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More Then A Fire Sizzling

Chapter 7

By Aurey


The club they were members at had many D/s couples,the girl wasn't sure if it was primarily a D/s Brunch or that's just who all seemed to go,,,they had just sat down after filling their plates from the buffet,,the girl wore a blush on her cheeks as she caught the attention of many while walking around the tables with assorted breakfast items,,,she also saw several wink at her Mistress,,she had no doubt it was due to her appearance,,the dress was a sheer flower print and if her ass didn't bear the bright red marks of her Mistress,, her creamy flesh would blend so that it wasn't so noticeable that she was bare under the fabric,,
she winced slightly as she sat on the chair,her tender ass protesting the pressure,,,it wasn't long before Haylaee and Reid joined their table,among a few others that her Mistress conducted business with,the usual crowd when they dined here,,Reid kept his head down and sat very near his Mistress,,,the boy and girl were both quiet as the Others spoke of varies subjects,,the girl was not really paying attention,still upset with herself for causing her Mistress to get angry with her,,
she heard her name mentioned and looked up to see all eyes on her causing a deeper blush on her cheeks,turning to her Mistress with questioning eyes,,

"it was mentioned that you look lovely this morning,girl " her Mistress spoke,,,

"Thank You"
the girl said to the table glancing around wondering who spoke the compliment,,a gentleman at the far end smiled and nodded at her,,the girl shyly smiled at him in return and quietly pushed her plate aside,,,

"may i get us some fresh fruit,now?" the girl looked for approval at her Mistress,,

She nodded and rubbed the girls ass as she stood up,,due to the tenderness of her ass the girl instinctively grabbed at her Mistress' wrist to stop any further touch,just as she felt Her hand in her own the girl gasped softly and froze for a moment,,
she cringed inside and ducked her head,not looking back as she went to the table with the slices of fruit on it and began selecting a few that she knew her Mistress would like,,,while standing there she felt a presence behind her,so close she could feel the breath on her neck and she shivered slightly,,

"you will be lucky not to lose that hand when we get home,girl" her Mistress seethed behind her,,

"yes Mistress,please forgive me" she gulped hard and whispered,

"To the table girl,forgiveness is not as easily give as it is begged for"She said sharply and loud enough for those close to hear,,

she felt Reid's eyes when she got back to the table,he looked at her very sympathetic,she lowered her tearing eyes to her plate and waited until she could escape the presence of everyone,,,
finally she saw her Mistress start to stand and she knew it was time,glancing up and flashing a forced smile she stood up and helped with Her chair,excusing herself to get their coats,she returned as her Mistress was whispering something to Haylaee who was smiling and nodding,,
the girl hoped she would not have an audience for the upcoming punishment,,

"Turn around girl,away from Me" She commanded,,,
the girl was still holding their coats but did as she was told when she suddenly felt a cool breeze and realized her Mistress had lifted her dress to show those at the table and near-by her red ass,,
she dropped her head as the shame flamed across her face,,never had she been this embarrassed before,,how could her Mistress do this to her,,,
her Mistress was normally very closeted with their activities she thought,even with like-minded friends around,,,,she heard a lot of ohhh's and ahhh's and a few nice's,,
the girl knew both sets of cheeks were the same hue of red,,she felt the fabric of her dress fall and she slowly turned and held out Her coat,,,
they drove home in silence,she snuck a few side glances at her Mistress only to see Her jaw muscles hyper-active,,she fought back the tears that threatened to fall,,
she took off Her coat and hung it up then started removing her own as She stepped up behind the girl and grabbing the neck of Her girl with one hand and the neck of the dress with the other and ripped it off her,leaving it in shreds at her feet,,,

"for 3 days you shall not wear a stitch of clothing girl,regardless of where we go or what we do,since you do not like My selection of outfits" She spoke firmly and as controlled as She could manage,,

"Mistress,will that be possible?" the girl wondered as she often had chores that required her to go out in public,,
Her hand met the face of the beast that dared question Her,

"possible or not,it is to be,girl,,perhaps then you will appreciate what you are given to wear"
slapping the girls ass hard and forcing her into the house,,

"I am chilled girl,a fire NOW"
She watched as the girl scurried to the task of making a blazing fire,,She looked around the cabin,trying to find something that Her girl had left undone,,the girl was very good and quick with her chores and She couldn't see anything to correct the girl on,,
She decided that due to the girls behavior this morning and her already red tender ass,She would start her with her worst punishment and ignore her presence and went to Her room and stripped,,
opening the bedroom cabinet and grabbing a few of Her toys,She went to the bed,pulling back the bedspread She climbed onto the bed,,the girl had finished making the fire and saw Her leave the room after a few minutes and not sure what she was expected to do the girl followed,,
seeing her Mistress naked on the bed,the girl thought she might get to be of service and knelt by Her door waiting to be ordered to the bed,,,

