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Guest Stories

Three's A Crowd

Jumpgirl Prettywater


Chapter 1

Later she would remember it. But it was such a simple sentence, said as an aside, that Lucy took no notice at the time.

I share everything with my brother.

Her date, Edward, was talking about his flat, which he shared with his twin brother. He then took a gulp of wine and asked her if she liked the dish she'd ordered, and the conversation moved on.

There was something in the air, something that said that tonight they would have sex. It was after all their fifth date, and they got along pretty well. When Edward had asked her out the first time, Lucy had hesitated. He was a bit old for her taste, being 28 when she was 22. But now she was really glad she'd said yes. On top of being tall and handsome, Edward was brainy but witty and behaved like a gentleman. After their third date, Lucy had mused there must be a catch to him. Especially since he hadn't tried fulfilling the saying "third date, third base". But she hadn't found anything so far. Thus, after another nice evening at the restaurant, she let him lead her back to his flat.

They kissed waiting for the elevator, and even more inside it. But as they entered the flat, Edward chastely took her hand and steered her inside the den. A man was sitting in an armchair, reading a book. He looked exactly like Edward: light brown hair, a strong jaw and the most amazing blue eyes. Lucy found it a bit disturbing. She'd never met twins so alike.

- Lucy, this is my brother James. James, this is Lucy.

Lucy didn't like the way Edward made the introductions. He was standing behind her, hands over her shoulders. It almost looked like he was asking his brother for some kind of approval.

James took his time before answering, openly checking Lucy out. Her idea of dressing up for a date consisted of a nice flaring denim and a purple checked blouse, with the lightest touch of make-up. She usually dressed very simply, t-shirt over denim with colorful canvas sneakers that made her look like a college freshman. James' gaze started at her face, noting the brown shoulder-length hair and matched eyes before lowering slowly, halting at her bosom and the curve of her hips.

Lucy bit down a sharp remark over the rude staring. She didn't want to make a fuss when the evening was going so well, no matter how much she wanted to slap the guy's face.

Finally, James said:
- Nice to meet you.

Lucy had the nasty feeling he had just given his assent. But to what?

Smiling broadly, Edward took her by the hand again and led her to his room. Once on the bed, kissing furiously, Lucy quickly forgot all about the strange introduction and the bad-mannered twin. Edward's bed in itself was already a prompting to sex. The wooden frame almost black, it looked like something out of a book, akin to a four-poster bed but without curtains. When Lucy set eyes on it, she felt an urge to rip her clothes off.

And Edward was a great kisser. When he had kissed her at the end of their first date, he had made her forget her own name. Lucy was eager to discover how far his talents went…

They took off each other's clothes, but she somehow ended up totally naked while Edward was only chest-bare. His hands roamed her whole body, distracting her from her goal of undoing his belt. She finally managed to pop it open, and slid it out of the loops. Lucy meant to throw it away, but Edward stopped her. He grabbed the leather belt and said in a hoarse voice:

- Mind if I try something?

She nodded distractedly, her focus being on the top button of his pants. But Edward grabbed her wrists before she cracked it and pulled them over her head. Before she knew it, he had wrapped the belt snugly around them. He then resumed his kissing and fondling. Lucy tried joining in, but realized she couldn't bring her tied arms down. Edward must have fastened the end of the belt to the bed frame. Her heart started beating faster. Edward whispered in a voluptuous tone:
- You like it, don't you?
- Yes.
- I thought so. You want more?

Lucy nodded, eagerness showing plainly on her face. Edward reached out and unfastened the end of the belt. He jumped out of bed and used the length of leather as a leash. He pulled her away from the pillows into a sitting position, before instructing her to kneel at the very end of the mattress. Edward then wrapped the belt around the top frame of the bed and tugged until her arms were stretched above her head.

Finally, Edward put a hand on each of her knees and pushed them wide apart, revealing her moist cunt. A moan escaped Lucy's lips.

Edward took a step back and admired his handiwork. Lucy felt like some savage woman being prepared for a human sacrifice. Or like a roman slave about to be sold out at the market. Anyway, it felt good. She waited expectantly for Edward's next move.

