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More Then A Fire Sizzling

Chapter 5

By Aurey


After the shower and drying her Mistress' hair,the girl set about tidying up the cabin for their company,,the girls body glistened from the Vaseline that her Mistress had rubbed on her after their shower,it also made Her markings brighter,,
the girl was used to being naked in front of company,as her Mistress had requested it many times over the years,but she couldn't remember a time that they had entertained at the cabin that she didn't wear some sort of garment covering her front at least,,
the girl heard the entryway door shut and knew their company had arrived,she looked towards her Mistress to see if She had heard it as well,,She had,,She walked towards the door to the cabin,


the girl went to her pillow by the door and knelt down as her Mistress opened the door,,the girl heard another woman's voice,it sounded very familiar,the girl tried to see who it might be without turning her head,
finally the woman entered the house,she was a very nice looking woman,the girl recollected seeing this woman at their Christmas Parties over the years and knew her to be her Mistress' attorney,Haylaee,,,,
the girl then noticed the woman holding a leash and the girls eyes followed the leash and to her surprise just behind the woman was a naked male on his knees,the girl gasped slightly,she had not expected to see another slave,,he was on all fours,like a dog,,

the girl smirked inside thinking only once had she been required to be led in such a fashion,and that was during one of her Mistress' teasings,,,,the woman introduced the boy to her Mistress as Reid,,

"come girl,stand and meet our new friend"

the girl went to her Mistress' right side and bowed her head,,

"it is good to see You again Ma'am,and it is nice to meet Your boy,it has been so long since we have been graced by Your company" the girl spoke,,

the woman tenderly petted her head and smiled,turning to her Mistress,the woman complimented Her on the way Her girl was so polite and obedient,the girl didn't have to look to know that her Mistress was smiling proudly,,

Haylaee then ordered Her boy to enter and stand,,he was in very good condition the girl thought and very attractive for a male,his body was well defined and toned,
the girl suspected that he worked out often,or was worked to have such a firm body,her eyes roamed to his tong pouch that he wore,it was stretched tight trying to hold him in,,the girl felt herself blushing,and the women noticed her blush as well and laughed,,

her Mistress swatted her ass very firmly and sent her to the kitchen to check on dinner,,the girl knew it wasn't a playful swat as she usually received,,it was one that told her that she had better watch herself and behave,,
the girl could hear bits and pieces of their conversation from the kitchen,it was just small talk and didn't tell the girl anything about why Haylaee and Reid were here,,
the girl had just put the final touches on the roast platter and was pulling the dinner rolls out of the oven,when she heard a soft deep voice ask her if she needed anything,,the voice startled the girl and she spun around stuttering that she was fine,,

Reid stepped up close to her,their flesh nearly touching,she could feel his breath on her neck,,
clearing her throat,she told him to grab the basket with the rolls and bring it to the table,,surveying the table,satisfied that everything was in its place,she turned to go tell her Mistress dinner was ready and nearly crashed right into him,,
he had such a contagious smile,flashing brilliant white teeth,,the girl blushed crimson and excused herself,he followed her back to where their Ladies sat talking,,the girl knelt at her Mistress' side and waited to be addressed,,

as Her girl entered the room,She noticed the fresh blush on Her girls cheeks and saw that boy on her heels,,She prided Herself on not being the jealous type but this boy might need a reminder, She thought to Herself, about the distance one should keep from Another's,,She softly stoked Her girls hair while Her friend finished her story,,

"I see that dinner is ready,yes girl?"

"yes Mistress,when You desire"

"Then shall we all gather at the table before My girls hard efforts of a hot meal are in vain?"

"Will Reid be dining at the table,Haylaee,or shall we put his meal on the floor? My girl always dines with Me for dinner"

"Please set his plate on the floor,he has much to learn before he will leave My feet." Haylaee spoke with a disgruntled tone,,

the girl set the boys plate on the floor next to his Mistress and saw his blush through his tanned face,she resisted the urge to pet his head like a dog but allowed herself to smile inside,,
she remembered back when she was at that stage but it didn't even take her a week to be at the table with her Mistress,,she knew it made her Mistress proud that she was quick to learn,,,

just as the meal was being finished the girl rose to start clearing the plates,

"sit,girl,,that will wait,,Haylaee,you brought all the papers for her to be briefed on and for Me to sign?"

