Guest stories

The Rope

By morningstar (Warren)

Master had sent me a parcel in the mail, i couldn't wait to tear the wrappings off the box and see what was hidden inside. Imagine my surprise when the box was opened and i found a large coiled rope tucked inside. i lifted it out and examined it. It was shiny white and rather soft to the touch. Tucked just under it, in the box, was a small square sheet of white paper. i tucked the rope under my arm and lifted the paper to read it. In my Master's handwriting was a note that said:
"Sleep with this rope beside you tonight. Caress it as you would caress Me. I will see you tomorrow." and it was signed simply "M".

At bedtime i carried the rope lovingly to my bed. i laid the rope on the pillow beside me and i stroked it, running my hands over it, feeling every curve and twist of it. i laid my cheek down across it and inhaled deeply the scent of my Master that was there. My eyes closed slowly and i slept with the rope just under my cheek.

In the morning i showered and rubbed my body with cream and sprayed Master's favourite perfume behind my ears, under my breasts and on my wrists. i carefully fixed my hair and put on my make up, all in preparation for my Master's arrival. Around mid day i heard Master using His key in the lock. He was pleased to find me sitting in the living room naked, reading, with the rope on my lap, my hand absently playing with it as i read. As He entered the room i stood up, and moved to stand beside His chair quietly, holding the rope tightly in my hand. When He had made Himself comfortable, i asked quietly, "Sir may i bring You something to eat or drink?"
"No" He answered. "Kneel by My feet, and tell Me what you think of this new gift I have given you." i knelt. Lowering my head, i said: "Sir, it is a soft gentle rope, yet it feels strong and unyielding. It makes me think of You Sir - soft and gentle yet at the same time, strong and unyielding in Your ways". "And do you think you will come to respect this rope as you respect Me?" He asked. i nodded answering softly "Oh yes Sir!" "Good ! Stand and follow Me," He ordered, as He stood and moved towards the stairs that lead to my bedroom. i followed Him carrying the rope, as W/we climbed the stairs. He entered my bedroom and ordered me to stand beside the bed.

He went to the chest and opened it. i watched as He removed the spreader bar, ankle cuffs and blindfold and laid them neatly on the bed beside me. He knelt and fastened the ankle cuffs to each ankle then attached the spreader bar, forcing my legs wide wide apart. i felt my heart pounding, nerves made my body tremble. i watched as Master uncoiled the rope and made a loop at one end, adding knots mid way down. He gently placed the loop over my head adjusting the knot so that it was just resting on my breastbone. Then He pulled the ropes down and placed the first knot against my clit, rubbing it gently against me, making me moan softly. i almost held my breath, i was so scared. What if i couldn't take this bondage? What if my nerve failed me? i didn't want to disappoint my Master. i took a deep breath, held it for a minute or two and then slowly exhaled, letting the fear ride out of my body on that breath. Master was busy placing the other knots just inside my labia, then He pulled the rope up behind, the last knot landing squarely on my ass hole. He moved around behind me and i felt His cool hands brush against my back as the rope was pulled up tight and wound around my waist. i felt Him pause - time seemed to hang there - then i felt the rope being jerked upwards tightly, forcing the knots deep inside my pussy, biting into my ass. i gasped! Master pulled the rope even tighter still, and i was sure the rope was cutting me in two. i closed my eyes and took another deep breath, the fear was building inside of me. Would i be able to get past these feelings? Would i be able to ride the waves of pain and pleasure to ecstasy? i slowed my breathing right down, i centered my mind in that warm safe place i have deep inside of me. i breathed deeply.

Then i felt Master wind the rope around first my left arm and then pass it through the middle and over to my right arm, binding my arms tightly to my side. The rope moved around me, tightening, always tightening. Knots appeared, as if by magic up and down my back and stomach, till i finally felt Master winding the rope tightly around my breasts. i opened my eyes and looked down. Master glanced up at me and smiled. i felt my world soar high above the pain. Master continued to wrap each breast tightly. A pulse started to pound inside of them. i felt the nipples hardening until they felt like they would explode. But Master was not yet finished. The rope then wound around my upper arms and was tightly knotted in the back.

Master moved away from me, and sat on the chair in the corner, watching me.
Now i was left alone with the rope and the pulsing pain throughout my body.
Every knot seemed to bite into my body. i tried to move. The rope bit cruelly into my cunt, and seemed to tighten its hold on my breasts. i felt the blood pumping through every inch of my body. i took another deep breath and felt my body rise above the pain, soar like a bird high above it. The pain was exquisite! My body relaxed into the rope, enjoying the cutting, binding unyielding way it held me.
i felt the heat starting in my lower belly and spread. i felt the wetness seeping down my legs. i bit my lip to stifle the moan that threatened to escape. i did not want Master to think i was complaining. Oh quite the opposite! i moved my body yet again, to feel the knots rub against my clit, feeling the tension building deep inside of me.

i heard Master chuckle. "Well little one, you do seem to enjoy My gift to you" He said. i smiled, " oh yes Sir, very much so!" Master stood and moved to stand in front of me. He whispered in my ear: "lie down on the bed!" i struggled to move closer to the bed. i couldn't walk nor bend. i frantically searched my mind for a solution. i felt Master's strong hand against my belly and a firm push landed me on the bed. He grasped the spreader bar and my legs were lifted high in the air. i heard the restraints being pulled from the headboard and i watched as He attached them to the spreader bar, holding my legs high over my head. My heart pounded in anticipation. i heard the chest open again, and then the whoosh of the flogger as it cut the air, before landing squarely across my exposed pussy. i yelped! Master said " another gift to you. I am spoiling you today aren't I? i was barely able to answer " yes Sir.. thank You Sir!" and the flogger continued to come down over and over against my pussy, my clit, my upper thighs, tugging on the ropes. The need inside of me was so great i cried out to my Master: " please Sir please!!!" and He answered me: " please what?? " i pleaded with Him, " please Sir please may i cum?? " i held my breath. "Count off ten lashes, then cum immediately" was His reply. "yes Sir, thank You Sir!" and i counted off the ten quickly, feeling the orgasm peaking with each kiss of the flogger's falls. As i cried out TEN! my body arched off the bed trembling as the orgasm held me in its grasp. i fell back onto the bed weeping, "thank You Sir… ohhhh Thank YOU Sir!" i moaned.

Master tossed the flogger down on the bed and stroked my face gently. He carefully removed the restraints from the spreader bar and slowly lowered my legs. His strong hands helped me to stand. Slowly He started to untie the knots and remove the rope from my body. As the blood started to pump back into my body and limbs i moaned softly. Finally there was only the rope between my legs, tight inside my body. Master said: " take a deep breath " and as i did, He ripped the rope out from inside of me. i screamed aloud! It felt as though the rope had ripped the very skin from my body. i collapsed on the bed, panting, my hands feeling my pussy, rubbing it, comforting it, restoring blood flow there too. Master covered me with the comforter, and leaned down whispering " you have made Me very proud! Now sleep .. W/we will eat later". And i slept, smiling, for i had pleased my Master yet again.


The Rope (Continued)