He simply looked at her, eyebrows raised, like a painter searching for that final touch to make it all perfect. At last, he made a step toward Lucy. He shuffled her hair, rearranging the way they fell on her shoulders, and pushed on her lips with his thumb to open her mouth slightly.

He then stepped back and, to Lucy's great surprise, went to open the door of his room. James immediately entered.

Lucy slapped her knees shut. She shrieked:
- What's he doing here! Get him out!

She struggled on the bed, but as tied as she was she couldn't escape James' gaze. Who wasn't bothering to hide his interest in the display…

- Told you: I share everything with my brother. That includes my women, Edward explained.

He was talking in a calm voice, like someone soothing a frightened animal. Lucy only shrieked in a high-pitched voice:
- You're sick! Sleeping with you own brother!
- I'm not sleeping with him. We're only sharing. Whoever brings home a woman lends it to the other.

Lucy gazed alternately at the two brothers, hoping for one to say "Gotcha, it's a joke!". It didn't happen. And she was still naked. She pulled hard on the leather belt, on the verge of panic. Almost crying, she pleaded:
- Let me go!
- If that's really what you want, we will, Edward assured.

Lucy stopped struggling, startled:
- What?
- Just say it, and it'll all be over. I'll untie you and take you back home.
- Really?

James spoke for the first time:
- We want to fuck you, not rape you.
- But when I say it'll all be over, I mean it, Edward continued. I'll get you home and you'll never hear from me again.
- Because I won't sleep with your brother?!
- Family's important to me. I can't date someone who doesn't like my brother, Edward said in a mocking voice.

Anyway, Lucy was thinking, who would want to see again a man who was ready to lend her to his brother? Good riddance! Of course she'll ask to leave. Hell, she'll even scream at the top of her lungs!

But at that moment, James took off his red polo shirt, revealing a breathtaking sight. His brother was fit, but James was downright muscular. Lucy forgot for a second she was supposed to start screaming and simply gawked at the finely chiseled arms and chest. Just the way she liked it: a six-pack but not too much pectorals. James used her faltering to take a step forward. Lucy snapped out of her trance at the sudden movement. James started speaking in the same soothing voice his brother had used:
- Just say no. We'll let you go.

James walked another step. Lucy started shivering. But she stayed silent.

James took one more step:
- Come on, just say the word. It's only one word…

His voice had taken a mocking edge. His friendly smile turned into a smirk. He was standing in front of her now. He raised his hand, palm out:
- Just say no.

As he said the word no, his palm connected with her left breast. Lucy flinched and inhaled sharply. But still she stayed silent. James' hand almost completely covered her breast. Lucy didn't sport huge boobs, but they were nicely shaped. James palpated appreciatively for a few seconds before cupping the breast and caressing it with his thumb. Lucy lowered her head in defeat as she realized she'd never scream, and closed her eyes. She didn't want to be freed.

James raised his other hand and grabbed the side of her face. She reopened her eyes as he pulled her in and kissed her. He was not as great a kisser as his brother, but still good enough that she was surprised when her arms suddenly dropped, the belt no longer attached to the wooden frame. James eased her down on the mattress until she lay on her back, arms over her head again. He stretched out on his side close to her and let the hand that had been resting on her face wander further on her body. Lucy caught a glimpse of movement. Edward. He must have been the one to untie the belt.

James' mouth left her lips and went down to her right breast without forgetting her neck on the way. If he wasn't the best kisser, he was certainly the best teaser. Once on her right breast, his tong darted in and out of his mouth several times like a snake's. Then he gradually broadened his swipes until finally grabbing her nipple between his lips. He sucked it a moment, before placing his teeth around it and biting it ever so slightly. Yet that was enough for Lucy to utter a small cry of pain and try flinching away from James. But he didn't let her and was soon sucking her nipple again, soothing what soreness he had caused.

A shadow loomed over Lucy. Edward again. The belt was taken off her wrists, but padded leather handcuffs quickly replaced it, snapped shut by tiny locks. It made Lucy remember her arms were lying neglected. That they were tied together didn't mean they were useless. She looped them over James' neck and ran her fingers through his locks of silky hair.

