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Guest Stories

Three's A Crowd

Chapter 2

Jumpgirl Prettywater


- Don't you have a skirt?

Edward's face popped out of Lucy's wardrobe. She started shaking her head in reply but then she remembered:
- Wait! I've got one somewhere…

She got up from her bed where she was waiting and began rummaging through her clothes. After a few seconds of digging, she victoriously brandished a navy blue pleated skirt.

- Try it on, Edward ordered.

Lucy was already in panties, so it only took her a second. It was a simple skirt that stopped just below her knees. She looked down at it and wondered quizzically:
- Where did I buy that?

Edward pointed to her right hip and remarked:
- The label's still there.

Lucy was wearing a lilac wrap-over top and she checked how it looked with the skirt in her cheval glass. Edward said:
- You look like a schoolgirl.

The exact same though had crossed Lucy's mind, and she gritted her teeth. Edward went to stand behind her and hugged her:
- It was a compliment. It really suits you.

Despite Edward's reassuring words, she could feel he was still tense. He had come home with her to help prepare her date with James that night. He had insisted on choosing what she would wear, and it had taken quite some time. Lucy suffered from a profound lack of sexy clothes. The current outfit was the best she had but still only hinted at chaste sensuality.

Lucy bit her lips and said:
- I'm not sure. Maybe we still have time to buy something else?
- Nope, James will be here any minute now. But don't worry. Yours clothes were good enough for me; it'll be the same with him.
- You don't sound convinced…

Edward sighed, kissed the back of her head and explained:
- Your outfit is fine. The only thing that interests James in clothing anyway is how quick he can get them off… No, it's everything else that worries me. I really want you two to get along. If you don't like each other, I don't know what I would do…

The doorbell chose that moment to chime, interrupting his brooding. James had arrived. Edward gave Lucy her bag, tore the label off the skirt and ushered her out with a playful slap on her behind.

James brought her to a nice Italian place. At first Lucy couldn't decide if it was weird, stupid, crazy or downright perverse to be on a first date with a man she'd already slept with. That man being, on top of everything, the twin brother of the one she had dated only the night before. Lucy still hadn't come to terms to the brothers' habit of sharing women. And, knowing herself, she probably never would.

However, she quickly found herself enjoying James' company. Obviously, she liked his looks. But he was also smart, witty, passionate, and many more things. He had the same sense of humor as his brother, only more biting. They taunted each other throughout the meal, as a battle of wit. James however possessed a deeper side to him. He talked about his love for Shakespeare, Dickens, Kant or Camus. He made Lucy feel stupid even though she was an avid reader herself, just one not keen on classic literature. She knew from Edward he was a doctor. But when James told her he was an emergency physician, she suddenly understood the underlying reason for the brothers' peculiar love life: no man could be this perfect. That one big flaw was there to counterbalance all of their talents.

They didn't talk of the brothers' rule to share their women. Lucy tried bringing it up halfway through the meal, but James silenced her with a warning look towards the people seated at the next table. And so, the date went by like a proper one. At least until they were finishing desserts. James took out his phone and Lucy politely waited while he quickly wrote a text message. He had barely pocketed it again that it was her own phone's turn to chime from her bag. She had received a message from a number she didn't know. She was taken aback as it unfolded on her screen: While I pay the bill, go to the restroom. Take your panties and bra off.

James winked when she sharply raised her head at him. Then he said:
- Are you ready to leave?

Lucy hesitated a second before answering:
- Yes. Just allow me to powder my nose first, if you don't mind.
- Not at all.

He smiled broadly at her, pleased. She got up and went to the restrooms. She quickly entered a stall and removed her bra and panties as he ordered. Her hands were trembling slightly when she retied the straps of her wrap-over top and slipped her underwear in her handbag. She now understood why Edward had insisted she didn't take her small purse. The underwired bra he had chosen would never have fitted.

