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A Lady From Another Continent



A while ago, a lady, very patient with us, started a discussion with us about her own belief of what BDSM is. For us, this discussion was a wonderful experience, since this lady is from another continent, another religious background, different values and belief and yet, her own approach of BDSM have some merit and logic, so much that we share many of her belief and values.

We decided to put some of our discussions (mostly her answers since, we have almost a full website dedicated to our "side" of BDSM) in our editorial section call "opinions".

Since, of us, it is important to respect the privacy of our correspondents, all the material in this section has been approve by this friend that we now call:

......"A lady from another continent".......

To this lady from another continent, we send our love and respect and we hope that, you, our reader, will enjoy the discussion as much as we did.

Pierre and Catharine

BDSM Circle


My Comments On The Article In Flare About Breath Play


The lady from another continent sent us 2 texts about her opinion on the Flare article "The Shocking Sex Trend That Will Leave You Breathless"


More Comments On The Article In Flare About Breath Play


More comments by "the lady of another continent", she address the topic of the "Gen Me" too!



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