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More Then A Fire Sizzling

Chapter 6

By Aurey


Since she had done so well the night before with their company,her Mistress had invited her to sleep in Her bed,,her Mistress was curled up tightly holding her,,the girl enjoyed sleeping next to her Mistress,,she wondered if her Mistress had had one of Her dreams to be holding her so tightly,Her legs were even wrapped through hers,,
the girl smiled wondering how she was going to get up without waking her Mistress,,,she was glad it was Sunday,,she didn't have to worry much about being up and having things ready and in place for her Mistress on Sundays unless she was informed prior,,
they attended Services if they were home but up here at the cabin they always went to the Country Club for Champagne Brunch,,and then they would return to the cabin and normally they would fix the cabin so it could "sleep" again,but with them spending Monday here as well,that part would take place tomorrow,,
she snuggled back into her Mistress' arms feeling the slight chill in the room,,and let herself doze lightly,,
She woke with Her face surrounded by Her girls soft curls,the scent of this girl always made Her feel "at home",,She knew THIS is what it was all about,,
She tenderly traced the girls body with Her fingers,caressing her full breasts and roaming down to the curve of her hips,reaching forward and gently petting the neatly trimmed bush that She had taken possession of years ago,,
She thought of last night,watching Her girl clean Her friend and felt the slight pangs of jealousy,yet pride as Her girl behaved wonderfully through the event,She had expected that at one point or another She would of had to correct the girl,,

Her marks could still be seen on the girls naked flesh and She smiled,,She felt the girl wiggle backwards against Her and knew that she was awake,stretching and yawning She rolled onto Her back,

"awake,baby-girl?"She whispered,,

"yes Mistress,i just didn't know how to get up without waking You" she blushed,,

"curl into Me for a bit,baby,let us savor today" She yawned again,,

the girl rolled over facing her Mistress and curled into Her arm,,not sure of her Mistress' mood,,the girl decided to test the waters,and laid her leg across her Mistress' thighs,slowly sliding her arm across Her,the girl massaged Her shoulder for a minute before letting her hand slip down to her Mistress' side and then eased it up to Her breast,,
lovingly she drew a circle around Her nipple feeling it harden instantly under her touch,,,
Her eyes were closed although She was awake,,She felt Her girl trying to seduce Her,She figured since it was their lazy day She decided not to stop the girl and let her get away with it,for now,,,
She knew the girl knew it was a privilege to caress Her without being instructed,,secretly She loved that Her girl was so daring and bold,,it made loving her even more fun,,,

the girl glanced up to see the soft smile on her Mistress' lips and took that as her cue to continue her playing,,she shifted slightly so that her lips would be closer to the nipple next to her and then flicked her tongue out to tease the tip of it,it also hardened immediately,,
flicking her tongue at that nipple her hand trailed down her Mistress' belly,,in one swift move she latched onto her Mistress' nipple swirling her tongue around it in her hot wet mouth and sliding her hand between Her legs as they parted wide for her easy access,,she slipped her finger between Her lips and found Her clit,slowly stroking it as she sucked the hard pebble,,,