Lucy went back to the restaurant; positive everyone would know what she had just done. She flinched when a waiter passed her by and crossed her arms to hide her pointing nipples. She quickly joined James and was relieved to see he was done with the bill, meaning they could leave right away. He offered her his arm and kissed her cheek lightly while whispering:
- Good girl…

The restaurant wasn't far from the river, and James led her to the scenic promenade on its bank. They walked close to each other, arms linked, a picture perfect couple taking a stroll on a warm summer night. Except for their conversation:
- How much do you know about BDSM? James was asking.
- I don't really know how to gauge. I mean, I've got the internet… But I've never been in a D/S relationship. My ex-boyfriends… Well, that's it really: they were boys. They would tie me up if I asked them to. But they weren't taking it seriously. It was just a kinky game for them, fine to play once in a while, but no more than that.

Lucy wondered if she was telling too much. But it was the first time she could freely talk about that part of herself, and she needed to get it off her chest:
- A few months ago, there was someone I was dating… I though he was a Dom, so I opened up to him.
- And?

James' voice was encouraging.

- And he ran away faster than if I had told him I used to be a guy.

James laughed. It was contagious and Lucy found herself grinning although she next said:
- I guess I shouldn't be surprised. How can I attract a real man with my unbelievably sexy clothes and my glamorous allure?
- Well, it certainly worked on us…

James was trying to be light, but Lucy's mood was turning. She answered bitterly:
- Yeah, I still don't understand how I managed to get Edward talking to me in that mall.
- Oh, but our Edward is a cunning little devil… One of his favorite schemes is to get into a book store and fish a BDSM book out of the erotic section. He then places it in the middle of the best-sellers, and watches of the women react to it.

James' voice slowed down as he continued:
- He told me all about how your gaze lingered on the cover… And how, when you thought nobody was watching, you flipped the book round to read the summary… So he followed you for a few minutes, to check you weren't meeting up with a beau or a group of noisy friends, and he approached you.

Lucy knew the rest of the story. She had been buying a coffee and knocked it over while she fumbled for coins in her purse. Edward had been making the same purchase next to her and, quick as lightning, had caught the falling cup. Before she could understand what was happening, he had steered her toward a table and they were chatting. She asked:
- But how did he know I was a sub?
- Well, most bottoms are female, so the odds were good. And he had a hunch talking to you. But he wasn't sure until your first kiss.
- How is that?

By way of answer, James pinned her to the railing overlooking the river. He kissed her slowly but deeply, never taking his eyes off hers. She realized then that his eyes, although they were the same color as Edward's, had a very distinctive pattern on the irises. Looking into Edward's eyes was like looking into the depths of a benevolent ocean. James' were a sea ruled over by storms, his irises emblazoned with wave-like dark creases and white peaks.

The kiss prolonged and Lucy felt elated, her bitter mood vanished. When James retreated, she found herself smiling stupidly at him. James grinned back and asked:
- Don't you notice anything?

When he saw puzzlement on her face, he dropped his gaze, indicating she should look down. She did and was astonished to find her wrists were crossed together and ensnared in one of James' hands. Then she realized she had known he was grabbing her, but had dismissed it. It felt so natural.

- That's how Ed knew. He's a romantic fool and meant to take your hand…but this happened.

A flame appeared in James' beautiful eyes. He was still holding her wrists locked. Lucy said in a suggesting tone, surprised at her own boldness:
- I haven't got any panties…
- Don't worry, I haven't forgotten. But we're in the open. I thought you'd rather wait.
- I don't think I can wait…
- Well, I guess you deserve it after last night…

James brought her crossed wrists up to her chest and got closer to her. Lucy shifted her feet to open her legs. James shot a look around, making sure nobody was in sight. Then his free hand slid under her skirt and climbed the inside of her thigh.

Unlike the night before where he had been as master teaser, James wasted no time. He entered her point-blank with two fingers. The digits slipped effortlessly in her more than moist cunt. Before long, Lucy's mouth was agape and she was leaning into the railing behind her for support. James kissed her neck then began nibbling it. She closed her eyes in abandon.

