A Night At My Employer's House

By Maître Pierre

When I walked in the big room, the play was already in progress. I had been ordered to dress as a bodyguard in a black suit and dark glasses, so when I took my position on the opposite side of the door, where there was already another real bodyguard standing, it made me invisible to the people in the room.

The room itself has multilevel floors which are raised a few inches from each other. In the middle of the room, like in an arena, is the lowest point of the room where usually, like now, there is a play in progress. The sexual appetite of my employers is such that, when they are home, there is always something happening in the middle of the room. On the levels around "the arena", there many couches where the players or guests may sit to watch and be entertained. Tonight, I cannot see any guests and I can only see Miss F sitting on her favorite couch very close to the "arena". No sign of Mister M yet. On the many couches, I recognize many of the "players" hired by them, who are relaxing and watching the play in progress. Contrary to the usual, Miss F is not wearing any clothing. Usually she wears some type of fetish garment...often latex.

Turning my attention to the play in progress in "the arena" in the center, I see a woman tied on her belly to a kind of bench. It is according to what I have been taught, a "spanking bench". The lady is leaning on the bench, her feet are still on the ground. Her ankles are tied to the bench. Her wrists tied to each side of the bench. She cannot move at all. She is wearing a red latex skirt, latex being the favorite of Miss F. Red stockings and black high heels complete her clothing.

A man, obviously a Dom, wearing black lather pants, black shirt and a small leather vest, is flogging her with a lot of enthusiasm. Miss F seems to appreciate the show.

"Harder" she says...

The Dom, not needing any more encouragement, complies by striking harder the red dressed lady on the bench. Already her bright red bottom seems to become brighter from the strikes.

This little play goes on for about half an hour, except after a while, the Dom, tired, is replaced by a Dominant lady, dressed in a black leather catsuit. Shehas very high boots that go to her thighs with very high high-heels. Her hair is pulled back, giving her the look of a Mistress. The strikes that she gives to the lady on the bench are the same strength, if not more, than the male Dom gave the submissive.

"ahhhhhhh!!!!!" the lady on the bench, quiet until now, cannot keep to

herself under the strength of the hits.

In a very calm voice, Miss F says: "Make her quiet!"

Without a word, the Dom who had been flogging her, moves in front of the lady in red and lowering his pants, and with cheers of encouragement from the crowd, takes out his penis and uses it to gag the woman

Again, Miss F seems to appreciate the show.

Suddenly, Mister M enter the room. He is just wearing a bathrobe. The room becomes still, the people who where joking a minute before, become very quiet.

Everyone knows that something is about to happen and sit on the edge of their seats.

M walks to the edge of the arena and stops, standing there, looking at the play in progress. As if they were just waiting for that moment, two ladies, twins, walk over and kneel in front of him, bowing and kissing both his feet. They are wearing matching outfits; green latex pants, with a zipper that goes fromback to front between their legs and green latex bras. On a cue from Miss F, they stand and take position, one kneeling in front of Mister M and the other kneeling in back of him. The twin in front, opens Mister M's bathrobe and undresses him. He is naked. She folds the bathrobe and puts it on the closest seat. Then, as if on a signal, she starts to give him head, while the other twin, her sister, starts sucking Mister M's asshole. Mister M, still standing with his hand entwined in the hair of the twin head giving him the blow job, look at the play in front of him.

Miss F, now very horny, stands up.

This is the sign all were waiting for. Everyone in the room, except for the twins, are now on their feet. The submissive on the spanking bench is untied. Then the spanking bench is moved aside. Two of the male Doms, bring in a low padded bench. A female Dom, dressed in black latex, is pulling a male sub on a leash. This male sub is wearing only a pair of chaps and a big hard on. The female Dom orders him to lay on the bench. When he is laying on his back on the bench, his hands are cuffed under the bench. His ankles are cuffed together and also tied to the bench.

For Miss F, it is her cue. She simply mounts the male sub and impales her cunt on the big throbbing cock, waiting for her, using the male sub as a cushion. A submissive female, wearing a latex top and miniskirt, and stockings sits on the face of the male sub. The female Dom, nearby, orders him to lick the cunt of the female sub, while she starts to kiss and fondle Miss F's breast. Mister M, is still not moving, just watching the scene, the twins are still working on him.

This goes on for a while.

Mister M, turns his head and looks at two male Doms, sitting on a couch and with nod of his head, motions to one of them to get in action. The male Dom, wearing a very tight latex catsuit, lowers the zipper hiding his cock, while moving toward the center of the arena and without any warning, he starts to fuck Miss F in the ass.

Miss F looks like she is enjoying the play, riding one cock, being fucked by another in the ass while her breasts are sucked by this female sub who's being eaten by the male sub.

Mister M, looking at this play is ready to cum. He taps the twin giving him head on the shoulder. She stops and turns around. He lower the zipper in thetwin's green latex pants, revealing her beautiful crotch and starts fucking her, while her twin sister, continues to suck his ass, the best she can.

Not a word is exchanged for a long moment. It seems that everyone has an orgasm at the same time, because when Mister M is finished, the Dom fucking Miss F pulls away, allowing Miss F to stand and still without a word, her and Mister M, just leave the big room. When they leave, the bodyguard on the other side of the door, looks at me and leaves, still without a word.

This is my cue to leave and write my report.

The Witness