she could feel the wetness increasing between Her legs and she knew exactly what she desired to do next,,she had received spankings for being that bold before,but decided that it would be worth it to taste that sweet honey on her tongue first thing of the morning,,,
releasing the nipple and glancing up at her Mistress' lovely face,not sure if She was dozing or not,She looked so very peaceful, the girl smiled and hoped that she wouldn't create a bad mood for Her by taking what she wanted without permission,,
bringing her finger out of the hot wet pussy,she traced it along Her lips and was surprised when She sucked the girls finger into Her mouth, they both moaned softly,,the girl trembled feeling her own wetness form,and the twitching of her clit reminded her that she hadn't cum last night with the women,,
gently pulling her finger free,she slid down on the bed and rolled over her Mistress' leg so that she was positioned between them, inhaling her Mistress' musky scent the girl quietly whimpered,and decided not to waste any more time,lest she be yanked out of her spot,,she dipped her head down so that her tongue could search for that sweet swollen clit that she ached to have in her mouth,,
finding the treasure she was after she begin to devour it as if it was the first time she had tasted Her,,using the flat of her tongue she lapped at Her clit,rolling her head side to side while flicking her tongue over the sweet berry as it swelled,,
Her hips lifted rocking Her on the girls face,,the girl lapped at the juices pouring out of her Mistress,using her tongue like a little dick pushing further into Her cunt drawing the juices out,feeling her Mistress' hips lifting up, her tongue went back to the swollen clit and sucked it into her mouth,nipping it with her teeth and then kissing it passionately,,
she felt the familiar tremble course through her Mistress and knew she caused the dam to burst and the cum would be flooding out of Her,,the girl lapped faster pressing harder on the sweet button,,
feeling the trembles subside the girl slowed her tongue and gently cleaned up the juices that she had created,,her face glistening she shyly slid back up into the crook of her Mistress' arm,,
licking her lips,she waited to see if she would be punished for her actions,,,she did not have to wait long,,,
She did enjoy waking with a cum but She wanted Her girl to know that tasting Her was always a Privilege not a Right,,,
reaching over and grabbing the girl by her hair pulling her across Her lap and sitting up in the bed,,She let Her firm hand speak for Her as She spanked the pink ass on Her lap,,,

the girl whimpered and buried her face into the comforter crying quietly,,,hearing the girls sounds increased Her spanking hand,She continued to spank the bright red bottom a dozen more times,,,feeling the heat from Her girls ass and seeing the redness always turned Her on and She decided She would tease Herself with this girl's ass,,

"Slavers Kiss,girl" She quietly spoke as She slipped off the bed to Her cabinet to select a toy,,
the girl got on her knees in the middle of the bed spreading her thighs and lowering her shoulders so that her ass was high in the air,,she wondered to herself how she could forget the beatings for such actions to repeat them again,,,
She climbed back on the bed and rubbed the plastic cock against the girls tender ass cheeks,grabbing the cock and stroking circles around that tight hole She moaned and felt Her wetness increase,thinking of the things She had done to that sweet ass over their time together She could hardly keep Her composure,,
She wanted badly to ram deep into Her girl but held Herself back,swatting the girls ass with the dildo,She slipped it between the girls legs,,it slid easily back and forth,,She chuckled and wondered how it could ever be a punishment with Her girl so wet,,
She heard a noise and realized it was Herself,groaning with Her desires,, swatting the girls ass with Her hand,

"that's all for now,girl,go shower and lets get around" She told her,,,
She left the bed and put Her toy on the shelf to be cleaned by the girl,,the girl scampered off the bed,pausing only for a moment to make the bed and went to shower and dress for their outing,,
she was aching so badly now and didn't understand why her Mistress didn't take her ass,was She growing tired of her after tasting Haylaee or was it just part of her punishment,she wondered,,,

She enjoyed the sensations coursing through Her body when She teased Herself like this,,She decided that She would instruct the girl to do something she hadn't ever done before,a wicked smile playing on Her lips,Her thoughts fueling Her passions,,,
She laid out the dress that Her girl would wear,it was a sheer fabric and without the aid of panties the girls red ass would show,,She smiled and went to shower with her,,

"Mistress?" the girl was somewhat taken back as she twirled around to face Her with her dress on,,


"ummm,,Mistress,,this dress,,are You sure? it is rather revealing for public,isn't it?"

"First you do as you wish,then you take as you wish and now you dare to question ME,girl??" She spoke sharply,,,

the girls faced flushed deeply,,

"i only meant,,," the girl stuttered,,

"get to My car now,girl NOT another Word,!!",,,
the girl ducked her head and hurried to slip her shoes on and grabbed their coats,holding her Mistress' coat out to put on Her,,

"DID YOU NOT HEAR ME,,to My car,NOW!!"
She could feel Her passions turning to anger,,,
the girl put Her coat back on the rack and hurried out to the car,trembling,,it had been a while since she had seen her Mistress this direct,she winced as she shifted in her seat on her tender tail,waiting for her Mistress to drive them to the Country Club for Brunch,,
she wasn't hungry anymore and wiped a tear before it fell,,her Mistress approached the car and she couldn't help but smile seeing the lovely woman to whom she belonged,,the girl knew this would be a long meal yet she didn't want it to face the music when they returned,,

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