Footsteps echoed suddenly. But Lucy was too far gone to care. She barely registered James letting go of her wrists and pushing her head down to hide her face from the intruders. He kissed her again as outraged gasps rang out somewhere on their right. And she orgasmed while the footsteps quickened; their owners hurrying away from the scene.

James' hand receded. Her eyes still closed, Lucy whispered:
- I've got tissues in my bag.
- What for?

James' voice sounded strange. Lucy opened her eyes and saw he was licking his fingers clean. The sight mesmerized her and she stood absolutely frozen for the minute it took him. He smiled wolfishly back at her.

Lucy didn't mind staying huddled in James' embrace a few moments longer, but he released her abruptly and they resumed walking. After barely a few steps, he got back to his questioning:
- What about contraception?
- I'm on the Pill.

James nodded but said:
- I'll give you a contraceptive shot instead. Your routine's going to be upset from now on and I don't want you forgetting your Pill. The shot lasts for three months and it might even stop your periods. I also want to get rid of the condoms, but not before I've taken a sample of your blood. I'm sure you're fine, but I'll rather be on the safe side.

Lucy knew she should have protested to those deed polls, but she didn't. She trusted James' judgment. And it was strangely heartwarming to have someone else make the decisions for her.

They walked in silence a while, then James sensed she wanted to talk and said:
- Don't be shy, ask me.
- How does it work?

James knew exactly what she meant and answered:
- There is but one rule: to share. Other then that, it's just like every other relationship.
- How did it happen? I mean, how can you think something like this up?
- When Ed and I were eighteen, we fought over a girl. It became really ugly. But in the end she went to the Prom Ball with a third guy. She had been playing us, pitting us against each other for fun. So we swore never to let a woman come between us. And after a few beers, it morphed into a pact to share them.

They walked in silence a moment. Lucy had trouble picturing the brothers being played by a mere girl. Then she said:
- Can I ask you another question?
- Shoot.
- I've never met anyone into D/S before. How did you find out you were a Dominant?

James answered right away:
- I was sixteen. We were watching some old peplum one afternoon with Ed. There was this scene where female slaves were being sold. They weren't naked or anything, I mean it was an old sixties movie. But I got an erection. I ran away in shame but Ed followed me. He told me about his strange fantasies… And showed me that S&M porn movie he'd nicked. How about you?
- Teenage, hormones induced tribulations on the internet. I stumbled upon a BDSM website and Shazaam!

James chuckled and gave her a slight slap over her backside. They were back on the road now. He hailed a taxi and gave the driver his flat's address.

James chastely held her hand during the journey and kept a straight face. But in her ear, he whispered all he wished he could be doing to her. The torture was sweet, but it was still torture. Lucy wondered how it could be possible for James not to have a boner, whilst she was downright dripping. When she finally dared whisper the question to him, he answered in a grin:
- With enormous willpower.

The taxi reached their destination at last and they were soon inside the lift. James' hands were on her body before the doors had finished closing. His cock rose faster than the floors. He quickly opened the door to his flat and pressed her inside, following closely.

Lucy took two steps inside the hallway then waited for James to turn the lights on. He didn't. He grabbed her from behind and forced her down to the floor. Before she knew it, James had flipped her over and lifted her skirt. He was pinning her down with one hand, holding both her wrists against her chest. She put up no resistance. She wanted it as much as him. She heard his zipper opening and cried out:
- Yes! Take me!

James kissed her savagely, squashing her lips silent. But then he released her hands. Lucy protested until she heard a small ripping sound and understood he was putting a condom on. She wondered fleetingly where it came from, but James' hands were already back over her. He pulled her wrists over her head and impatiently entered her. Suddenly his whole body was weighting down on her, crushing her. He was eager and powerful and, although Lucy was in rapture, her moans resembled small cries of pain under his unrelenting thrusts.