"yes,,,boy go get My briefcase" Reid left the room as Haylaee rolled Her eyes,

"I don't know what to do with him,he pleases Me but his flirting needs to be stopped" Haylaee stated,

the girl blushed and ducked her head,,it did not go unnoticed by either woman,

"girl,,has he acted inappropriate with you?" Haylaee asked,,

"oh no Ma'am,he only offered to help" the girl stuttered,,
she saw her Mistress' eyebrow raise,,,as if on cue Reid returned to the room with his Mistress' case,,

"thank you,boy,now clear away these dishes,please" Haylaee instructed him,,

the girl had heard and understood everything told to her but she was still slightly in shock,it had never entered her mind that she could inherit all of her Mistress' wealth,she only desired the woman and didn't give anything else a thought,,
the girl asked to be excused,she wanted to check her kitchen as she knew she would be responsible,even if Reid was ordered to clean it up,,
she walked in as he was drying the last dish,looking around she saw that he had in fact done a very good job and she thanked him,smiling,,,she watched him as he rolled up the towel in a rat-tail fashion and grinned,

"don't you even think about popping me with that" she stated,,

"oh really,now,,and just what if i do?" Reid replied with a wicked grin,,

"THEN YOU WILL FEEL MY HAND,BOY!!!" the girls Mistress snapped,

neither had heard the Ladies come up behind them and both jumped,and their faces flushed,,Haylaee's face was red with anger and embarrassment,

"See this is exactly what I was referring to,earlier" Haylaee said to the girls Mistress,,

the girls Mistress turned to Her friend

"Allow Me?" She had an evil smirk that the girl had never seen before and wasn't sure what was in store,

"be My guest" Haylaee spoke,,turning to Her boy,

"you will do everything you are told and DO NOT cause Me to be further embarrassed,do you hear Me,boy?"

Reid just nodded his head,,two swift steps and her Mistress was standing right in front of him and the room resounded with a loud *SMACK*

"your answers will ALWAYS be verbal,do you understand,boy?" her Mistress stated firmly,,

the girls head had dropped once she saw her Mistress move but she knew the boy must be feeling very humbled and could hear in his voice the slap had in fact been hard enough to cause tears come to his eyes,

"yes Ma'am" he whispered,,

"girl,fix Us drinks and I want you in Slaver's Kiss Position in the middle of the room,,NOW!"

the girl knew it wasn't her in trouble but her Mistress' tone told her there was trouble brewing,,

"Get out of My kitchen ,boy,and go by the fireplace,NOW!!" She commanded,,the boy dropped to his knees and swiftly moved to the area he was told,,

the girl had just finished making Their drinks and knelt down in the center of the room,,
placing her forehead to the floor with her ass thrust upward and her thighs spread wide,everything was in full view,the girls cunt lips glistened with her juices and her asshole was softly twitching,the girl was slightly confused as to why she was ordered in this position,she knew this could be used for pleasure or punishment,,but she dare not ask,

She was pleased that Her girl remembered the position,and She admired the display of Her girl,and smiled over Her glass at Her girl,then turned to the pitiful boy next to the fire and scowled,She would make sure Her friends boy would remember this night,

"Come Haylaee,so You may select which of My pets You wish to use on Your boy"

the Ladies left the room for a moment,the room was silent except for a nervous cough from the boy,
the girl laughed to herself knowing it wasn't her that would be punished tonight,,the women returned and stood next to her,
she felt her Mistress' hand reach down and stroke her hair before grabbing her by the collar,the girl heard a snap and saw the leash dangling from her collar,,the girl felt a mixture of pride and dread as she didn't know why she was being leashed,,

"come,girl" the leash was tugged softly,the girl followed without hesitation,

up,girl and resume"

the girl saw the coffee table and climbed up on it placing her forehead against the wood and lifting her ass high in the air,she spread her thighs as wide as the table would allow,she wasn't too far from the boy and when she had lowered her head she thought she had seen the tip of his cock peeking out from the top of his thong,,

"you like that view,boy?" she heard her Mistress ask him,,

"yes Ma'am" he said softly,,the girl could hear a slight stutter in the boys voice,,

"then come and get a closer view" She taunted,,

"NOW!!" Haylaee spoke up,

the boy moved quickly on his knees,in front of the Ladies,he was directly behind her,she could feel his breathing on her ass,so she knew he was facing her and was close enough that he also smelled her scent,,

"like that view better,boy?" she heard Haylaee ask,but she didn't hear the boys reply,within a second she heard the air being cut by her Mistress' whip and the boy yelp,,