James' left hand still hadn't stopped cupping her left breast. But his other hand departed her right hip to stroke the outside of her thigh. Before long, he took hold of her knee and forced her legs apart. Next, he brushed his hand against the inside of her thigh. He moved teasingly close to her cunt, even brushing the first curls of her pubic hair, only to retreat down anew. Finally, James took the plunge and ran his hand inside her slit. But he only did it once, and then returned to stroking her thigh with his now moist fingers.

- Wait. I want to be sure, Edward's voice interrupted.

James sighed, but halted. Lucy croaked out urgently:
- No! More!
- Don't worry, there'll be more…

James grinned than turned his head to look at his brother:
- Isn't it obvious enough?
- I want to be sure, Edward repeated.
- Fine!

James sighed again then looked back at Lucy. His face was serious and he looked her right in the eye:
- So, do you agree?

Lucy nodded uncertainly. James insisted:
- Say it out loud.
- Yes.
- You understand you're surrendering to us? To use you as we please?

Lucy hesitated a second, then asked in a low, shy voice:
- No pain?
- Alright, no pain, granted James.

After a new hesitation, Lucy slowly nodded.

- Out loud, James reminded her.
- I…I agree.

James turned again to his brother and asked:
- You happy now?
- Oh yes…

James chuckled and went back to his task. He bent down to suck Lucy's nipple again, more hungrily now. His hand changed thigh and his fingers began stroking the crease of skin right at the frontier between leg and pubes. Lucy was wishing so hard James would move just an inch further that she didn't notice two more hands handling her ankles. She jumped up in surprise, dislodging James from her breast, as a great weight suddenly pulled on her legs. She managed to lean on her elbows despite her cuffed hands and discovered she had been fitted with a spreader bar. The bar was in thick crude iron. Two rough metal bands at each end circled her ankles, secured by solid padlocks. And it was heavy: at least ten pounds. Her feet were dangling over the edge of the bed and the metal was biting into her flesh under gravity's work. Edward was watching her reaction with a smug look on his face, glad of the impression his little trick had made.

The sight of the spreader bar between her legs was mesmerizing. Lucy only tore her gaze away because James' hand finally granted her wish and moved into her slit. But just like before, he simply ran his hand once then left. He turned to his brother and showed him his slick fingers. Edward nodded silently and knelt before the bed. Lucy's heart leaped in expectation. She could already feel his tong on her cunt.

But Edward merely picked up the spreader bar and lifted it, along with her ankles. James grabbed her armpits and the two brothers carried her to the middle of the room. They placed her upright, standing on her feet. Lucy was amazed she could actually stand and didn't simply crumple on the floor.

A silvery metal chain was dangling in front of her. It hadn't been there when Lucy entered the room, she would have noticed. She raised her head and saw it was hanging from a hook in the ceiling. A click sound resonated and made her lower her head back down: Edward had just fastened the chain to her handcuffs. He then pulled on the chain, metal rattling ominously, until her arms were stretched tautly over her head. Her feet were still flat on the ground, but it was only because of the weighty spreader bar. Her back arched under the strain, making her breasts pop out.

- Could you loosen it a notch? Lucy asked.
- No.
- Please, it's really tight.
- I know. Try moving.

Lucy did as she was told, half-heartedly at first than stronger and stronger, panic rising, as she realized how bound she was. The spreader bar was so heavy she could barely slide it a couple of inches. Maybe she could have moved it further if she could have found purchase with her arms. But no matter how much she twisted her hands, her fingers barely brushed the chain.

- Enough! Edward snapped.

Lucy stopped struggling and stood there panting, eyes wide. Edward stroked her face gently then took a step back and stared at her hungrily, taking it all in. James went to stand beside his brother. He tossed him a condom and joined the watching. Both brothers had big bulges in their trousers. They took off their remaining clothes and presented Lucy with their avid erections. Wordlessly, as if it was a ritual longed established, they played rock-paper-scissors. Edward won and made a little victory gesture as he tore the condom's wrapping.

He moved toward Lucy again. She couldn't take her eyes of his swollen cock. He said:
- I'm giving you one last chance to back away…

Lucy didn't hear him, her eyes fixed on his member. It stood on the big side, but what appealed to her the most was its unusually perfect shape. It was like looking at an anatomical chart. She licked her lips subconsciously.