James came with a harsh scream that transported Lucy back to the night before, where he had made the same battle cry the first time he had screwed her.

James was already getting on his knees. She pleaded:
- Don't leave! I'm so close… Please!

Her eyes were getting used to the darkness now, and she saw uncertainty in his face. She stroked his shoulder with one hand and repeated in a begging tone:
- Please. I'm so close.
- Alright. But it's only because of last night. Don't make it a bad habit.

James was looking at her sternly. She nodded hastily. Satisfied, he clutched her clit in a not very gentle way and fiddled hurriedly with it until her back arched and she screamed in climax.

James' moist fingers touched her lips. Lucy flinched and turned her head away.

- Something wrong?
- No… It's just… I'm sorry, but I can't stand it.

She quickly wiped her lips with her sleeve. James watched her quizzically and asked:
- But you like it when it's me?

He put his fingers to his mouth. Her spellbound eyes answered him. He reached down between her legs for another helping and mused:
- You're quite a mystery…

Lucy wondered if it was a compliment or an insult. James didn't venture further. He got on his feet and flipped the light switch on. Then he ordered her to get up and pointed at the end of the hallway, saying:
- Let's get into my room.

Lucy collected her ballerinas, which had fallen off her feet while they were having sex and did as she was bid. Before the lamp was turned on, a ray of light had been escaping from behind Edward's door. Lucy couldn't help stopping in front of it now, thinking about last night's events. James grabbed her by the shoulders and chuckled:
- Nope, I'm not finished with you yet.

While he led her away, Lucy said in a wishful tone:
- But he could join us…

James answered as they entered his own room:
- You'll find out we're not often together. We'll mostly use you on a rota. And tonight you're all mine…

Compared to Edward's, James' room seemed bland. Lucy couldn't help feeling disappointed. Even if it had stylish rungs on either ends, the bed was a regular one. The room had "bachelor" written all over it, with hardly any decorations. Lucy only narrowly missed falling over an abandoned heap of medical books. She also noticed a weightlifting kit on the ground near the window.

But James kept walking and opened a door on her right she hadn't seen straight away. He beckoned her. Curious, she joined him on the doorstep. The sight beyond it was breathtaking. Lucy didn't know what the room used to be, but it was now a small dungeon.

- Do you like it?

James suddenly appeared shy. It didn't become him at all. Lucy stepped into the room, awed, and answered:
- It's unbelievable!

The room wasn't big, around two by three yards and no window. But it was impressive all the same. The walls were painted a deep red and the wooden floor had been colored differently than elsewhere in the flat, giving it a blackish hue. The also red ceiling was covered by metal hooks scattered a foot apart in a grid pattern.

James saw her crane her neck and explained:
- I hesitated between a mirror and hooks. But I figured hooks offered much more opportunities.

Lucy's gaze swirled around the room. There was so much to take in... First she saw the big wooden Saint-Andrew's cross that took almost the entire back wall. The second most impressive item in the room was a huge black cabinet that took a good two-third of the left wall. It looked Asian to Lucy, but sported no adornment to uphold her guess. Most of its content was hidden to her, as the many drawers of all shapes and sizes were closed. She could only see what was displayed in the built-in showcase at eye-level. There was a crude woodcarving that seemed African of two people fucking, the woman bent double. Then there was a mosaic on which a seemingly roman master whipped a naked female (his slave?) while she was sucking him. Then there was a fine bronze statuette of another naked woman on a table being masturbated by a man wearing a top-hat, while another top-hat wearer held her arms fast above her head. The last one was a plaster figurine of yet another naked woman on her knees in a very submissive posture offering her cuffed hands to the sky. That one was very modern and looked like something out of a comic book. James continued his commentary by saying:
- I've started a collection. I hope to get much more than those.