"yes Mistress" he cried out,,

"good,then you will enjoy the show"her Mistress said,,"and We will also enjoy your show,boy",,,

the room was quiet for a moment,the girl felt hands rubbing along her back and sides,they fingered her nipples causing them to harden,these were not her Mistress' hands,she knew Her touch,this touch was softer yet she wasn't sure whose it was,

"do you enjoy that touch,girl?" her Mistress asked,

"it is Your touch that i desire and crave,Mistress,i can only find enjoyment from Your hand,Mistress"
the girl blushed as she knew her body was betraying her,,

She saw the girls reaction from Her friends stroking but was pleased with the girls response,

"hear that boy,My girl only finds enjoyment from ME,yet you find it from any?"
her Mistress was trying to provoke the embarrassment the boy deserved,,She went to the head of the coffee table,leaning over and grabbing Her girls ass and spreading her cheeks wide,

"would you like to fuck that ass,boy?,My girl does love her ass to be fucked deep and hard by a long thick cock such as what your body offers" She taunted,,

the boy cleared his throat unsure of how to answer that question as the head of his large dick was completely stretched out of his thong now,

"umm,i guess,,"
the boy cried out as another lash found its way to his back causing him to rock forward slightly,,
the girl could feel his face very near her ass and softly gasped,,

"stand boy!!" she heard her Mistress order,,

"Sula-Ki,girl" She commanded,,

the girl rolled over on the table her hands at her side palms open and her legs spread wide,lifting her hips up placing her feet on the coffee table,all could see the juices daring to drip from her folds,the girl saw the boy lick his own lips while he watched her move into her position,,

"would you like to taste My girl,boy?" She asked,,

the boy swallowed hard taking too long to answer another lash rained down on his back,

"no,Ma'am" he whimpered,

"ahh but she is quite tasty,boy"
her Mistress said as She knelt down and lashed at the girls clit with Her tongue,
the girls juices smearing on Her face,,the girl moaned softly feeling her Mistress' tongue swirling around her clit,,
She stood back up and stood in front of Haylaee's boy,juices dripping from Her chin,

"would you like to kiss Me,boy?"
She licked Her lips seductively,,,,
before Reid could even utter a sound the girl saw Haylaee flick Her wrist and the whip came snapping down on his back several times,,
his back arched trying to avoid the whip tail which caused him to lean forward nearly kissing the girls Mistress' lips,,
Haylaee grabbed Her boy by the hair of his head and pushed him to his knees,,still holding his hair Haylaee leaned forward and the two Ladies kissed deeply,,
the boy had no choice but to watch his Mistress enjoying the other Lady's mouth ravishing Her,,
the girl felt the jealousy flush on her cheeks but kept silent,,her Mistress leaned to the side and gently pushed on the girls hips down,
still kissing the other woman,,the girl dropped her ass to the table ,keeping her knees bent and her feet still,,
the girls juices were leaking onto the table,watching the two woman feeling each other with passion,,
the boy sat on his heels his head at the waist of both women,,They broke the kiss and smiled at each other,,Haylaee was the first to speak,,

"undress Me,now,boy" Haylaee commanded of Her slave,,
the boy stood and tenderly removed his Mistress' shirt and skirt,caressing Her skin and folding each garment,laying them on the arm of the recliner,
Haylaee wore no under garments,,Haylaee was a true blond,long slender legs and a nice tight ass,She had at least a size C perky breasts,Her nipples were already hard as She started removing the girls Mistress' shirt and slacks,,

"go to the head of the table,boy,and stand and watch Me be pleased" Haylaee told Reid,,

"lick your tongue out towards his cock,girl,but DO NOT TOUCH IT!!" her Mistress ordered,,

the girl groaned inside,,she did not want that cock hanging over her face nor did she want to see her Mistress in the pussy of another woman,but she knew better then to voice any objections,,

the boy stood over the girls face with his cock extended watching the girl tease him and wanting that tongue wrapped around his cock,burying his shaft deep into her throat,
hearing the Ladies moan the boy and girl turned their attention towards the Ladies,both naked kissing each other hard,,
her Mistress was grabbing Haylaee's ass,digging Her nails into the younger woman's flesh,Their mounds rubbing against each other humping,,
Haylaee grabbed the girls Mistress' hair in Her hands and lowered Her mouth to Haylaee's tits,,the girls Mistress sucked each one,biting the nipples as She pulled back,,Haylaee moaned louder,,
the girls Mistress walked backwards still sucking Haylaee's nipples pulling Her with Her,,She pushed Haylaee forward over the arm of the recliner and swatted Her ass playfully,