- Silence means consent, Edward concluded.

He grabbed Lucy's hair and pulled her face up so he could kiss her. His hands roamed her body feverishly. It was his turn again to play. One of his hands slid downward, entered her folds and, at last, touched her clit. Lucy almost cried with relief when he started stroking it. Two more hands landed on her back. Lucy felt overwhelmed. There were too many of them; brushing, caressing, stroking. She exploded in orgasm.

Before she could get her wits back, Edward entered her in one deep thrust. But then he stood still inside her. Lucy looked at him drowsily, wondering what he was playing at. The answer came quickly, as she felt something moist touch her ass. Her eyed widened and her head cleared in a flash as she understood what it was: a lubed finger. She reared: she hadn't realized the two brothers meant to fuck her at the same time. She stammered:
- N..No, I've never…
- Looks like I'm the lucky one after all, James chuckled behind her.

She tried to escape the finger. Edward reached around and placed his hands below her buttocks, grabbing them. He held her firmly in place to ease his brother's task. Lucy felt totally helpless. She had never let anyone have such control over her. She couldn't move an inch, as Edward covered her, held her fast, and stayed inside her.

James dutifully lubed her, his finger coming and going. It was already painful enough; how was Lucy supposed to take in his cock? She protested. She pleaded for mercy. She begged them to stop. But the brothers simply ignored her, their former yearning for consent seemingly forgotten.

When James' hurting finger disappeared, Lucy instantly regretted it, fearing what was to come next. Edward let go of her ass. A second later, James pressed his cock at her threshold. She lost it then and started screaming. James merely squeezed a hand on her mouth to gag her, indifferent to the tears that started rolling on his skin. Yet he entered her gently, leaving her time to adapt. It hurt all the same. It seemed to take forever for his cock to fully enter her. But it eventually did, and she stood there feeling torn apart, sobbing uncontrollably.

Then the brothers began thrusting. Oddly at first, but they quickly found a rhythm. Lucy was amazed to find the pain was fading away. A deep, primal lust rose in its place. The tears stopped and James removed his hand from her mouth when her sobs turned into moans of pleasure.

James was making strong, nervous thrusts that pinned her to Edward's body. In return, Edward made constant supple movements. It overwhelmed Lucy to be bound so tightly and to be trapped between these two strong males. She felt so…so helpless, so taken. So used. She climaxed once more.

The brothers didn't relent. James came first, with a savage scream that sounded like a battle cry. He slid out of her and left. The air on her abandoned back seemed ice-cold to Lucy.

Edward picked up speed. Since Lucy was no longer pinned to his chest by his brother's thrusts, he was able to lower his head and take a nipple in his mouth. Before long, Lucy orgasmed a third time, joined by him a second later.

Edward took two steps away from Lucy and sat, panting, on the wooden floor. James reappeared behind her and unhooked the handcuffs from the chain. She fell in his arms, exhausted. He gently eased her to the floor then went back to slouching on the bed. The three of them stayed in silence, catching their breaths and waiting for their hearts to quiet down. Although she was still basking in her third orgasm, Lucy couldn't help feeling empty.

She must have dozed off because she was awakened by a rough sensation between her legs. Her eyelids were so heavy she couldn't open them. But she didn't need to see what was happening to understand it: one of the brothers wanted an encore. She lazily raised her bound hands and met stone hard chest muscles. James then. He was already quite busy inside her. One of the benefits of a spreader bar was that he hadn't even needed to wake her before entering her. The iron bar made small scraping sounds on the wooden floorboards in synch with his pounding, the metal circles digging in and out of Lucy's ankles just like James dug in and out of her. He came before she was fully awake, and left her without a word or endearment. She heard the room door opening and closing quietly.

She fell asleep again.

She was woken up by her head being raised. Someone placed a pillow under it. Then that someone kissed her and she immediately identified Edward. He shifted position and eased himself into her. This time she was more rested and felt quickly aroused. But if Edward did her the courtesy of waking her beforehand, he wasn't any tender than his brother after that. He only loomed over her like he was doing push-ups and he too left without a word when his deed was done. Lucy knew she should have been outraged by such a treatment. But it strangely seemed to fill a different kind of need deep inside her.

