,Her slacks bunched up on top of Her mound,the girl leaned in and inhaled deeply as her teeth caught the bare flesh of Her mound,
she heard her Mistress gasp and felt Her slightly jump,cringing inward the girl grasped the material between her teeth and pulled down,kissing both of Her ankles tenderly to let Her know to step out,she stayed bend over waiting her next command,she knew from the sensations between her legs that she was ready for whatever her Mistress had in store,,

She hopped into the bed and spread Her legs wide,Her knees slightly bent,She started working Her own nipples,bringing them to hard pebbles,licking Her lips,,

"between My legs,girl,I will not cum,but play as you wish"

the girl always took that as a personal challenge to try to make her Mistress cum in spite of Herself,,she had only been able to do it once in all these years and she accepted the beating after-wards as a reward although it was meant to be a punishment,,
climbing onto the bed the girl knelt between Her legs but before dipping into Her heat with her tongue ,she leaned forward wrapping her lips around one nipple drawing it into her hot watering mouth,she had only flicked her tongue over it once before she felt the stinging slap of her Mistress' hand on her face,

"I will not repeat Myself,girl"

the girl blinked back her tears that threatened to fall,scooting back on the bed she laid herself down between her Mistress' legs,she had let her wants come before her Mistress directions,she knew she would pay for that and was glad that she was still allowed to be lapping at this sweet clit in her face,she swirled her tongue around that sensitive button hearing her Mistress' moaning she knew she was doing it as She liked,,
making her tongue pointed she flicked teasingly at the clit seeing it swell with each touch of her tongue,she brought up two fingers and dipped them deep into her Mistress hot tight pussy,she couldn't help but moan from the feeling of those cunt walls milking her fingers as if they were little dicks,curling them forward and stroking that sweet spot that she knew would get her what she wanted even if she wasn't to have it,
she clamped her mouth tightly over the swollen clit,lapping hard on it,,her fingers stroking hard and fast over that tender spot,feeling her Mistress buck Her hips into her face,she smiled and moaned,she increased the movement of her tongue over the clit as she felt the little tremors that told her she was going to get the creamy juices flooding soon,
suddenly a searing pain startled her on her ass and she couldn't help but scream out into her Mistress' pussy,she knew it to be the tongue of her Mistress' whip,she choked back a cry as she felt the second burning mark being left,she buried her face into her Mistress' cunt until she could barely breathe,sobbing and lapping at Her clit,she tried to concentrate on stroking her Mistress clit and fingering deep into Her pussy while she felt the bites on her ass and thighs,
the girl knew it was confirmed with the first kiss from the whip that she would be "dressed" with marks as she had thought earlier when she heard her Mistress warming up,,

knowing She was close to cumming She had grabbed Her short whip that was beside Her on the bed and snapping Her wrist,She left a nice mark on the girls ass and smiled as her head bobbed up for a second,,Her girl was lapping at Her pussy now as if it was her last meal,She moaned loud as She snapped Her wrist again causing another mark to appear on the girls flushed ass,each tremble She felt She sent the whip to kiss Her girls ass which caused the girl to wiggle and ravish Her dripping cunt,which caused Her to tremble again,She smiled at the vicious circle that had been created,,She knew they were both close to their own limits,,

"STOP,stand to be dressed,girl "
She lay still for a moment catching Her breath,,

the girl swiftly moved from between Her legs,holding back her whimpers,and wiping the tears from her cheeks,,she would wear her Mistress' marks with pride and accept each one with the poise that will make Her proud,,
the girl went to the far wall where the brackets were,,facing the wall,raising her arms over her head and spreading her legs,,pressing her body into the wooden wall,waiting for her Mistress to secure her for her own safety,the girl knew her Mistress had perfect aim but should the girl jerk to far one way or the other and it could cause a mark where She did not wish one to be and then the girl would really get it,,
the girl shuddered with the memory of the one time she had been given the choice of brackets or not,she had thought she could be still enough,her Mistress had left the room for nearly 30minutes before giving her the punishment for being miss-marked,,
the girl learned then the longer her Mistress was gone from the room the angrier She was,,the girl chose brackets from then on,,this was neither a punishment nor a reward,and she did not wish for it to turn into a punishment,,

She smiled walking up behind Her girl and placing her wrists into the bracelet clamps,rubbing Her hot sweaty body against the girls naked back,pushing against the girl until she moaned,Her juices smearing on the girls tender ass,,She kissed the back of her neck moving her hair to the side,She bit down and sucked her neck until a nice purplish-red mark appeared,She made a half moon of these marks on Her girls neck,just below the girls satin collar,,

"I will dress your back and then I will dress your front,girl,you will not cum,do you understand?" She whispered,nipping the girls ear lobe,,