"Stay right there,sweetie,let Me get a toy" the girls Mistress ran from the room,,

"She is going to fuck Me,boy,you will watch Her fuck Me,She will fuck Me better then you ever could"
Haylaee teased Her boy,,,
the girls Mistress returned wearing one of Her favorite strap-on,it was 8inches long and 2inches wide,,it was one of the girls favorite as well and she couldn't help but whimper,,
the girl saw that it was about the same size as the cock hanging over her face,she could see the pre cum oozing out and threatening to drip on her chin,she glared at the boy,he blushed helplessly,,
they both turned back to the women just as the girls Mistress shoved the gel cock deep into the boys Mistress,,
everyone moaned and the Ladies scent filled the room as the girls Mistress' slammed hard and deep into Haylaee,the squishing sounds of Haylaee's wet cunt drove the girls Mistress to drive the cock faster and harder into the woman moaning on the recliner,,
the girls Mistress leaned forward grabbing Haylaee's nipples and tugging them as She continued fucking that hot pussy,,Haylaee was whimpering and shoving back into the fake cock,,,
the girls Mistress stood Haylaee up and pulled the cock out of Her cunt,turning Her around they kissed again,lowering their bodies to the floor,,
the girls Mistress lifted Haylaee's legs up and dove into Her cunt with Her tongue,lapping at Haylaee's pussy,twirling Her tongue around Her clit,,Haylaee moaned and cried out Her delight,,the girls Mistress paused for only a moment,


the girl jumped from the table bumping the boys cock causing him to groan,and rushed over under her Mistress between Her legs,
grabbing Her hips ,unsnapping the harness,,the girl lashed at her Mistress' clit hard and fast,as her Mistress teased Haylaee's swollen clit,
both Ladies came together,their bodies thrashing with abandon,,the girls Mistress rolled over onto Her back

"Clean,girl" She panted,,
the girl slowly and tenderly licked up the creamy cum leaking out of her Mistress,,Haylaee looked up through glazed eyes,

"come boy,drop to your knees,"
Reid rushed to his Mistress' side anticipating the sweet cum he would get on his tongue,,
when Haylaee turned to the girls Mistress,smiling the Ladies eyes met and They nodded to each other,

"girl,clean Haylaee,NOW,and make it good" the girls Mistress ordered,,,

she paused for only a moment,not looking at the boy,the girl flicked her tongue at the boys Mistress' cunt lips,
She was sweet and juicy,Haylaee had cum harder then her Mistress and there was more to clean up,,
the girl made sure to wrap her tongue gently around Haylaee's sensitive clit,sucking all the nectar off,leaving only the scent of Her cum lingering,,,

the girls Mistress grabbed her by her hair and pulled her on top of Her and kissed her deeply,holding her tight,,

"that is the first and last time you will ever taste another,do you understand,girl"

"yes Mistress,,thank You"
the girl cried softly washing away the slight guilt she had felt for getting jealous and for enjoying Haylaee's flavor,,

"you will not cum for a week,boy and we will remember this scene every night during that time,,,you will only desire Me, and after that week if you desire another,you will go,,do you understand Me,boy," Haylaee spoke firmly

"yes Mistress" the boy spoke humbly,,

"fix us all a drink,girl and go shower,please" her Mistress told her,,

"yes Mistress" the girl slowly pulled from her Mistress' grasp and did as she was told,,

while the girl was in the shower She shared the drink with Her friend and the boy,,
he kept his head bowed nearly the whole time,his cock still sticking out,,never more then an inch from his Mistress,,
smiling She helped Her friend dress caressing Her soft skin,giving each other a kiss on the cheek,
She showed Her friends out to the entryway where the boy got his clothes on,and they said their good-byes,,

She entered the cabin and sat in Her rocking chair near the fire waiting on Her girl,,having Her second drink,She saw Her girl walk into the room,

"come to My lap,girl" She softly instructed,,

the girl curled up in her Mistress' lap with her drink,She tenderly ran Her fingers through Her girls silky hair,they sat quietly watching the fire,,She saw the girl was nearly done with her drink and petted her thigh,,the girl stood,

"let us go to bed,girl,it has been a wonderfully full day" She yawned,,

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