The brothers used her again twice each during the night. Every time she was more turned on, but they didn't show her any consideration. They took her on the floor like she was a blow-up sex doll, and then left her lying discarded in the dark. She caressed them with her hands and urged them to touch her again. But they never reciprocated and the small contact was far from being enough to make her cum. She could have touched herself between their passages; since aside from her bound hands she was able to move her arms freely. But she instinctively knew it was forbidden. She didn't even dare to try, even though Edward seemed to be soundly asleep in his bed.

Dawn was breaking as his last visit took place. As he was about to leave her unsatisfied once more, she lost her nerves. She grabbed his bicep to hold him back and mumbled without being able to stop herself:
- Please, please, please, please, please, please …
- Hey, calm down, Edward answered in a soothing voice.

Lucy didn't notice her nails were digging into his skin. He did, and pried her hands away. She though he was about to abandon her again and shrieked:
- Please! Make me cum!
- Alright, I will! Calm down now. It was only a test. You passed.

Lucy barely listened. Edward had wrapped his fingers around her clit and was stroking it. She came in less than a minute. She had been waiting for the orgasm so long that she felt more relief than pleasure.

- Thank you, she whispered faintly.
- You earned it.

Edward left her side for a second and came back with several tiny keys. He unlocked the spreader bar and leather cuffs, then cradled her in his arms and carried her to the bed.

The next time Lucy woke up, light was flooding the room despite the closed curtains. She was alone. She sat up in bed and looked around, dazed. The room seemed so comfy in the sunlight. So normal. Lucy searched for signs of last night's events, but everything had been tidied up. Even the ceiling's hook had disappeared. Nevertheless, she knew it hadn't been a dream: she was stiff all over while at the same time feeling deeply serene and contented. Once she got up, she noticed her ankles were covered by two parallels lines of chafed skin. Curtsy of the spreader bar.

Lucy left the bedroom and searched for the bathroom. She was dying for a shower: her skin was sticky with sweat and other things she didn't want to consider.

While she helped herself to the bathroom's accommodations, her mind started working properly again. She suddenly gasped out loud in the shower: had she really slept with two guys? Worse: it hadn't been sleeping: it had been fucking. There had to be another explanation: this wasn't like her at all! Maybe she had been hallucinating under some kind of drug, and really only had wild sex with Edward… But Lucy knew it was wishful thinking, and that the truth simply was that she had acted like a proper slut.

She draped herself in the largest towel she could find before going back in the bedroom. She planned on getting hastily dressed followed by getting the hell out of here before she bumped into one of the twins.

Alas, Edward was sitting at the end of his bed when she entered the room. He looked different now that he wore clothes again, more civilized. He had a bouquet of flowers in his lap, which he held out to her. She took it warily, but couldn't help noticing the nice perfume escaping it.

- They're from James. To congratulate you. He had to go to work so he bought them.
- Congratulate? Lucy echoed, puzzled.
- For passing the test. You didn't make yourself cum when you could have. We leave the arms free to see if the girls dare use them. Congratulations: you're the first one ever to endure through the whole night. All the others cheated.
- All the others?

Lucy felt an unexpected stab of jealousy. Edward smiled like a little boy caught making mischief. He shrugged off her remark and patted the bed at his side. Lucy sat down automatically, and then got crossed with herself for complying so readily. Edward continued:
- I though James would be disappointed. He loves to punish those who don't understand we own their body now, you see. But in fact he was pleased as punch. I expect tonight he'll be eating solely at your table…

He spoke the last phrase in her ear, his voice full of innuendo. Lucy repeated, alarmed:
- Tonight?
- Why, you've got somewhere to be?
- N…No, but…, ahem…
- Come on, spit it out! Edward said happily.
- I don't know if I want to … ahem… carry on.
- Carry on what?
- With you both. I…I don't think I'm strong enough.

Edward put a friendly arm around her shoulders and said in a warm tone:
- You're forgetting something.
- What?
- You don't have a choice. You belong to us now.


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