Lucy nodded absently and switched to the wall on her right. Half of it was taken by dangling coils of chains of different sizes. Beside them hanged several pairs of leather cuffs as well as regular police handcuffs. On the floor below stood black plastic baskets filled with snap hooks, ropes and other bundles Lucy couldn't quite make out. Then the wall was covered with an array of spreader bars. She didn't recognize the one they had used on her the day before. How many did the brothers have then? The wall ended with a few ominous whips, crops and paddles.

Lucy jumped as James' voice echoed in her ear:
- Don't worry. It's only for the girls who like them.

She struggled to think of anything to take her mind away from the whips and croaked:
- How many girls does that make?

James chuckled and hugged her from behind. His hands quickly found her breasts.

- Do I hear jealousy? You go first: how many men have fucked your pretty little pussy?

One of his hands slid down her belly as he said this. Lucy gulped before answering:
- Well, until last night, four.
- That's not much, James reflected.

Lucy felt her cheeks warm. James raised her hair and licked the nape of her neck. She shivered but still managed to say:
- You haven't answered.
- I never said I would.

James licked her nape again then stated:
- The tour isn't over.

He flipped her playfully around and Lucy came face to face with her own reflection. James had put a mirror in after all, on the wall beside the door. It reflected the Saint-Andrew's cross behind her own flushed face and wide eyes. The mirror continued on the backside of the door, so that when James closed it in demonstration, it blended in and almost disappeared. Lucy found herself searching anxiously for the doorknob and felt relief when she found it. The room was playing with her nerves. As if on cue, James asked:
- You're so tense. Don't you like my dungeon?
- I do but… It kind of scares me too.
- Good. That's what it's for. Stay still.

James' hands undid the straps of her wrap-over top and let it fall to the floor. Then he moved her arms over her head and took off the tank-top beneath it. Lucy looked away from her half naked reflection, but James pushed her head back in place, snapping:
- I said still.

He pulled her arms back down, and undid her skirt's buttons next. It fell to the floor at the slightest push.

James hugged her again. Lucy wished he would take his own clothes off. She wanted to feel his skin. But he placed his hands on her breasts instead, then below them, holding them up. He ordered:
- Look at yourself. See how your nipples are pointing?

One of his hands slid over her body until it entered her slit. He spread her lips apart, revealing the engorged flesh and the moisture. He added:
- See how aroused you are?

Lucy felt like crying. This was so shameful. She was being displayed naked in front a mirror in the secret sex room of a man she had barely met the night before. And she was indeed aroused. Oh, so aroused… She closed her eyes.

James pinched her nipple mildly. She yelped and reopened her eyes, shooting him a reproachful look through the mirror. He said in an even voice:
- I told you to look.

His hand let go of her cunt's lips and went to lay flat on her pubes. He asked:
- Do you want me?
- Yes.

Lucy's voice was trembling. James continued:
- How much do you want me? More than you want Edward?

Lucy bit her lips, hesitating. He pushed her:
- Tell the truth.
- No.
- You want Edward more then?
- …No.
- You're sure? You hesitated again. I could go get him: he could take my place. I'll leave you two be…

His body shifted, like he was indeed about to leave. Lucy couldn't stop herself shrieking:
- No! Stay!
- Come on, make your mind up! Who do you want? Me or Edward?
- Both! I want you both!

James' face broke into a victorious smile. Lucy understood it had been his goal to make her say this. And she also understood it was true. She couldn't make a choice between them right now. Even though he was mercurial and often of bad faith, James had seduced her too. She truly wanted them both.

- That answer wins you the right to choose what we do next. Have another look around. What inspires you?

Lucy did as she was bid, but found herself at a loss. James encouraged her:
- Don't overthink it. Say the first thing on your mind.
- …Your clothes… Take them off.

James stepped away from her and bowed in a theatrical fashion, saying:
- If it pleases the Lady…

He grabbed her hands and placed them on his shirt's collar before spreading his arms out. Lucy began to unbutton the shirt slowly, happy to have a shot at revenge. It was her turn now to play tantalizing mind games… When he had undressed her, he had been in control. But now that she was the one undressing him… He was still in control. Lucy couldn't believe it: James wasn’t even doing anything! He was just standing there looking at her! Yet she was as much under his power now than a little while ago in the hallway.

