Who We Are

We Are On Televison!

We spent the summer with a televison crew, who shared 3 months of our daily life.

Here is a small journal about our adventures of the summer.

Here are the high and low points of our adventures with "Kink" television!

Catharine is under the spotlight!









Pierre in discussion with the sound man Brent, just before the shoot!

The introduction

Let me introduce you to Kink!

Introduction to the crew....and realities of being filmed
The cameras are "on"
Less than 2 weeks before Kink airs!
Time for the submissives to be on camera
We play tourist in old Montreal
shane has new piercing, more interviews and an organised mess?
garden, construction and yes....more interviews!


We saw the first episode at the launch party of Kink!
A surprise for us at the end of the show!
Our first appearance on Kink
My (Pierre) first scene on tv with laynie
We discover Princess Scarlett and Rubber Dandy
Again, Chiken steals the show!
Catharine transforms bebelle!
Sir Paul....amazing!
Catharine and shane in the (not so) big dungeon!
Princess Scarlett gives us a beautiful demonstration
shane asks to be released
Jules's new space
The last episode...a sad story