She sensed the girl kneeling and waiting for permission to enter,, ignoring her presence She began rubbing Her nipples bringing them to hard little pebbles,She twisted and pulled Her nipples until Her clit started aching for attention,,,
She moaned loudly lifting Her hips up off the bed,She slipped two fingers deep into Herself,pounding those fingers hard into Her hot cunt,,while holding a nipple tight between two fingers,,deciding She needed a third hand She reached for Her clothes pins,placing one on each nipple and moaning softly as they bit into Her hard nipples,,
shoving Her fingers in and out,stroking Her inside She knew that She would be close soon,yet She wanted to torture that wench at Her door,
dare she grab Her wrist again,She felt Her temper return,,She quickened Her pumping fingers and grabbed Her thickest dildo,and worked it into Her hot tight pussy,having to slide it back and forth a few times to get it lubed up enough to slip it in deep,,
moaning She flicked at Her clit sending little shocks through Her whole body,,She slapped at Her tits between flicking Her clit,,She thought She heard soft moaning coming from Her doorway which spurred Her on with Her show,,,
grabbing two pillows She took the dildo out and wrapped Her harness around the pillows,anchoring the dildo in the harness,,She straddled the pillows and rode the dick hard and fast,,the up and down movements causing the clothes pins to slightly pull on the nipples they firmly bit into them,,
She used one hand to rub Her clit as She rode the dick,rubbing in small circles,,Her clit swelled,,She was so very close as She grabbed the headboard and rammed Her body down hard on the cock,grabbing and quickly turning on Her small vibe and touching it to Her clit She exploded with a scream,,
jerking the clothes pins off suddenly and placing one hand on the headboard the other holding the vibe on Her clit and the cock buried deep inside Her ,She exploded once again,groaning loudly,,,
She rested for a moment on the dick,letting Her juices trickle out of Her onto the pillowcases,,She slowly lifted up off the fake cock and eased down onto the bed laying down,She grabbed Her makeshift saddle and pulled the dildo from its confines and licked it clean,moaning around the plastic prick,as Her juices found their way onto Her tongue,
She sucked the cock as if it was real and She was trying to milk its cum,,Her tongue rolling around its head and stroking its underside,,pleased that She had cleaned all of Her honey from it,She set all the toys on Her nightstand so they could be cleaned properly later,,,
the girl was still at Her door whimpering softly to herself having watched her Mistress' show,she was waiting to be called to at least get to clean Her up when she saw Her sucking Her fingers and dipping them down into Her pussy and sucking them again,,she knew that she wouldn't be needed for service and it caused her to ache,not only her need but her heart as well,,,

"you will beg for Me to touch you,girl,,with your whole being before it happens,slut,,,come nap" She stated,
as She started to drift off,,,,the girl grabbed a quilt and laid down on the side of Her bed on the floor,Her scent filled the room and it was hard for the girl to doze off,her wetness had seeped down her thighs when she was at the door,she tried not to think about it as she heard the soft snoring of her Mistress,,,

She woke up after a few hours,seeing Her girl beside Her bed,She smiled for a moment and thought to Herself that this girl although most times very good,still needed to learn a few very important lessons,,,She went to shower and let the girl sleep,,
the sun was just beginning to set and they would be leaving in the morning,,She had plans to make their last night here very eventful,,,the girl would know without any doubt that she was owned regardless if She was in love with the girl or not the girl would know she could be discarded if such events ever happened again,,,,
the girl woke and saw that She was already awake,the girl hurriedly and straightened the room and lit some vanilla candles and grabbed Her toys to clean them,resisting the urge to lick off the faint scent of Her still on them,,
she had been caught doing that before and had been beaten,and hadn't been allowed to feel a toy or her Mistress for a solid month,,
placing them back on the table as she wasn't allowed to open the dresser to return them to their spots,,she had no clue to what all was in that cabinet as she was restricted from it,,
not sure what was in store for her she quietly entered the main room and went to Her side kneeling with her head bowed and her arms clasped behind her back,,,She had just finished drying Her hair,and handed Her brush and dryer to the girl,dismissing her without a word,,,
she left the room to put it away and cleaned up the bathroom before returning to Her side,,,

She was sitting in Her recliner with Her feet up,still completely naked,the girl thought that to be strange as her Mistress always wore some garment even in the house,,
the girl stole several side glances at her Mistress' lovely body,,the long legs that could wrap around her and pull her in close,she trembled softly thinking of those legs around her waist,,

"a light dinner,girl for Myself,and to the wall with you,ungrateful bitch" She said as She caught the girl admiring Her body,,

"yes Mistress" the girl said quickly fighting back more tears as she quickly moved into the kitchen,,making a grilled cheese sandwich and some tomato soup with fresh sliced peaches,the girl set Her meal on the table and went to where her Mistress sat,,

"Your meal is ready Mistress,which wall shall i approach" the girl stuttered softly,

"thank you,girl,and the one behind My seat,so I may turn and slap that red ass when I have the urge,"as She slapped the girls ass hard with Her last word,,,
the girl flinched and groaned as she placed her head on the chosen wall,bending over and grabbing her ankles,her legs spread wide,,,
the girl knew she had really messed up as they always shared Dinner together and this time she was not welcome,,she felt more ashamed,and knew it would not be a quick and merciful punishment,,,
the girl jumped slightly with the first Smack of her Mistress' hand,,she really hadn't expected it so soon,,and was sobbing to herself by the time the meal was over,,it seemed with every bite She took,,Her hand found its way to the girls ass,which was magenta now,,

She finished Her meal and knelt on the floor between the girls legs,leaning forward She drug Her tongue up and over the girls slit,sucking up her nectar that was dripping ,and dug Her finger nails in the girls ass pulling her cunt downwards tighter onto Her face,,causing the skin to break and blood to come to the surface,,the girl moaned through her sobs,,

leaving the room to return by the fire She left the girl against the wall in her position,,,after about 30minutes had past She spoke loudly,to be heard,

"straighten and resume that position in here,your ass facing Me"

"yes Mistress"
the girl stood feeling the aching all over and in her body,,she cleared the dishes and went to where she was told bending over as she was before,,although in here,there was a distance between her and her Mistress,,the girl could only wonder for how long this would last,,


the girl spread her legs further feeling the burning slightly in her thighs,she was completely exposed to her Mistress,her full breasts hanging down,,,
when she heard a noise outside the main door,,,she gasped,surely they wasn't having company tonight,,her Mistress hadn't even dressed yet,,her fears where confirmed when she head her Mistress say,

"Ah there they are"
as She jumped up from Her chair and went to the door,,,

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