"yes Mistress"
the girl bit her bottom lip to keep from whimpering,relaxing her body and waiting,,she had learned years ago that tensing up caused the pain to go deeper and hurt for days after-wards,,

Stepping back from Her girl seeing that she needed many marks and She had a short amount of time to do it and allow the girl a break before their company came,She got Her leather flogger,,
the flogger would make more marks faster then the single whip,even if She enjoyed the sound of the whip better,She set to work,,along the girls shoulders the flogger bit
all the tail ends hit different spots but the same area,making nice red marks,standing to the side of Her girl ,placing one hand on the girls shoulder She let the flogger rain down on the girl,the length and the tips leaving marks across the girls back and thighs,,

the girl felt Her hand on her shoulder and knew the hard part was coming and she wasn't disappointed,the flogger was lapping at her skin,, every inch of the flogger,it seemed except for the handle,the girl knew this would cause raised lines as well as the red welts on her back,she felt the tears sliding out of the corners of her eyes,she couldn't stop them but she did hold back the sobbing noises,she wanted to make her Mistress proud,
she felt Her hand softly caress her from her shoulders to her thighs,,she knew that She was checking for any broken skin and that the marks were sufficient,,hearing her Mistress "hmm"ing the girl knew that She was happy with the marks,the girl took a deep breath,releasing it slowly,she felt her wrists being freed and her arms received a slight massage,the girl blushed,her Mistress was always so concerned of the girls well being,,

"the stool girl"

She loved how this girls skin held Her marks,the girl took good care of her skin so She did not often have to worry about skin breaks,that pleased Her,,

the girl gasped slightly the stool??!! ,,the girl had no idea her front would be dressed while she sat on the "stool",,the "stool" her Mistress referred to was actually a fucking machine,

one sat on it,putting one in more of a squatting position and if you rocked there was a dildo underneath that the rocking would drive it up,,,sitting on the stool put her face directly in line with her Mistress' pussy,,
there had been times that she had been ordered to rock and eat her Mistress,she smiled to herself,that was a reward that she liked,even if she wasn't allowed to cum,,she had never been allowed to cum on the stool,,actually she couldn't remember a time that she was "allowed" to cum on any of her Mistress' toys,,

not to say that she hadn't as there were times she disappointed her Mistress and just couldn't hold it any longer,,it would take much will power for her to be dressed sitting on the stool to follow her Mistress' orders,,

She knew She had surprised Her girl by ordering her to sit on Her stool while She finished marking her front,,She gathered a few pillows off the bed and propped Herself up on the floor in front of Her girl,,

"arms,girl,NOW!!" She ordered,,

the girl put her arms behind her back and held her elbows,leaning her head backwards causing her full breasts to stand out proud,also driving the dildo deep into her,she was ready to bear her Mistress' markings on the front,,

She smiled knowing the toy underneath had buried itself in Her sweet girls hot cunt,,She scooted up close to Her girl,,She took the flogger ends and rubbed them in Her juices between Her legs,soaking them thoroughly,,the girls eyes widened watching Her,,She slowly rubbed Her clit as She landed the first blow across Her girls breasts,one of the ends catching the tip of the girls nipple causing her to rock back slightly which drove the dildo out and back in,the girl moaned softly in-spite of herself,,

"I will make Myself cum while you watch and accept My markings because of your hair being damp on My hand,do you understand,girl? "
She panted as She was bringing Herself close to the edge,,

"yes Mistress"
the girl couldn't help but whimper,she knew there would be something but didn't realize it would be this,,

the wet tethers smacked against her bare skin,,from her shoulders down to her thighs,she tried keeping her head back but also keeping an eye on her Mistress' body,,the girl couldn't help but rock slightly from time to time which caused her to teeter on the edge of cumming,the dildo driving so deep into her took away the pain of the bites of the flogger,,

She stroked Her clit hard and fast with one hand while Her other sent nice markings on Her girl,,pulling and tugging Her clit,She exploded and screamed as Her body fell back onto the pillows,

*CLEAN,girl!!!* She panted,,,

the girl quickly dove between Her legs and lapped up Her sweet nectar pouring out,holding back her own need to cum but not able to keep her hips from humping the wood floor as she cleaned up her Mistress,,feeling Her hand on her head,she knew that she was being dismissed to shower,,pulling her face up and licking her lips,she crawled up next to Her face,

"thank You,Mistress,,so sweet as always" she whispered,,

She grabbed the girls head between both hands and kissed her deeply and passionately,,,,breaking the kiss and swatting her ass,,

"you need to cum,don't you,girl?"

"only if You desire me to,Mistress" the girl blushed,,,

"I do not desire you to cum,girl,but I do wish you to shower with Me and wash My back,,as our company will be here soon"

they both got up and She headed to the shower while the girl straightened up the bed and then joined Her,,

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