She began trembling and struggled to get the shirt off of him. Her hands gingerly brushed against the revealed muscles then slowed to a stop. She was unable to muster the cocky teasing she had planed on using only a minute before. James seemed to be radiating power instead of mere body heat, clouding her mind.

Lucy didn't feel strong enough to be facing his genitals just yet and kneeled to unlace his shoes. It was a mistake. Once at his feet his supremacy became more potent, weighing her down. She took his shoes and socks off then found herself unable to move anymore. She clutched James' right leg compulsively and peered up. He was looking down at her with an imperious look on his face, perfectly aware of the effect he had on her. A small orgasm rocked her body.

James stepped back, entangling his leg from her feeble grasp. He took his pants off on his own then sat cross-legged beside her. He gently said:
- I think you've had enough for one night.

He wrapped an arm around her and pulled her against him, her head landing on his shoulder. Then he started jerking himself off, his free hand roaming her body.

Lucy barely noticed it all. She felt detached from her body, her mind spinning in turmoil. The way she had climaxed disturbed her. She didn't like what it revealed about herself. Until now, Lucy had been unsure she really possessed a submissive side. Yes, her fantasies involved domination and she had dabbled in bondage with her ex-lovers. But she had never taken the plunge into real BDSM and thus had wondered if she didn't simply like the idea of sitting back and enjoying while someone else did the job.

Then there had been last night with Edward and James… Her orgasms weren't usually that strong and no man had ever made her cum three times in a row before. It could also have been because there were two of them, and that they were good lovers. But James had repeated this feat just now single-handedly. Scratch that: no-hand-at-all-edly.

James noticed her stunned impassivity and called her out by name a couple of times. But when she didn't answer he only shrugged and kept on masturbating himself. He climaxed eventually, his hand tightening on her breast. Then he lay down on the ground, breathing hard, and Lucy followed limply under the weight of his arm.

Her mind was still reeling. She couldn't lie to herself any longer. She really wanted to be dominated. She loved it. She needed it. She felt like Jimmy Hendrix having played the guitar for the first time...

Lucy wondered what kind of life she was condemning herself to. Probably one of silences and lies, unless she wanted to end up shunned by all. And staying with the brothers meant she was doubling her sentence. She shivered. Lucy was a cerebral person and was a maven at imagining the worst of every situation. And right now she couldn't see any silver lining. The revelation brought her no bliss for finding a missing part of herself, no elation at finally being complete, no nothing. She felt unchanged, but frighteningly trapped. She suddenly had trouble breathing, as if the oxygen level in the room was low. Lucy forced herself away from the circle of chilling thoughts. She noticed for the first time her head was resting on James' chest, right above his heart. She let the steady drumming dull her mind and anchor her back to reality.

James got up. Lucy had now idea how long they had been lying on the ground. She was feeling better now. Her mind was blank, with just tiny billows of thoughts in the distance. James pulled her after him and steered her outside the dungeon before making her sit on the bed. He put two fingers on her neck and Lucy understood he was taking her pulse. Next he grabbed her face and looked at her eyes. She held his gaze. Finally, he asked:
- Are you feeling sick?

Lucy shook her head. James looked at her quizzically then said:
- Don't move. I'll be right back.

Lucy watched him go unconcerned. But once she was alone, she got up on an impulse and crossed the hallway. She rapped lightly on Edward's door then opened it. The hallway's light revealed his sleeping form on the right side of the bed. She walked to him and lightly touched his cheek. He woke up with a start, and then smiled as his sight focused on her:
- Hey you... How was your evening? Did you have fun?

Even in her dazed state, Lucy almost snorted at the massive understatement. But she only uttered a small "yes".

- Ah, there's my little runaway!

