How I Became The Witness

By Maître Pierre

I was hired by them many months ago. They provided me with extensive training and knowledge in personal security protection, cuisine, butlering and chauffeuring. All so I could hide in their entourage. I was taught about a lifestyle called BDSM. No, I am not a player, that wouldn't permit me to do my job.

But before I continue, let me talk about my employers.

They are a couple, a very special couple. It took me many months to find any information about them because they are so special. The best information I have gathered, comes mostly from their staff who have served them many years.

He is called M. He is known under many aliases, but all of them are false. She is called F. Of course, she is known under many aliases, but like her mate, these aliases are false. I was told that they actually have no name. They were given life many years ago because of an experiment run by a powerful country during the cold war. Let me explain, they have no parents, because they were genetically engineered by scientists. I have found old documents that refer to "experiment ID232 and ID386. Could it be their "baby" names, I have no idea. When they were old enough, they were trained to become soldiers. The perfectly engineered killing soldiers. Witnesses report them doing strange and amazing things. They are physically more powerful than normal humans. They are more intelligent too. The experiment that created them was a success, well almost! After their training, they decided not to work for the country that created them. Because of their superior intelligence, they figured that to serve a country as killing machine was not the proper way to use them, so, they simply....escaped! Yes they were found by this foreign country, but they fought so fiercely to not go back, that this 'mother' country now leaves them alone, probably due to fear.

After they won their freedom, they built a good life for themselves. To make sure that they would not be in need, they used their intelligence to build a fantastic fortune.

They spent their days playing the games rich peoples play. They traveled alot, they played all kind of sports. Because of their superior intelligence and strength, they became quickly bored, so they began to try and find something different to occupy their days...

While searching for the new and exciting , F who was surfing this new thing called the internet stumbled on something called "the BDSM lifestyle".

Already both F and M had different sexual partners to satisfied their huge sexual appetites. After a lot of research they decided to become part of this lifestyle.

Because of what they are, they learned that they preferred to "use" others players to do their sexual games. Most times they prefer to be "voyeurs." They often use video or pictures to "document" their plays. But being cerebral people, they prefer to read about it instead of watching it on videos or pictures.

Sometimes my employer tells me to send some specific story to this website. With the money they have, I think they should have their own website but this is their decision. My job is to report on their plays and send the ones they like to this website. I have to do this because, I have been hired to be....

...The Witness.