James had just appeared in the doorway. Lucy jumped guiltily away from Edward. James had said she was his for the night. But he didn't seem crossed as he walked toward her. He lifted his hand and pressed something between her lips. It was chocolate. Lucy started munching it.

- Something wrong? Edward asked.
- She turned all zombie on me after her last orgasm. Can't be the wine, she's only had two glasses. So I thought I'd give her a sugar boost before sending her to sleep.
- Did you do something?
- Gee bro, thanks for the vote of confidence!

James said this as he walked out of the room. He closed the door behind him, leaving Edward and Lucy in darkness. She heard switches flickering and a door opening and closing. After a few seconds, Edward's voice rang out:
- You plan on standing there long?

Feeling stupid, Lucy circled the bed and climbed in on the left side. She lay on her flank facing Edward, but kept space between them. His hand found hers and he began toying absent-mindedly with it while he asked:
- What's going on?
- Nothing. I'm tired, that's all.
- When I say I own you, I mean all of you. You're mine body and soul now. That includes your thoughts.
- It's just that it adds up to a lot. I mean, between yesterday's and tonight's events… It really is a lot to take in.

Lucy hadn't gotten two minutes for herself since the previous day, having slept till noon before spending the next few hours cuddling with Edward in post-sex happiness. Then he had come home with her to prepare her date with James. Only now did it dawn on her she had been sodomized for the first time.

As if on cue, Edward's hand slid under the covers and found her ass. He palmed her cheek and said:
- I know you're tired, but I'm afraid you'll have to take a bit more in first.

He rolled her on her back and moved on top of her, adding:
- You know what they say: don't wake the sleeping volcano…

He lowered himself into her and began rocking. Lucy resigned herself to grin and bear it, until she felt an unexpected stab of arousal in her lower-belly. Right after that, Edward froze and asked:
- You ok?
- Yeah, why?
- Well, you looked horror-struck for a second there. Did James hurt you?

Lucy blushed and bit her lips. Edward saw it despite the darkness and reminded her:
- Body and soul…
- Fine! I simply can't believe I'm aroused again. I thought James had…ahem… depleted the well. But no, here we go again… Unbelievable!

Edward resumed his rocking before asking:
- How many times did James make you come?
- Three.
- Tell me how he did it. Tell me how you felt. I want to know everything.

Lucy obeyed and started recounting her evening, reluctantly at first then quickly emboldened by Edward's physical response. He climaxed as she was explaining her strange third orgasm.

Edward rolled back on his side, leaving Lucy in the midst of a high arousal. Talking had turned her on further; but mostly it had prevented her from fully enjoying Edward's ministrations. So she asked:
- Please, can I come?
- See, you are making it a bad habit!
- Oh my God! You heard that?
- Of course. This flat's not a soundproof bunker.

Lucy stayed silent a few seconds, ashamed Edward had heard everything that happened in the hallway. But then she asked again:
- So, can I come?
- No.
- Please. I'll do it myself.
- No.

Lucy knew she ought to stop asking. But each No from Edward had sent a spark of electricity through her clit. So she decided to push her luck:
- I'll only take a minute…
- No.
- Sorry, I didn't quite hear you…
- I said NO.

Edward clearly understood what she was trying to do. Her tone had changed from begging to flirtatious. He put one hand on her belly and said in a slow, commanding voice:
- I'm the one in charge here. I don't care that you want to cum. Your body has but one purpose, and it is to bring me pleasure. You have no choice but to obey my every whim. And allowing you to cum isn't one of them, no matter how hard you beg.

Lucy's breathing was ragged now. She made fists with her hands, fighting the urge to touch herself. Edward crept closer and began whispering in her ear:
- You belong to me now. To use you I as see fit. Then to use you again until you drop from exhaustion. Except you won't drop… Because you'll be chained to the ceiling, ready to be used yet again. And there's nothing you can do about it. You're MINE.

Lucy orgasmed after his last word.



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